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Grand Final - Sunday September 21, 2003
Riverina Football League. Gate: $19,860
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground 2.30pm
Umpires: Brett McDonald, Tim Beard and Duncan Potts (RUA)
Griffith ................ 4.3 .. 10.6 .. 14.14 .. 20.20 (140)
Turvey Park ...... 4.6 .. 7.8 .. 7.11 .. 9.13 (67)

GRIFFITH: Myles Bunn, Jonathon O'Dwyer (v-c), Ben Wade; Kaine Malone, Brendan Giason, Matt Bunn; Trevor Clarke, Phillip Rowston, Anthony Greely; Matthew McDonald, Matthew Olney, Cian Ebert (coach); Michael Duncan, Jason Vant, Craig Conlan; David Curran, Rodney Duncan (capt), Jamie Bennett; Jeff Mickan, Damien Scott, Ben Ford, Rodney Simpkin
TURVEY PARK: Ben Rodham, Jeff Fletcher, Nathan Clarke; Michael Wheatley, Ben Brown, Anthony Craig; Dane Campbell, Jeremy Masterson (coach), Blair Campbell (capt); Mitch Daniher, Chris Cerato, Adrian Dowdle; Andrew Loughman, Warren Sykes, Brett Daniher; Michael Wilson, Matt Bailey, Matthew Carroll; Truman Carroll, Cameron Barker, Simon Nimmo, Jake Whitty
M Duncan 4, M McDonald 3, J Vant 3, A Greely 3, C Ebert 3, C Conlan, J Bennett, D Curran, P Rowston
Turvey Park: C Cerato 2, W Sykes 2, M Daniher 2, T Carroll, S Nimmo, B Daniher
Griffith: A Greely, Matt Bunn, M McDonald, J O'Dwyer, Myles Bunn, D Curran, P Rowston
Turvey Park: J Fletcher, M Bailey, D Campbell, M Carroll, M Wheatley
A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith ended 35 years of anguish with a stunning 73 points demolition of nemesis Turvey Park in the Riverina Football League decided at Narrandera Sportsground yesterday. Putting a series of embarrassing grand final disappointments behind them, the Swans blew their opponent’s away in the third quarter to deliver the club’s faithful what they have been chasing since 1968.
Half-forward Anthony Greely was outstanding in taking out the Ron Hutchins medal. He proved a constant threat with three goals and formed a lethal attack alongside Jason Vant, Cian Ebert and Matt McDonald. Defender Jon O’Dwyer, originally from Barooga, was solid rock in defence, linking up superbly with Matt & Myles Bunn and Phil Rowston.
O’Dwyer said the victory ended years of heartbreak for the Swans. “We put a process into place and the rest looked after itself,” O’Dwyer said. “It’s a sensational feeling. I was a bit stressed earlier in the week when I saw we were playing Turvey Park, but we had a fantastic training run on Wednesday night and things really came on together well. The win is fantastic for all the people who have been waiting so long for this day. It’s a great day.”
Turvey Park kicked with the breeze in the opening term but struggled to apply scoreboard pressure and only led by three points at the first change. Dane Campbell, Matt Carroll and Matt Bailey won their share of the ball and Michael Wheatley cut an imposing figure, repelling many attacks from defence. Griffith started to take control in the second term with its height advantage and went into half time with a 17-point buffer thanks to Greely, Myles and Matt Bunn. The real damage was done in the third quarter.

The Swans kicked four goals to none and continued Turvey Park’s anguish in the final term with another six goals to two.
Turvey Park’s two major attacking weapons of Warren Sykes and Chris Cerato could only manage four goals between them.

“The third quarter was unbelievable,” O’Dwyer said. “We kept driving the ball forward and got the rewards. The players have had confidence in each other all season and it showed out today. Cian (Ebert) has done a terrific job as coach and it’s a great credit to him.”

 O’Dwyer will be returning to the Murray League next season and could not have departed Griffith on better terms.

(Border Mail – Monday September 22, 2003)  

Mangoplah-CUE .... 1.4 .. 1.6 .. 2.7 .. 6.8 (44)
Coolamon .............. 1.2 .. 4.7 .. 6.8 .. 10.10 (70)

Goals - Mangoplah-CUE: R Collins 2, M Deacon, S Rynehart, J Smith, A Shephard
Coolamon: T Moodie 3, S Martin 2, A McKenzie 2, C Parr, D Crocker
Best players - Mangoplah-CUE: L Kendall, D Martin, J Bourne, D Willis, P Treloar, R Collins
Coolamon: A McKenzie (Ryan-Stuart medal), S Martin, F Furner, M Suidgeest, H Dyce
Mangoplah-CUE:- David Willis, Peter Treloar, Stephen Johnson; Garth Smith, Daniel Roberts, Jeremy Smith; Luke Kendall; Wayne Smith, Matt Deacon, Brad Patterson; Rick Collins (c-c), Syd Rynehart, Mark Sanbrook; Damien Martin, Danny Galvin, William Lloyd; Adam Shephard, Josh Bourne
Coolamon Rovers:- Matthew Dennis, Mathew Cameron, Mathew McKinley; Oliver Breust, Scott Bradley, Francis Furner; Anthony Breust; Adam McKenzie, Hamish Dyce, Jason Mattingly; Justin Graham, Tim Moodie, Scott Martin; Ben Edyvean, Josh Moncrief, Michael Suidgeest; Paul Thorneycroft, Daniel Crocker, Cecil Parr, Jeremy Crocker
Umpires: Scott Crowley, Peter Hughes and Paul Guthrie (RUA)


Under 18
Leeton-Whitton .... 2.5 .. 7.8 .. 12.12 .. 13.14 (92)
Turvey Park .......... 0.2 .. 3.5 .. 5.8 .. 8.13 (61)

Goals - Leeton-Whitton: D Dunscombe 5, M Heaslip 2, D Symes 2, C Curry, B Guest, F Innelli, B Arnold
Turvey Park: B Killalea 3, M Malone 2, J Hoey, J Elliott, M Burns
Best players - Leeton-Whitton: Drew Dunscombe (Kohlhagen medal), M Heaslip, B Guest, B Hamilton, P Davies, A Howe
Turvey Park: M McIntosh, B Walker, C Richards, A McIntosh, T Giltrap
Umpires: Tom McDonald, Greg Walsh and Craig Wilson (RUA)

Netball: - A grade: Turvey Park 55 d Griffith 40; B grade: Turvey Park d Coolamon; C grade: Coolamon 27 d Griffith 26; Juniors U15's: Griffith 23 d Coolamon 6  

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