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 2018 SEASON 
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Round 1 - Saturday April 21, 2018
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 6.10pm
Umpires: Rob Johnston and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Griffith ............. 7.0 .. 11.6 .. 14.9 .. 24.11 (155)
Narrandera .... 1.3 .. 3.5 .. 5.7 .. 6.10 (46)

GRIFFITH: Dean Catanzariti, James Taylor, Daniel Peruzzi; Guy Orton, James Toscan, Will Griggs (c-c); Isaac Campbell *, Jordan Iudica, Reece Matheson; Nick Witherspoon *, Lucas Conlan, Theo Valeri; Ben King, Charlie Cunial, Toby Blissett; Riley Irvin, Heath Northey, Sam Foley; Jonathon Gastin, Daniel Andreazza, Sam Daniel, John Evans
NARRANDERA IMPERIAL: Brian Cummins, Jacob Anderson, Shaun Quilter; Cooper Irons, Damien Williams jnr., Tom Savage; Joe Grinter, Matthew Renet, Jarrod O'Brien; Tyler Webster, Dale Quilter, Corey Baxter; Jack Grintell, Josh Bennett, Stephen Irons; Jarred Lane (c-c), Blake Renet, D'Andre Williams; Matthew Dillon, Joel Maniscalco, Hainsworth Cock, Will Jacobson
Griffith: Theo Valeri 4, S Daniel 4, L Conlan 3, B King 2, C Cunial 2, H Northey 2, R Irvin, R Matheson, D Andreazza, G Orton,

J Iudica, T Blissett, D Peruzzi
Narrandera: J Bennett 3, C Baxter, S Irons, D'Andre Williams 
Griffith: J Iudica, Theo Valeri, T Blissett, J Taylor, B King, G Orton
Narrandera: C Baxter, J Grinter, J Maniscalco, M Renet, S Irons, D'Andre Williams 
SENIOR DEBUT: Isaac Campbell, Nick Witherspoon

A summary of match report, with thanks

THE Griffith Swans have put down a marker with their first game of the season after a convincing win over Narrandera under lights at Exies Oval on Saturday. In a commanding final term where the Swans kicked 10 goals which saw them come away with a massive 24.11 (155) to 6.10 (46) win. It was a tireless effort from his side which pleased coach Will Griggs the most. "Definitely didn't expect a scoreline like that but I couldn't be prouder of the effort," he said. "We thought we were in pretty good stead and from the start, we backed our young blokes, and we knew we were going to run over the top of them, and I think that showed. "We started like a bull in a china shop straight out of the gate and just kept the ball rolling really. Our young blokes and first gamers were terrific, and I couldn't be prouder of them." Griggs praised his defenders for their work in getting the side moving forward while also restricting Narrandera to just six goals. "Our backline was sensational," he said. "We set about not wanting them to kick more than two goals in a quarter, and I don't think they did that. I think in the second quarter they kicked two, and that was it, and we were pretty disappointed with that, to be honest." Griggs was quick to point out the performance of his young ruckman as the one who really stood tall. "Riley Irvin was sensational," he said. "We threw him in the deep end really he wasn't ready for the ruck he had never played there, but we were a bit low on the tall stocks, so we chucked him in there. "He is one of the fittest at the club and most athletic, and as a ruckman, you can't ask for much more than that." Griggs was also pleased to report that his side had a clean bill of health after the game and the side will now look ahead to a trip to Ganmain next weekend. "It just shows that we are match fit," he said. "We pulled up very well so once we do recovery, we should be fully fit and ready for next week too, so the selection is going to be pretty tough after a 109-point win. (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday April 23, 2018).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 8.7 (55) def by Collingullie-GP 17.20 (122), Mangoplah-CUE 13.4 (82) def Ganmain-GGM 3.10 (28), Turvey Park 12.9 (81) def Coolamon 12.5 (77); Wagga, bye.


Reserves: Griffith 17.16 (118) def Narrandera 5.1 (31)
Goals: L Killalea 3, K Duncan 3, T Argus 3, M Peruzzi 2, R Johns, C Harrison, K Hume, R Patey, J Ryan, J Villata
Best Players: R Johns, B Chambers, J Burley, T Argus, C Harrison, J Villata
Under 17.5's: Griffith 17.10 (112) def Narrandera  6.8 (44)
Goals: D Bennett 6, T Beitaki 3, G Rovere 2, C Thompson-Gardner 2, C Bock, K Spencer, O Herrmann, T Baker
Best Players: B Jamieson, J Paton, D Bennett, T Beitaki, I Testoni, O Herrmann

Netball - A grade: Griffith 44 d Narrandera 36; A reserve: Narrandera 35 d Griffith 31; B grade: Narrandera 34 d Griffith 25; C grade: Griffith 26 d Narrandera 13; Under 17's: Griffith 50 d Narrandera 14.

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