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Round 17 - Saturday August 16, 2008
Riverina Football League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Tim Beard and Paul Smith (RUA)
Griffith .................... 3.5 .. 4.9 .. 5.10 .. 9.14 (68) 
Leeton-Whitton .... 5.0 .. 8.3 .. 15.7 .. 17.11 (113)

GRIFFITH: Glen Snaidero, Simon Spiers, Matthew Kenny; Brendan Giason, James Smith; Jonathon Gastin, Michael Johns, Alex Overs; Jack Geddes, James Toscan, Ben Ford; Craig Lugton, Craig Conlan, Kris Duncan; Shaun Curran, Michael Duncan, Brett Owen; Luke Piccolo, Sam Gilbert, Myles Bunn
LEETON-WHITTON: Steven Iannelli, Craig Townsend, Brad Boots; Matthew Flagg, David Elwin, Justin Davidson; Daniel Sullivan, Eddie Sullivan, Aaron Gordon; Brett Guest, Jade Hodge, Giles Lee; Josh Hall, Liam Fraser, Matthew Smith (c-c); Todd Norton, Ben Woods, Ryan Dunn; Justin Gale, Nick Doolin, Bruce Gilmour 
Griffith: M Duncan 4, C Lugton 2, J Toscan, B Owen, C Conlan 
Leeton-Whitton: M Smith 7, G Hodge 3, B Woods 2, L Fraser, J Hall, N Doolin, B Gilmour, J Davidson 
Griffith: B Owen, M Johns, C Conlan, J Smith, S Curran, S Spiers 
Leeton-Whitton: M Smith, J Hodge, B Woods, S Iannelli, C Townsend, E Sullivan 

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans season is coming to a disappointing close, with a significant 25-point loss to rivals Leeton-Whitton at Exies Oval on Saturday. Griffith was out played by Leeton-Whitton, who was playing for a spot in the finals. With the Swans well out of finals contention with only one game to go, the side was unmotivated to take on the Crows, despite a strong opening quarter.

Swans coach Gerard Toscan said his team didn't take advantage of dominant possession at the start of the game. "We didn't use it smart at all, and in the second half, they really took the ascendancy, and we couldn't get it back," he said. "We kicked poorly, but at the end of the Day, to Leeton's credit they deserved the win." Toscan mentioned Craig Conlan, Shaun Curran, Brett Owen and Michael Johns as standout players.

But Toscan said he was disappointed with a number of decisions made by Leeton's goal umpire in the game. "I think in all honesty, there were about four controversial decisions given by that goal umpire," he said. "I know they were desperate to make the finals, but that's really not on."

With a difficult game next week again Ganmain-GGM, Toscan said the Swans had a lot to work on.

"We'll probably do some hard work on hitting handball targets under pressure, which was something that let us down earlier in the year against Wagga Tigers and it really came unstuck against Leeton," he said. "We'll also need to work on lack of discipline, especially among the younger players." Toscan said the Swans will be employing the same tactics they used to beat Ganmain-GGM in June.

"We're just going to play like we beat them last time, more discipline, taking more risks and playing to the whistle," he said.

(By Nick Pearson -The Area News, Monday August 18, 2008). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Eastern Hawks 7.11 (53) def Ganmain-GGM 25.9 (169), Mangoplah-CUE 17.8 (110) def Narrandera 10.10 (70), North Wagga 2.6 (18) def by Wagga 20.13 (133); SUN: Turvey Park 12.9 (75) def Coolamon 5.8 (38).  

Reserves: Leeton-Whitton 18.8 (116) def Griffith 7.1 (43)
Goals: D Keenan 5, H Shaw, M Butcher
Best players: A Cappello, D Keenan, G Foley, M Butcher, R Bull, R Bridgen 
Under 18: Leeton-Whitton 20.17 (137) def Griffith 1.9 (15)
Goals: S Gilbert
Best players: J Tyrell, B Jaffrey, H Heath, B Hutchinson, S Wood, F Bruton.

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