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Round 2 - Saturday April 21, 2012
Riverina Fooball Netball League
Venue: Leeton Showground 2.10pm 
Umpires: Rob Neighbour, Mark Rowe and Brian Robinson (RUA)
Leeton-Whitton .... 3.7 .. 9.10 .. 15.14 .. 19.20 (134)
Griffith .................... 2.2 .. 4.6 .. 7.9 .. 8.12 (60) 

LEETON-WHITTON: Kabe Stockton, Craig Townsend, Jamie Broadbent; Jonathon Spina, Jarrod Gornall, Daniel Sullivan; Reece Maguire, Ben Curley, Matthew Irvin; Brady Dunn, Brad Boots, Will Overs; Grant Commins, Joshua King, Ben Evans; Calum Garvey, Bryce O'Garey, Sean Browning; Sam Hills, Matthew Flagg, David Elwin
GRIFFITH: Royce Johns, Matthew Noonan, Tom West; John Evans, Andrew Hawkins, Che Jenkins; Rick Daniher, Michael Duncan, Jonathon Gastin; Toby Blissett, James Toscan, Kris Duncan; Tom Webb, Jethro Calma-Holt, Dean Crack; Matthew Hogan, James Fallon, Guy Orton (c-c); Jesse Ryan, Fletcher Josling*, Matthew Griffin

Leeton-Whitton: G Commins 5, W Overs 3, B Evans 2, B Dunn 2, B Curley, R Maguire, M Irvin, B O'Garey, C Garvey,

B Boots, S Hills, K Stockton 
Griffith: D Crack 4, J Calma-Holt, J Gastin, M Duncan, K Duncan
Leeton-Whitton: W Overs, B O'Garey, J Spina, J Gornall, G Commins, S Browning
Griffith: G Orton, D Crack, C Jenkins, J Evans, M Noonan, T West
SENIOR DEBUT: Fletcher Josling
A summary of match report, with thanks

The Griffith Swans have continued their below average start to the Riverina Football League season, after being thrashed by 74-points by arch-rival the Leeton-Whittton Crows on Saturday. While the year is only two weeks old, Griffith has already suffered losses of 54 points last weekend against Narrandera and now 74 against a rampant Crows outfit. Leeton-Whitton lived up to the hype surrounding it at the start of the season, with slick ball moments and solid options at stoppages proving too much for the Swans.

A despondent Griffith Swans coach Guy Orton said the Crows’ decision making and ability to convert meant his side were always under pressure after the first quarter. “We were just beaten everywhere around the ground, and we were missing targets for most of the game as well,”Orton said. “And they’re a really well-drilled side, so like what I saw last weekend, they just didn’t miss a target.” 
The home side grabbed an 11-point lead at the end of the first quarter, before blowing the game open with a 6.3 second term as Griffith was only able to kick two goals. From there the margin continued to blow out as the Crows kicked six goals in the third term to put the game out of reach for their RFL neighbours. 
Orton said the side’s younger brigade shone. “A couple of matchups did work well on the day, John Evans had a good game against Brad Boots, “he said. “Some of the younger guys played well – Fletcher Josling, Tom West and Dean Crack was very good for us in kicking four goals and applying pressure all game just like I asked of him.

Our backline was very solid all game, they all worked hard to keep us in it, so it’s hard to see how it got to that score in the end.

“The team we had last year is totally different to the one we’ve got this year, so we have to go back to the drawing board and work with the cattle we’ve got this year. 
In a boost for Griffith, forward Jethro Calma-Holt recovered from a calf strain to play and kick a single goal, but multiple goals to Leeton-Whitton’s Grant Commins (five), Will Overs (three) and Ben Evans and Brady Dunn (two) have proved too much.

(Scott Hazlewood – The Area News, Monday April 23, 2012). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Narrandera 20.14 (134) def Collingullie-AK 12.12 (84); SUN: Coolamon 12.12 (85) def by Wagga 16.14 (110), Turvey Park 9.9 (63) def by Ganmain-GGM 27.18 (180); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Leeton-Whitton 21.13 (139) def Griffith 1.4 (10)
Goals: C Moore
Best players: N King, C Boye, D Peruzzi, J Tyndall, C Harrison
Under 17: Leeton-Whitton 15.7 (97) def Griffith 8.12 (60)

Goals: T Shannon 3, D Cassidy 2, B Moore, J Burley, N Witherspoon
Best players: J Gordon, A Blissett, L Peruzzi, D Cassidy

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