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Round 2 - Sunday April 20, 2008
Riverina Football League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Gene Hodgins and Paul Smith (RUA) 
Griffith ............ 2.2 .. 7.2 .. 11.5 .. 13.8 (86) 
Coolamon ...... 5.3 .. 8.6 .. 12.10 .. 15.15 (105)

GRIFFITH: Dean Catanzariti, James Smith, Jason Bertacco; Michael Duncan, Simon Spiers, Dan McGreal; Robert Bridgen, Ben Ford, Michael Johns; Jonathon Gastin, Jeff Mickan, Craig Conlan; Kris Duncan, Shaun Curran, Brett Davis; Ryan Bull, Myles Bunn, Brett Owen; Jack Geddes, Michael Tyndall*, Glen Snaidero
COOLAMON ROVERS: Mitch Robinson, Tim Byrne, Jacob McPherson; Bryce Koop, Mark Bradley, Grant Worner; Bryan Munro, Wayde Archibald, Ryan Maslin; John Nolan, Sam Keenan (c-c), Tim Garrett; Luke Maloney, Brendan McKelvie, Edward Edis; Ben Edyvean, Connor Neyland, Brett Garrett; Stephen Bartholomew, Kerrod Roberts, Mitch Stevenson 
Griffith: B Davis 3, B Owen 2, M Duncan 2, M Tyndall, C Conlan, B Ford, G Snaidero, J Geddes, K Duncan 
Coolamon: B McKelvie 6, S Keenan 2, L Maloney 2, T Garrett 2, W Archibald, M Stephenson, J McPherson 
Griffith: M Bunn, J Bertacco, B Ford, J Smith, B Owen, C Conlan 
Coolamon: S Keenan, L Maloney, C Neyland, M Stephenson, R Maslin, M Robinson 
SENIOR DEBUT: Michael Tyndall

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans will view their second match of the Riverina Football League as one of lost opportunities, after squandering a number of chances, losing to Coolamon by 19 points at Exies Oval. At several critical points in the game the Swans looked to have wrestled the momentum off the Grasshoppers, but the sheer size of Sam Keenan and Brendon McKelvie in the forward line stopped the young Swans in their tracks. Swans coach Gerard Toscan said his side lost the game in the air, with Coolamon's big men often seemingly uncontested marks despite being swarmed with red and white jerseys. "We did have a chance late when Jason Bertacco took it off the half back and cut them to shreds, but their size, we couldn't match it," Toscan said.

Sam Keenan was a colossus around the ground. We had one or two of our younger guys on him, but we didn't have the weight and he kept taking away their space." Also against the Swans was a flat opening quarter, which saw them give up five goals in a blink of eye to leave the home side in a big hole at the first break. However, Griffith managed to drag back two goals before quarter time and used the momentum to keep the fight back burning in the second stanza, with majors going to Craig Conlan and Matt Kenny.

And when Brett Davis grabbed a sensational one-handed mark to score from the top of the goal square, the Swans were back to only three points behind. But Griffith's good second quarter work was undone when again the 'Hoppers looked like running away with the game with three quick majors again putting a gap on the ever-persistent Swans. The tenacity paid off when Brett Owen kicked from 30 metres out to again pick the Swans off the deck and give them a stiff of their first victory of the season.

At the final break Toscan urged his players to keep up the running game they had used to great effect so far. ''We had all of the momentum, we just had to keep it going and going into the last quarter we were down by less than two kicks,' he said. "We had a couple of chances that went begging, but we had to play on quick, that's the way I have told them to play, we had to roll the dice because the longer we hold up the ball the more we are out of the game." Despite not having enough decent chances on goal in the last quarter, Toscan paid tribute to his back line, saying their performance were a marked improvement over the first-round effort against Narrandera."

The pleasing thing is I don't think we coughed up any goal chances. Last week we gave away about five goals, while this week I can't think of anything really glaring that led them to scoring," he said. "We worked really hard on that (scrambling at the back) during the week."

(By Scott Hazlewood - The Area News, Monday April 21, 2008). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Eastern Hawks 6.9 (45) def by Wagga 19.12 (126), Mangoplah-CUE 10.10 (70) def by Turvey Park 14.8 (92), North Wagga 4.5 (29) def by Ganmain-GGM 26.18 (174); SUN: Leeton-Whitton 9.9 (63) def by Narrandera 12.12 (84).

Reserves: Coolamon 19.13 (128) def Griffith 1.8 (14) 
Goals: A Potroz
Best players: C McGann, L Piccolo, D Keenan, M Keenan, D Pasin, L Catanzariti
Under 18: Griffith 15.16 (106) def Coolamon 2.4 (16)
Goals: T Bottcher 3, S Wood 2, H Shaw 2, M Vittuci 2, B Jaffrey, S Gilbert, G Snaidero, J Wade, J Tyrell, B Hutchinson 
Best players: S Gilbert, G Snaidero, S Wood, J Corbett, T Bottcher, J Wade

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