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Round 13 - Sunday July 15, 2012
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Maher Oval 2.10pm 
Umpires: Ryan Dedini, W Smith and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Turvey Park ... 1.1 .. 2.2 .. 3.2 .. 7.5 (47) 
Griffith ............ 4.6 .. 11.11 .. 16.17 .. 22.20 (152) 

TURVEY PARK: Myles Carroll, Lachie McCrae, Mayah McIntosh; Matthew Ness, Josh Donaldson, Todd Jackson; Zach Masterson, Daniel Toose, Travis Rowley; John Buchanan, John Hoey (co-coach), Tom Gaynor; Jeremy Sykes, Stephen Smith, Dustin Brown; Evan Smith, Tim Beckmans, Brendan Bryce; Sebastian Graf, Zac Beaumont, Jay Burgess 
GRIFFITH: Royce Johns, Matthew Noonan, Tim Matheson; Jonathon Gastin, Glen Snaidero, Che Jenkins; Rick Daniher, Michael Duncan, Kris Duncan; Tom Miller, Tom Buckley, Dean Crack; Andrew Hawkins, James Toscan, Alex Blissett; Dylan Cudmore, Guy Orton (c-c), Mathew Crack; Jethro Calma-Holt, James Fallon, Andrew Cappello
Turvey Park: J Sykes 2, T Gaynor 2, B Bryce, J Buchanan, D Brown, S Graf
Griffith: D Crack 4, J Calma-Holt 4, J Toscan 3, K Duncan 2, T Miller 2, M Duncan 2, M Noonan 2, J Fallon,

G Orton, T Buckley
Turvey Park: T Beckmans, J Donaldson, D Toose, L McCrae, Z Masterson, T Gaynor
Griffith: M Duncan, D Crack, M Crack, C Jenkins, T Miller, T Buckley
A summary of match report, with thanks
It was a case of mission accomplished for the Griffith Swans as they ran out convincing winners against an overpowered Turvey Park side by 107 points yesterday. With the Swans still smarting from their close loss to Leeton-Whitton the previous round they took their frustrations out on the young Bulldogs side as they dominated from the opening bounce.

But coach Guy Orton again lamented their lack of accuracy in front of goal, saying set shots rather than “cute” ones will be needed in much closer games. “Our kicking around goals was still not really what we want it to be,” Orton said. “I suppose having all those shots on goal you’re not going kick all of them, but it would have been nice to kick a few more goals rather than the 20 points.

“We probable dropped off in the last quarter and they kicked four goals they really shouldn’t have, but other than that everyone who went out there contributed and we had a good win.” Griffith started strongly and opened up a 23-point lead at the first break before they really put the Bulldogs to the sword and booted seven majors to the home side’s solitary goal.

After the main break it was a question of how much the Swans would win by as they continued their procession down field.

“The mentality of the boys was really good, from the word go we didn’t let up and go back to playing their style of footy,” Orton said.

“We really didn’t let them score in the first or second quarter, and that’s what we said before we went out there, that we wanted to nail them.”

Dean Crack had a field day up forward kicking five to lead the goal scorers, while Jethro Calma-Holt, Matt Noonan, Tom Miller, Mick Duncan, James Toscan and Kris Duncan all grabbed multiples, while Alex Blissett was also a handy weapon all day.

(Scott Hazlewood – The Area News, Monday July 16, 2012). 
OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Coolamon 11.10 (76) def by Collingullie-AK 15.14 (104), Ganmain-GGM 11.13 (79) drew with Mangoplah-CUE 11.13 (79), Leeton-Whitton 13.10 (88) def Wagga 10.8 (68); Narrandera, bye. 
Reserves: Griffith 11.11 (77) def Turvey Park 6.4 (40)
Goals: C Moore 3, Tom Valeri 3, J Hampel, J Tyndall, J Evans, M Griffin, G Wiley
Best players: J Tyndall, Tom Valeri, C Lugton, C Harrison, J Tyrell, C Moore 
Under 17: Griffith 15.12 (102) def Turvey Park 4.4 (28)
Goals: D Cassidy 5, N Witherspoon 5, T West 2, T Shannon 2, L Peruzzi
Best players: L Peruzzi, N Witherspoon, T West, D Cassidy, L Peruzzi, T Shannon 

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