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Round 5 - Saturday May 14, 2022

Riverina Football Netball League

Venue: Maher Oval

Umpires: Dallas McKelvie and Symon Tardrew (AUL)

Turvey Park .......... 5.5 .. 8.5 .. 11.8 .. 15.11 (101)

Griffith ................... 3.1 .. 4.4 .. 7.5 .. 10.7 (67)

TURVEY PARK: Harry Woods, Tim Doyle, Lachie McRae; Jack Haggar, Josh Ashcroft, Jesse Margosis; Ben Lewington, Luke Fellows, Luke Mazzocchi; Jack Granvill, Andrew Emery, Ethan Weidemann; James White, Baxter Wallett, Corey Baxter; Shaun Allan, Stephen Camp, Callum Dooley; Lachlan Leary, Rhys Leary, Sam Jones.

GRIFFITH: Connor Bock, Sam Foley, Michael Agnew; Charlie Cunial, Jamie Best, Nicholas Conlan; Lachlan Wallace, Kahlan Spencer, Will Ellis; Jordan Whitworth, James Toscan, Angus Brown; Jay Summers, Darcy McDermott, James Girdler; Nathan Richards, Taine Moraschi, Jack Rowston (capt); Archie Ray, Ryan Best, Todd Argus.


Turvey Park: B Wallett 5, J White 2, A Emery 2, L Fellows 2, S Camp, C Baxter, E Weidemann, L Mazzocchi

Griffith: J Toscan 3, T Argus 2, J Summers, J Girdler, A Brown, J Rowston, N Richards


Turvey Park: C Dooley, J Ashcroft, B Wallett, S Allan, L Fellows, A Emery

Griffith: J Toscan, J Rowston, J Best, C Cunial, D McDermott, K Spencer

REPORTS: Kahlan Spencer for rough conduct during final quarter. Result: Griffith accepted a reprimand.

A summary of match report, with thanks
Turvey Park coach Michael Mazzocchi believes his team is ready to take up the challenge of a tough month to come after a fast start set up a 101 to 67 win over Griffith at Maher Oval on Saturday. On a day where the club's 2002 premiership reunited, the current Bulldogs secured their third straight win after building a six-goal lead early in the third quarter. 
To their credit the Swans rallied to get within 16 points midway through the final term, but some ill-discipline and lack of focus cost them dearly as the Bulldogs booted clear. 
"We were challenged and fought back. Now at 3-1 we can go into a little stretch now, test ourselves and see where we're at," Mazzocchi said. "Shaun Allan going down (hamstring injury) turned the game. In the third quarter we got to a five to six goal break, and it felt like we were about to run away and when he went down, they won their share of the centre clearances."
Mazzocchi made a point to commend his team for rallying behind young teammate Ethan Weidemann after he was hit in the back by Kahlan Spencer late in the game. Weidemann was unhurt and Spencer wasn't reported, but the incident which saw a number of Bulldogs players take issue with the Swans player resulted in a 50-metre penalty and a goal. Those ill-disciplined acts, combined with allowing Turvey Park to score three goals from marking set shots on the goal line, contributed to the Swans demise. "Ethan's alright and we won't take further action, but it's something you don't like seeing," Mazzocchi added.  
Griffith coach Greg Dreyer said the same lapses are costing them badly. "We're constantly chasing. We had our chances, but again our consistency hurt," he said. "I speak about the same things every week, it's passages of play where we link up and run quite well but then we lose focus. "We were four goals down at half time, got back into the game and some frustration and poor discipline cost us. "That was a winnable game. That was really disappointing, the challenge is to not be happy with an honourable loss."

 (By Jon Tuxworth - Monday, May 16, 2022.) 


OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 8.1 (49) def by Mangoplah-CUE 21.12 (138), Narrandera 10.10 (70) def Wagga Tigers 9.12 (66); SUN: Ganmain-GGM 15.12 (102) def Collingullie-GP 15.2 (92).

Reserves: Turvey Park 12.8 (80) def Griffith 8.6 (54)
Goals: Kieran Ruyg 3, Ben McRae, Kris Duncan, Guy Orton, Rocky Perre, Jordan Burley
Best players: Kieran Ruyg, Quade Stevenson, Guy Orton, Richard Malone, Dean Catanzariti, Ben McRae
Under 17.5: Turvey Park 11.7 (73) def Griffith 7.9 (51) 
Goals: Billy Evans 2, Bailey Morrissey 2, Broden Spencer, Digby Paterson, Ben Devery
Best players: Max Vardanega, Tom Bartter, Luke DeMamiel, James Rogerson, Billy Evans, Mark Bennett

NETBALL vs Turvey Park - A Grade: won 44-52, A Reserve: won 43-52, B Grade: won 32-47, C Grade: lost 39-27, U17: lost 45-21. 

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