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 2024 SEASON 

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Round 1 - Saturday April 13, 2024 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Griffith ...................... 3.6 .. 4.7 .. 4.9 .. 6.11 (47) 
Mangoplah-CUE .... 2.4 .. 5.7 .. 9.10 .. 11.13 (79)

Goals - Griffith: C Kilpatrick 2, O Bartter, K Spencer, I Conlan, H Northey
MCUE: N Foley 4, C Reynoldson 2, L Kendall, H Collins, E Schiller, F Collins, S Martens
Best players - Griffith: C Kilpatrick, N Richards, J Whitworth, K Spencer, R Lucas, W Vaessen
MCUE: N Foley, H Fitzsimmons, T Wheeler, T Smith, E Schiller, F Collins
Griffith Swans: Willem Vaessen, Charlie Cunial, Lachlan Wallace; Daniel Peruzzi, Riley Lucas*, Cooper Kilpatrick*; Mason Rosengreen, Kahlan Spencer, Tom Tyson*; Oliver Bartter, Heath Northey, James Girdler; Bailey Morrissey, Isaac Conlan*, Tom Powell; Nathan Richards, Jack Rowston (capt), Tom Baxter*; Broden Spencer, Billy Evans*, Jordan Whitworth 
Mangoplah-CUE: Lewis Pulver, Alex McCormack, Riley Cole; Harry Collins, Jack Woodhouse, Tristan Wheeler; Charle Spackman, Nelson Foley (c-c), Doug Arthur; Flynn Collins, Cody Reynoldson, Harrison Wheeler; Charlie Harper, Lachie Johnson. Lachlan Kendall; Tom Smith, Ethan Schiller, Harry Fitzsimmons; Bailey Jones, Samuel Schiller, Sunny Martens
Umpires: Tim Beard and Rob Johnston (RUA). 
Reports: Charlie Cunial for rough conduct: The offence was graded as medium impact, body contact and careless and brought a charge of one week down to a reprimand for any early plea, which Griffith accepted. 

Match report: Mangoplah on Saturday handed out one of the best thrashings in recent times given to a Griffith team at Exies Oval. There was always thought behind their tactics. They played to a well-laid plan and rarely did they waste a kick. The visitors were too skilled and too good on the day. The Swans matched the Goannas individually, but lack of teamwork resulted in a big defeat for them. Mangoplah favoured by better teamwork, bounce of the ball, and some funny decision by the umpires managed to establish a three-quarter time lead which the Swans couldn't overcome. The harder Griffith tried to do the right thing, the more each player appeared to have two left feet and two hands full of thumbs. Too many Swans players after having made all the mistakes in the book by half-time, and during the third term managed some new ones. Constantly turning into trouble, passing to an opponent, unnecessary handball, spilt marks - you name 'em, Griffith made 'em. The Goannas were playing like a class side as they flashed the ball from one to another - good tactics that held a winning 31-point lead. The final term was all over before it started and both sides were content to coast along, and two goals each resulted to the game's best performers Mangoplah's captain coach Nelson Foley and Griffith's recruit Cooper Kilpatrick. Besides a fiery three-quarter time, address to his players from Swans coach Greg Dreyer the games' major talking point was Swans Charlie Cunial second term full blooded collision with Harrison Wheeler. From the other side of the boundary fence, one could hear that smack of flesh on flesh. As luck had it, the Goannas youngster having completed concussion protocols, found himself back on the playing field during the third term.
Other results: Leeton-Whitton 4.9 (33) def by Narrandera 10.10 (70), Turvey Park 11.11 (77) def Wagga Tigers 9.5 (59); Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 11.14 (80) def Coolamon Rovers 6.9 (45); Collingullie-Wagga Demons, bye.
Reserves: Griffith 4.9 (33) def by Mangoplah-CUE 9.8 (62)
Goals: A Ray 2, C Purtill, K Ruyg
Best players: C Purtill, W Dalton, J Crowe, D McDermott, A Ray, B Parmenter
Griffith: Sean Culgan, Luke DeMamiel, Cameron Harrison; Brock Parmenter, Sam Robinson, William Dalton; Kalan Stevenson, Jordan Crowe, Kieran Ruyg; Zachary Dart, Jack Neyland, Darcy McDermott; Rowan Patey, Mason Ashcroft, Craig Violi; Blake Aloisi, Archie Ray, Cooper Purtill; Tom Jamieson, Archie Forwood, Bede Kenny, Oliver Young
Umpire: Ron Irvin
Under 17'5: Griffith 4.4 (28) def by Mangoplah-CUE 15.10 (100)
Goals: A Forwood, J Bruce, O Robinson, F Robertson
Best players: R Andreazza, S Guidolin, T Jamieson, J Kenny, F Robertson, B Kenny
Griffith: Lucas Stevenson, Riley Andreazza, Harry Morel; Logan Newman, Bede Kenny, Fletcher Robertson; Jai Kenny, Tom Jamieson, Stefan Guidolin; Zachary Spiers, Archie Forwood, Dhane Stevenson; Ray Pagano, Javier Bruce, Owen Robinson; Brody Summers, Cooper Rand, Oliver Young; Todd Hammond, Zavier Mitchell, Callum Twaddell, Joshua Gee, Lachlan Waide, Beau Cooper
Umpire: Steve Cunial

Netball vs Mangoplah-CUE - A Grade: lost 57-60, A Reserve: lost 35-41, B Grade: lost 40-41, C Grade: won 53-26, U17: won 45-35. 

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