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   2024 RFNL SEASON 

SWANS BOOST SENIOR STOCK - by Jimmy Meiklejohn

GRIFFITH have signed former West Broken Hill captain Michael Andruszkiewicz for next season. The 30-year-old is coming off a successful year up north, where he led the Robins to a grand final appearance.
Andruszkiewicz and his partner Victoria recently made the move from Broken Hill to Griffith, and he said he was excited to be donning the red and white for the Swans next season. "Yeah, definitely," Andruszkiewicz said.
 "I can't wait to get out there and just get to know everyone as well. "Being new to town I don't really know too many people, so it will be good to get involved and meet a few of the boys."
Andruszkiewicz has spent the last five years playing in the Broken Hill Football League, however his football journey actually started in South Australia. "I grew up in the Adelaide Hills and played a fair bit of senior footy and juniors in the Hills there," he said.
"Then I eventually got a gig up in Broken Hill; I'm an industrial sparky in the mines so I've been up there for about five years and I played a lot with West Broken Hill Football Club."
Andruszkiewicz said he enjoyed his footy in Broken Hill despite the league only consisting of four different clubs. "It was good," he said. "There's only four teams in the league but it's still quite competitive, there's a couple of dominant teams like South and North. 

"They are hard to come up against but it's good, it's been a good journey."
Andruszkiewicz said he was excited to be playing in the Riverina League next season and having a bit of variety in regard to home and away games. "I actually kind of looking forward to getting back to true home and away games," he said. "Back up in Broken Hill, your home and away games are sometimes at the same ground, so you don't really get too much advantage or disadvantages."
Andruszkiewicz said he has spent the majority of his career playing mainly through the midfield; however, he noted that in recent years he has also spent some time in defence. "I played a lot through the midfield," Andruszkiewicz said. "But last year we had quite a few defenders who were quite young, so I had more of the leadership role in the back line. "I've kind of been transitioning a bit back that way, but I'm pretty comfortable playing whatever I need to be played. 
Andruszkiewicz has served as a captain of the West Broken Hill's A grade side over the past two years. "We were lucky enough to get into the grand final last year, and I think it was 16 years they hadn't made the grand final," Andruszkiewicz said. "So that was quite a good effort with a young side as well. "That was probably the highlight of being up there for the last five years."
Andruszkiewicz said he was now looking forward to helping the Swans' developing players. "I did hear they are quite a young side which works out well for what I've been playing with the last couple of years," he said. "Hopefully I can jump in and give the younger boys a bit of a hand if they need or help develop where I can." (The Daily Advertiser - Saturday November 25, 2023).'

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