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Round 9 - Sunday June 17, 2007
Riverina Football League
Venue: Leeton Showground 2.10pm
Umpires: Greg Walsh and Brett Webb (RUA)
Leeton-Whitton ..... 5.1 .. 9.3 .. 11.5 .. 16.9 (105)
Griffith .................... 5.4 .. 10.9 .. 20.14 .. 28.20 (188)

LEETON-WHITTON: David Elwin, Brad Waters, Travis Irvin; Brett Staines, Greg Looby, David Harrison; Aaron Gordon, Daniel Sulliven, Brady Dunn; Nick Paton, Ben Dryburgh, Giles Lee; Nick Doolin, David Kidman, Brad Boots; Nathan Hunter, Jamie Broadbent, Matthew Flagg; Dale Symes, Bruce Gilmour, Tim Legge
GRIFFITH: Jason Hampel, Simon Spiers, Matthew Kenny; Roger Heenan, James Toscan, Myles Bunn; Ben Ford, Michael Duncan, Joel Brown; Craig Conlan, Jeff Mickan, Dean Crack; Daniel Meade, Phillip Rowston, Mathew Crack; Andrew Cappello*, Luke McLean, Matthew McDonald; Ryan Bull, Craig Lugton, Jace Iemma
Leeton-Whitton: B Dryburgh 6, B Boots 4, N Doolin, D Kidman, B Dunn, N Patten, A Gordon, D Elwin
Griffith: P Rowston 7, D Meade 7, M McDonald 3, M Duncan 3, L McLean 3, C Conlan, J Brown, M Crack, D Crack, J Toscan 
Leeton-Whitton: A Gordon, N Doolin, N Patten, B Dryburgh, J Broadbent, B Boots
Griffith: J Mickan, M McDonald, J Brown, M Duncan, M Crack, D Meade
SENIOR DEBUT: Andrew Cappello

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith has snapped its three-game Riverina Football League losing streak after Sunday's 85-point hiding of Leeton-Whitton at Leeton Showground. The Swans turned up the heat in the second half to run away convincing winners in the high-scoring game, but the Crows were in the contest until half-time. Griffith had kicked five goals to Leeton-Whitton's two halfway through the first quarter.

David Kidman opened the account for the Crows, while Bradley Boots was also accurate in front of the sticks. Nick Doolin kicked a spectacular goal to see the home side trail by three behinds at the break, Griffith goaled early in the second and had been getting the most out of the umpiring, but Ben Dryburgh kicked the first of his six-goal haul and keep the Crows nipping at Griffith's heels.

The hard work paid off and Leeton-Whitton was in front for the first tie in the game and one of the few times this year, before Griffith replied and locked up the score. Nick Patten scored from a free kick and while the Crows had lost ground, they were only 12 points behind.

Leeton-Whitton had played some of its better football of the season in the first half, but the third term quickly changed back into every other nightmarish quarter of the season as Griffith booted 10 goals to essentially claim the win.

Dryburgh did well to put the Crows on the board, but they were behind 20.14 to 11.5 coming into the final term.

The fourth saw the home side play better again, kicking five goals thanks to the likes of a speedy Aaron Gordon and Dryburgh and holding Griffith down for most of the term, the Swans lifted at the end for a bigger win. (The Area News - Monday June 18, 2007).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Eastern Hawks 10.13 (73) def by Narrandera 22.17 (149), Ganmain-GGM 29.12 (186) def Mangoplah-CUE 6.12 (48); SUN: Coolamon 3.16 (34) def by Wagga Tigers 13.18 (96); Turvey Park, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 23.16 (154) defef Leeton-Whitton 9.7 (61)
Goals: Brent Harrison 6, K Duncan 4, C Forwood 3, J Gastin 2, J Harris 2, G Foley 2, L Cavallo, D Scott, W Tyndall, G Dreyer
Best players: D Catanzariti, T Harrington, J Gastin, D Jamieson, C Forwood
Under 18: Leeton-Whitton 12.22 (94) d Griffith 5.8 (38)
Goals: C McGann 2, J Iemma, D Keenan, S Curran
Best players: D Bruce, H Shaw, J Fallon, D Keenan, S Curran, M Tyndall

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