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Round 9 - Sunday June 14, 2009 (Pink Day)
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: -----
Griffith ............ 0.2 .. 4.3 .. 4.5 .. 6.7 (43) 
Coolamon ...... 6.2 .. 7.3 .. 10.8 .. 14.10 (94)

GRIFFITH: Royce Johns, James Smith, Simon Spiers; Andrew Cappello, Matthew Noonan, James Fallon; Matthew Kenny, Jonathon Gastin, Ben Ford; James Nancarrow, Jeff Mickan, Jason Bertacco; Michael Tyndall, Aaron Cocks, Sam Huxtable; Michael Harris, Shaun Curran, Dean Crack; Michael Duncan, Michael Johns, Brett Owen
COOLAMON ROVERS: Mitch Robinson, Sam Chatfield, Bryan Munro; Connor Neyland, Nathan Edyvean, Brett Nolte; Adam McKenzie, Ryan Chamberlain, Jackson Kew; Luke Maloney, Sam Keenan (c-c), Brett Garrett; Bryce Koop, Jason Brown, Zach Robinson; Ben Edyvean, Jamie Maddox, Wayde Archibald; Alan Willis, Tim Garrett, Jacob McPherson 
Griffith: A Cocks 3, S Curran 2, D Crack 
Coolamon: Z Robinson 4, J Brown 4, S Keenan 3, L Maloney, B Garrett, A Willis 
Griffith: S Curran, J Smith, J Bertacco, M Duncan, A Cappello, D Crack 
Coolamon: W Archibald, J Maddox, S Chatfield, Z Robinson, T Garrett, L Maloney 

A summary of match report, with thanks
A six-goal opening term by the Coolamon Grasshoppers has paved the way for them to record a dominant 51-point win at Exies Oval, which has ended the Griffith Swans' faint hopes of reaching the Riverina Football League finals this season. The home side simply could not find regular avenues to goal, while the Hoppers were particularly fruitful with either measured set shots or fortuitous snaps, to ensure they were never seriously troubled for the lead.

Swans coach Gerard Toscan lamented his side's lack of shots on goal despite controlling the flow of the game for much of the second and third quarters. "We struggled to kick goals we were forced to send our ruckman forward and kick a couple of goals. Cocksy (Aaron Cocks) started off alright, but we think he might have broken his thumb in the second quarter," Toscan said.

"They (Coolamon) were really efficient in the first quarter, but we did hand them a few of them on a silver platter."

Stopping Hoppers' big man Sam Keenan was going to be a primary goal for the Swans, but Toscan said he had to think on the run when his primary plan didn't come to fruition. "Unfortunately, Michael Harris on Sam Keenan didn't work like I thought it would.

Sam just read the ball in flight a lot better than Michael did, so I had to go back to Matt Noonan who I thought did pretty well on him. 
Toscan also had a swipe at the standard of umpiring during the game, saying both sides were affected with, at times, average calls.

"Sam Keenan and Coolamon deserve the win, and I know we're short of umpires, but the umpires made so many mistakes they don't know the rules," he said. Guys are getting tackled below the knees and they're not given a free kick, or they're caught with the ball, and they ball it up. If you don't want to be criticised, and you know you have made a mistake, change it (the decision)." 
After the Swans lacklustre first quarter, Toscan gave his side a torrid dressing down at the break and they responded with an early Cocks goal giving his side some hope of a comeback, but Coolamon kept finding easy targets in the centre third of the field.

A scintillating run from Jason Bertacco of his own back flank, to set up a Dean Crack goal, however the Swans still trailed by three goals at the long break. Despite holding their own in the third term, the Hoppers through Jason Brown and Zac Robionson with four goals each, sealed the win and doomed the Swans to next season. (By Scott Hazlewood  - The Area News, Monday June 15, 2009). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 22.15 (147) def Eastern Hawks 13.7 (85), Mangoplah-CUE 12.14 (86) def North Wagga 8.4 (52), Wagga 10.4 (64) def Ganmain-GGM 8.12 (60); SUN: Turvey Park 19.14 (126) def Narrandera 8.5 (53).

Reserves: Coolamon 18.15 (123) def Griffith 2.5 (17)
Goals: J Tyrell, B Woolner
Best players: C Harrison, C Toohey, B Woolner, G Taylor, B Alban, W Lamont
Reports: Jeff Harris for striking Hamish Dyce (third quarter) two matches. 
Under 17: Coolamon 10.17 (77) def Griffith 6.6 (42)
Goals K Hillier 2, L Vico, C Moore, C Patterson, T Blissett
Best players: D Snow, C Moore, T Blissett, B McRae, S Brennan, B Dwight

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