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Round 6 - Saturday May 18, 2013
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Crossroads Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Brian Robinson and Ryan Dedini (RUA)
Collingullie-AK .... 5.8 .. 10.11 .. 17.13 .. 23.18 (156)
Griffith .................. 1.1 .. 2.2 .. 4.4 .. 7.6 (48)

COLLINGULLIE-ASHMONT-KAPOOKA: Kallum Sykes, Geoff Spriggs, Matt Lewington; Chris Gow, Will Haines, Jack Egan; Daniel Kennedy, Matt Beckmans, Shane Gow; Brad Aiken, Josh Meisselbeck, Jamie Wild; Ben MacKenzie, Marc Geppert, Caleb Vearing; Chris Jackson, Chris Gordon, Curtis Allen; Matthew Kennedy, Nick Perryman, Nathan Fuller, Jayden Kemke
GRIFFITH: Royce Johns, Richard Malone, Dean Catanzariti; Jonathon Gastin, James Taylor, Che Jenkins; Tom West, Michael Duncan, Daniel Peruzzi; Tim Matheson, Brandon Mathews, James Kennedy; Matthew Hogan, Trevor Richards*, Dean Crack; Lance Poka, Guy Orton (c-c), Glen Snaidero; Ben Tarr*, Steven McCanna, Andrew Cappello, Riley Holland*
Collingullie-AK: M Geppart 7, C Gordon 3, B Aiken 2, C Allen 2, J Klemke 2, S Gow 2, J Meiselbach, J Wild, C Vearing, C Gow
Griffith: T Richards 2, D Peruzzi 2, J Kennedy, B Mathews, M Duncan
Collingullie-AK: J Meiselbach, C Jackson, C Vearing, D Kennedy, C Gow, M Beckmans
Griffith: M Duncan, G Orton, J Gastin, D Peruzzi, T Matheson, R Malone
SENIOR DEBUT: Riley Holland, Trevor Richards, Ben Tarr

A summary of match report, with thanks
It’s hard to know what to say to your team when they’ve just lost by more than 100 points. Griffith Swans coach Guy Orton found himself speechless when addressing his boys after their devastating loss to Collingullie-AshmontKapooka on Saturday afternoon. It was the side’s third loss of the season but the others – to Leeton-Whitton and Wagga Tigers – had been by less than 10 points.

This time, the margin was 108.
“What can you say? We just didn’t play well,” Orton said to The Area News yesterday. “It was a bad day and I’m not going to bring it up to the boys again. “We’re just going to move on.” 
The Swans took a less-than-perfect side to Collingullie, missing James Toscan through injury and James Fallon, who was sick.

But Orton was not using excuses. “It just wasn’t our day,” he said. “We were a fair bit down at quarter-time and we came back a bit, but it was nowhere near enough. “They always play their ground well and we didn’t. “There’s not much we can learn from the game, but it brought us back to reality.” CAK got off to a roaring start in the match, kicking 5.8 to Griffith’s 1.1 in the first quarter.

They piled on another five goals in the second term to give themselves a 57-point lead at half time. The carnage continued into the second half, with CAK booting another 13 goals and the Swans only managed five. “They just smashed us in the last quarter,” Orton said.

“I’m obviously disappointed but I’m not going to worry about it. “We’ll just pick ourselves up and keep going.”

(By Melody Montague – The Area News, Monday May 20, 2013).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 15.14 (104) def Narrandera 11.9 (75); Ganmain-GGM 14.10 (94) def Leeton-Whitton 9.5 (59), Coolamon 18.17 (125) def Turvey Park 8.8 (56); Wagga, bye.

Reserves: Collingullie-AK 12.16 (88) def Griffith 7.5 (47)
Goals: E Murphy 2, D Dunbar 2, J Hampel, J Gordon, D Cassidy
Best players: F Josling, J Evans, J Ryan, J Keenan, J Hampel, E Murphy
Under 17: Collingullie-AK 16.10 (106) def Griffith 9.1 (55)
Goals: B Moore 4, L Peruzzi 2, R Holland, J Gordon, B Testoni
Best players: R Holland, J Gordon, M Peruzzi, L Perizzi, B Lewis, T Argus

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