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Grand Final - Sunday September 18, 2005
Riverina Football League. Gate: $20,094
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground
Umpires: Duncan Potts, Tom McDonald and Brett Webb
Ganmain-GGM ..... 1.8 .. 5.10 .. 8.14 .. 14.21 (105)
Narrandera ........... 2.1 .. 2.3 .. 5.7 .. 8.9 (57)

GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Chad Hamblin, Adam Symons, Drew Symons; Luke Walsh, Christen McPherson, Troy Lenon; David Rava, Shane Lenon (c-c), Mitchell Carroll; Mitchell Steele, Marc Geppert, Nathan McPherson; Scott Hamblin, Anthony Carroll, Braydon Ryan; Andrew Johnston, Marc Braybon, Ed Sullivan; Daniel Underwood, Ben Sullivan, Brett Lenon, Andrew Roberts 
NARRANDERA IMPERIAL: Peter Bloomfield, Ashley Thomson, Stephen Irons; Tim Sullivan, Brett Powell, Ben Powell; Brad Kiley, Tim Mathieson, James Sullivan; Dean Hopwood, Stuart Hutchins, Chris Smith; John Vearing, Jason McMartin, Jason Coleman; Shaun Brooker (coach), Damon Burden, Nathan Reynoldson; Ben Cios, Jeremy Orme, Liam Richmond, Kane Brunt
Ganmain-GGM: A Carroll 4, B Ryan 3, D Underwood 2, S Lenon, E Sullivan, A Johnston, N McPherson, B Lenon
Narrandera: S Hutchins 2, D Hopwood 2, J Coleman, N Reynoldson, S Irons, T Mathieson
Ganmain-GGM: B Ryan (Ron Hutchins Medal), D Rava, L Walsh, C McPherson, M Steele, S Lenon, M Braybon
Narrandera: C Smith, D Hopwood, Brett Powell, L Richmond, A Thomson, Ben Powell
A summary of match report, with thanks
Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong was touted as the best team all year, but it was made official yesterday when they clinched back-to-back premierships against Narrandera. The Lions were far too good for a hard-toiling Narrandera team in a game that resembled many grand finals in that it was built around determination and commitment over any heights of skill. It was hard and it snapped the legs of every player on the paddock but the Lions simply starved Narrandera of possession and ran out very comfortable 14.21(105) to 8.9 (57) winners.

For Lions' coach Shane Lenon, perhaps playing his last game at Ganmain, the win was hard-earned and well-deserved after an extremely tough year of training.  "We were the best side all year and out there today finally proved that" Lenon said.

"I have seen the best side get to this stage before and get knocked off, but we come away with the win and all boys thoroughly deserve it because I worked them so hard this year." The Lions began the game with a glut of ball, but some very poor kicking kept the Eagles in the game when it could almost have been sealed by quarter time.

At one stage the Lions led 1.8 (14) to 0.0 (0) but late goals to Jason Coleman and Stuart Hutchins kept the Eagles in the game at quarter time. Narrandera were able to add their major tally in the second term while the Lions kicked four to go in ahead by 25 at the half-time break.

That set the tone for the rest of the game, with Ganmain-GGM dominating possession but the Eagles working hard to no avail.

When the Lions came out in the fourth term and kicked the first four goals of the term, the game was won.

"The boys really showed some ticker out there today because we lost Troy Lenon and Scott Hamblin early and just really gutsed it out," Lenon said.  "But that what this club is about, good old fashion determination and guts and I could not be prouder of the boys."

 (The Area News - Monday September 19, 2005)..

Narrandera ...... 3.1 .. 4.2 .. 5.4 .. 9.4 (58)
Coolamon ....... 3.4 .. 3.7 .. 7.11 .. 10.12 (72)

Goals: Narrandera: J Horne 2, C Walsh 2, H Hutchins, W Hawes, W Howitt, W Hutchins, P Robinson
Coolamon: M Chamberlain 3, B Cooke 2, R Mortimer 2, C Parr, G Lansdale, T Hilton
Best: Narrandera: B Grant, J Horne, M Thornton, D Piltz, D Litchfield, S Jones
Coolamon: T Hilton (Ryan-Stuart Medal), S Roberts, B Mattingly, A Breust, R Mortimer, H Dyce
Narrandera Imperial: Shane Bloomfield, Leigh Martin, Dennis Piltz; Danny Litchfield, Matt Thornton, Lee Baumgartner; Sam Martin, Matthew Harrison, Ian Donaldson; Chris Walsh, Scott Jones, Hayden Hutchins; James Horne, Pat Robinson, Bill Hutchins; Ben Grant, Warren Hawes, Mark Ivanoff; Peter Boyd, Tim Arbuthnot, Jason Nimmo, Bill Howitt, Coach: John Vearing
Coolamon Rovers: Daniel Crocker, Leigh Drum, Stuart McGowan; Sam Roberts, Francis Furner, Graham Rowlands; Matt Chamberlain, Brad Mattingly, Matt Bradley; Scott Martin, Tim Hilton, Hamish Dyce (capt); Cecil Parr, Brenton Cooke, Jason Mattingly; Rowan Mortimer, Anthony Breust, Gus Lansdale; Simon Crocker, Kyle Robinson, Jeremy Crocker, Coach: Matt Cameron
Umpires: G Webb, Rob Wilson and Scott Crowley (RUA)

Under 18
Ganmain-GGM ..... 1.2 .. 1.6 .. 3.9 .. 6.11 (47)
Turvey Park ........... 4.0 .. 7.2 .. 8.6 .. 11.8 (74)

Goals - Ganmain-GGM: J Conway 4, B Trevaskis 2
Turvey Park: M Sykes 4, M Cattell 2, A Brearly 2, M Beckmans 2, L Webb
Best players - Ganmain-GGM: J Evans, D Panaho, W Byron, R Charles, K Hamblin, P Walsh
Turvey Park: J Daniher (Kohlhagen Medal), M Sykes, M Beckmans, M Ness, N Sherwood, L Webb, N Byrne
Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong: Jarrod Conway, Ricky Charles, David Karlberg, Luke Habel, Travis Guy, David Panaho, Brent Carroll, Daniel Carmichael, Daniel Gawne, Nathan Kember, Josh Eisenhauer, Daniel Hitchens, Marc Kelly, Lachlan Steward, Ben Trevaskis, Justin Evans, Mitch Fennessey, Mitchell Evans, Wayne Bryon, Brent Fennessey, Mathew Kelly, Pat Walsh, Kirk Hamblin, Sam Noble. Coach: Jason Hamblin
Turvey Park: Reece Brown (capt), Lachlan Stinson, Zac Aldermann, Tom Leahy, Jeremy Daniher, Michael Dombroski, Mitchell Sykes, Nathan Flanigan, Michael Ness, Anthony Malone, Kyle Galea, Joshua Donaldson, Nathan Sherwood, Matt Williams, Michael Cattell, Chris Reechman, Jonathan Cattell, Luke Webb, Mitch Bailey, Matt Beckmans, Anthony Brearly, Nathan Byrne, Doug Feary. Coach: Troy Maiden
Umpires: John Hilton, Michael Davidson and Paul Smith (RUA)

Netball - A grade: Turvey Park d Ganmain-GGM; B grade: Coolamon 24 d Griffith 20; C grade: Griffith 37 d Narrandera 24; Juniors: Griffith 41 d Narrandera 20.

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