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Round 17 - Sunday August 20, 2006
Riverina Football League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Tim Beard, Simon Harrison and Paul Smith (RUA)
Griffith .......... 5.2 .. 11.3 .. 16.5 .. 20.8 (128)
Coolamon ..... 3.4 .. 6.11 .. 9.14 .. 15.15 (105)

GRIFFITH: Roger Heenan, Matt Bunn, Glenn Vaccari; Nathan Petersen-Gray, Sam Hickleton, Daniel Best; Dean Crack, Michael Duncan, Ben Ford; Daniel Meade, Josh Ward, James Toscan; Craig Conlan, Gary Argus, Graham Foley; Jeff Micken, Luke McLean (c-c), Matthew McDonald; Joel Brown, Jeff Harris, Brendan Giason
COOLAMON ROVERS: Brendan McPherson, Francis Furner, Stephen Bartholomew; Mitch Robinson, Nathan Edyvean, Ryan Bartholomew; Simon Drum, Luke Maloney, Adam McKenzie; Ryan Maslin, Paul McKelvie, Edward Edis; Hamish Dyce, Matt Hard, Jacob McPherson; Ben Edyvean, Leigh Drum, Brian Munro; Daniel Crocker, Scott Martin, David Smith
Griffith: G Argus 6, C Conlan 3, M Duncan 3, J Ward 2, M McDonald 2, D Crack 2, J Mickan, L McLean 
Coolamon: A McKenzie 3, D Crocker 3, P McKelvie 2, S Drum 2, R Bartholomew, J McPherson, L Drum, E Edis, B Munro 
Griffith: N Petersen-Gray, M Duncan, Matt Bunn, J Mickan, C Conlan, D Best
Coolamon: S Drum, F Furner, M Hard, S Martin, P McKelvie, D Crocker
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans still remain in finals contention after a solid 23-point victory against Coolamon at Exies Oval yesterday.

The win was the Swans' first in five rounds. It leaves the side in fifth spot and gives them a genuine chance of making the post season.

"It good to get the monkey off our backs ... and it was more of the same but still a bit patchy," captain-coach Luke McLean said.

The Swans built a comfortably 32-point lead at half-time and managed to keep a struggling Coolamon unit at bay for the rest of the match. McLean said he trialed a new coaching method for yesterday's game that involved breaking the match down into four "mini games" in an effort to make his team focus on the task at hand.  "I tried to break it into four different games, and we aimed to win each of those games,' he said. "I think it keeps it pretty simple as it doesn't allow you to worry about things that are too far ahead."

McLean praised the performances yesterday of Swans' NSW Country representatives Mick Duncan and Nathan Petersen-Gray.

 (The Area News - Monday August 21, 2006).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 6.10 (46) def by Turvey Park 13.17 (95), SUN: Ganmain-GGM 23.14 (152) def Eastern Hawks 13.10 (88), Leeton-Whitton 17.14 (116) def by Narrandera 23.11 (149) 

Reserves: Coolamon 10.7 (67) def Griffith 8.18 (66)
Goals: T Wilson 2, A Gardner 2, W Tyndall 2, C Lugton 2
Best players: Chris Conlan, D Milani, N Campbell, N Kite, C Lugton, M Harris
Under 18: Griffith 16.14 (110) def Coolamon 4.7 (31)
Goals: J Tyrell 3, L Piccolo 2, S Curran 2, T Harrington, K Hicken, J Gastin, J Fallon, J Smith, A Baker, M Tyndall, D McGreal, C McGann
Best players: A Baker, J Tyrell, L Piccolo, J Fallon, J Iemma

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