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Round 2 - Saturday April 17, 2010
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Paul Smith, Paul McCormack and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Griffith ...................1.0 .. 7.1 .. 8.5 .. 11.8 (74)
Wagga Tigers ..... 2.2 .. 6.4 .. 9.5 .. 12.7 (79)

GRIFFITH: Luke Piccolo, Matthew Noonan, Jack Tyrell; Michael Duncan, Roland Finch, Tim Matheson; Ben Ford, Brett Owen, Jonathon Gastin; Jarrad Cox, Jeff Mickan, Josh Whelan; Luke Humphries, Michael Harris, Cameron Arnold*; Shaun Curran, Mathew Crack, James Fallon; Dean Crack, Matthew Kenny, Kris Duncan
Griffith: L Humphries 3, J Whelan 3, M Harris 2, C Arnold, D Crack, S Curran
Wagga: S Terlich 6, D Papworth 2, D Davey, J Larwood, A Dikkenburg, J Hodges
Griffith: L Humphries, S Curran, J Fallon, T Matheson, L Piccolo, M Crack
Wagga: P Noonan, S Terlich, D Davey, J Oehm, J Osbeiston, D Papworth
SENIOR DEBUT: Cameron Arnold
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans are still searching for their first win after an excruciating five-point loss to Wagga Tigers at Exies Oval last Saturday.

Luck deserted the Swannies at critical times in the match, with errant goal-kicking and basic skill errors allowing the Tigers to cling onto the points. But despite the defeat, which come on the back of a draw at Leeton in the side’s opening match, captain-coach Matt Noonan remains optimistic about the 2010 season.

“The boys put in a mammoth four-quarter effort, and I could never doubt their intensity or endeavor,” Noonan said. We let ourselves down though a couple of skill errors and we missed three or four get-able goals, but we just need to keep forging ahead, we can’t dwell on it.

“You need a real confidence and belief to win these close games and I think that something we’re still working on.”

In a see-sawing match, the Tigers ability to get cleaner ball into the forward line and their kicking efficiency proved the difference, with the Swans having to work hard to get the ball inside 50. Teenage full-forward Josh Whelan kicked three goals for the Swans, matched by Luke Humphries with three and Michael Harris with two.

Best players for Griffith were Humphries, Shaun Curran, James Fallon, Tim Matheson, Luke Piccolo and Matt Crack. Shannon Terlich was brilliant for the Tigers, kicking six goals. (The Area News – Monday April 19, 2010).


OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Narrandera 13.11 (89) def Leeton-Whitton 13.5 (83); SUN: Coolamon 11.8 (74) def by Mangoplah-CUE 16.13 (109), Ganmain-GGM 3.12 (90) def Turvey Park 13.8 (86).

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 17.11 (113) def Griffith 10.8 (68)
Goals: Griffith: B Pickett 6, D Keenan, M Tyndall, C Lugton, M Hogan 
Best players: B Pickett, C Niven, R Best, D Catanzariti, C Lugton, R Johns
Under 17: Wagga Tigers 14.12 (96) def Griffith 13.11 (89)
Goals: T Blissett 2, K Hillier 2, A Tarr 2, C Hutchinson, C Moore, J Parr, J Tyndall, Theo Valeri, B Watts, P Whittard 
Best players: T Blissett, H Porter, J Tyndall, K Hillier, P Whittard, J Parr

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