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Preliminary Final – Sunday September 15, 2019
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Robertson Oval
Umpires: Brett McDonald, Ryan Dedini and Troy Edwards (RUA)
Coolamon …........ 0.3 .. 2.4 .. 2.7 .. 7.8 (50)
Wagga Tigers .… 6.2 .. 9.5 .. 11.6 .. 15.8 (98)

COOLAMON ROVERS: Ryan Allen, Zach Bradley, Shannon Charlie; Joshua Buchanan, Connor Neyland (co-coach), Haydn Leary; Kyle Woods, Nick Pleming, Max Hillier; Jamie Maddox (co-coach), Matthew McGowan, Hayden Bradley; Marly McGregor, Joe Redfern, Jeremiah Maslin; Anthony Atkin, Jake Barrett, Luke Redfern; Cooper McKelvie, Braeden Glyde, Benj Gillett, Will Graetz
WAGGA TIGERS: Lahn Shepherd, Louis Beard, Xavier Lyons; Reid Gordon, Dylan Morton, Sam Ryan; Jake Mascini, Tom Keogh, Bailey Wileman; Josh Gaynor, Ben Kelly, Shaun Driscoll; Nick Ryan, Jesse Manton, Jacob Osbeiston; Tom Osmotherly, Jackson Kelly, Brendan Myers; Nathan Cooke, Will Keogh, Jim McCoullough, Scott Pearce
Coolamon: J Redfern 4, J Maslin, J Barrett, B Gillett
Wagga Tigers: J Manton 9, S Pearce 2, S Driscoll 2, J Gaynor, B Wileman
Coolamon: J Redfern, A Atkin, M McGregor, L Redfern, S Charlie, C McKelvie
Wagga Tigers: J Manton, D Morton, R Gordon, S Driscoll, T Keogh, J Osbeiston

Griffith ............. 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 7.9 .. 10.11 (71)
Coolamon ....... 0.1 .. 3.1 .. 5.2 .. 6.2 (38)

Goals - Griffith: B Tarr 3, B Chambers 2, S McGinn 2, K Duncan 2, R Perre
Coolamon: R Maslin, L Owens, T Owens, H Petty, A Gain, J McPherson
Best players - Griffith: B Tarr, D Schmetzer, L Peruzzi, T Valeri, J Crowe, B Watts
Coolamon: B Edyvean, S Robinson, J Mason, J Edyvean, A Shaw, L McLoughlin
Griffith: Cameron Harrison, James Keenan, Michael Agnew; Jordan Crowe (co-capt), Sam Foley, Royce Johns; Daniel Andreazza, Dean Schmetzer, Luke Peruzzi; Sam McGinn, Brady Chambers, Tom Valeri; Reece Matheson, Mathew Peruzzi, Kris Duncan; Doug Patey, Rocky Perre (co-capt), Ben Tarr; Jordan Burley, Lucas Fabris, Jesse Paton, Ben Watts
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans reserve grade side have secured a place in the decider for the third straight season after defeating Coolamon in the preliminary final at Robertson Oval. The Swans have put last weekend first loss of the season behind them as a strong final quarter saw them able to secure their place in the reserve grade grand final with a 10.11 (71) to 6.2 (38) win over the Rovers.

The Swans headed into the game without coach Dean Catanzariti who hurt his ankle in the major semi-final against Collingullie while Jake Villata also didn’t pull up from a shoulder injury.
The Griffith side were able to bury the demons of last weekend as they got out to a 20-point lead at the first interval. The Rovers were able to make more of an impression in the second quarter but with both teams kicking three goals in the term to see the Swans leading by 16 points at the major break. The Swans were able to maintain their lead of around three goals heading into the final term before closing the game out with another three in the final term while restricting the Rovers to just one goal saw the Griffith side book their place with a 33-point win. Assistant coach Trevor Richards paid credit to the way his side approached the contest.'''

“Our pressure all around the ground was great,” he said. “We just kept hunting and hunting and didn’t let them have any time on the ball. “They had their moments, but the boys kept their heads and played really well.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good news for the Swans as their C grade netballers season came to a close. After finishing the season on top of the table, the Griffith side bow out in straight sets after a narrow 24- 23 loss to Turvey Park. (By Liam Warren – The Area News, Monday September 16, 2019)

Under 17.5
Turvey Park .............. 3.0 .. 5.4 .. 11.6 .. 17.10 (112) 
Leeton-Whitton ....... 4.3 .. 6.3 .. 6.6 .. 7.7 (49)

Goals - Turvey Park: B Glanvill 3, T Richards 2, M Von Marburg 2, J Mattingly 2, R Browning, B Lewington, J Collingridge, P Voss, R Leary, J Orr, H Thomas, R Weidemann
Leeton-Whitton: B Wood 5, M Crompton, Jye Doyle
Best players - Turvey Park: A Grigg, B Glanvill, P Voss, D Irvine, B Lewington, T Richards
Leeton-Whitton: N Ryan, J Thomas, C Steele, J Lanham, A Crelley

Netball – A grade: Collingullie-GP 37 d Coolamon 34; A reserve: Collingullie-GP 46 d Turvey Park 35; B grade: Turvey Park 35 d Collingullie-GP 29; C grade: Turvey Park 24 d Griffith 23; Under 17: Mangoplah-CUE 36 Leeton-Whitton 28.

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