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Round 3 - Saturday April 28, 2007
Riverina Football League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 5.00pm
Umpires: ----
Griffith .......... 6.5 .. 9.7 .. 12.12 .. 13.12 (90)
Coolamon .... 2.4 .. 5.8 .. 11.11 .. 15.15 (105)

GRIFFITH: Ben Ford, Roger Heenan, Dean Jamieson; Mathew Crack, Jason Malone, Jarred Wilson; Joel Brown, Michael Duncan, Matthew Kenny; Craig Conlan, Jeff Mickan, Daniel Meade; Zach Lewis, James Toscan, Ryan Bull*; Brock Harrison, Luke McLean (c-c), Matthew McDonald; Graham Foley, Peter Hunt, Dean Crack
COOLAMON ROVERS: Stephen Bartholomew, Tim Byrnes, Ryan Lilly; Scott Martin, Nathan Edyvean, Mitch Robinson; Luke Maloney, Simon Drum, Matt Saunders; Bryan Munro, Ben Edyvean, Ryan Maslin; Ryan Bartholomew, Brendan McKelvie, Jacob McPherson; Sam Keenan (c-c), Connor Neyland, Edward Edis; Leigh Drum, Brett Garrett, Josh Moncrieff
Griffith: Z Lewis 3, M Duncan 3, G Foley 2, J Wilson, R Bull, C Conlan, D Crack, J Toscan
Coolamon: B McKelvie 3, E Edis 3, S Drum 2, B Edyvean 2, C Neyland, R Bartholomew, B Garrett, M Saunders, L Maloney
Griffith: M Crack, J Malone, P Hunt, Z Lewis, D Crack
Coolamon: S Keenan, S Drum, B Edyvean, R Bartholomew, E Edis, N Edyvean

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans have slumped to their second-straight loss, going down to Coolamon by 15 points at the Exies Oval on Saturday night.

The Swans were mowed down in the second half after opening up a commanding 23-point lead at half-time. New recruit Zach Lewis and Mick Duncan both kicked three goals for the home side, while Coolamon's powerhouse full-forward Brendan McKelvie booted three for the visitors. McKelvie was well marked by Peter Hunt and wasn't able to repeat his recent exploits in front of goal which saw him land 17 goals for the Hoppers in the first two rounds.

Griffith captain-coach Luke McLean said the Swans had their chances to put the game beyond doubt after the main break. "They kicked six goals in the third term against the wind and we were chasing our tails a bit in the final quarter," McLean said. "I thought at half-time we had four or five set shots in the third quarter, and we played a pretty good brand of footy."

The Swans were thrown into chaos in the second half when they lost full-back Roger Heenan (hamstring) and ruckman Brock Harrison (corked leg) to injuries, but McLean didn't offer that as an excuse to their capitulation. "Over the next couple of weeks, we've got to win some of those games where some haven't given us a chance," he said. "We've got to try and finish off our games and I think we could get a fair bit of confidence from getting a close win. "I think there's just a bit of self-doubt when those games are tight.

The Swans reserve grade and under 18's continued their hot form, beating the Hoppers by 13 points and 118 points respectively. Brent Harrison kicked five goals and Andrew Cappello was best on ground. (By Will Gilroy - The Area News, Monday April 30, 2007).


OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 6.12 (48) def by Wagga Tigers 30.19 (199), Narrandera 21.18 (144) def Turvey Park 13.12 (90); SUN: Leeton-Whitton 6.6 (42) def by Ganmain-GGM 18.15 (123); Eastern Hawks, bye. 

Reserves: Griffith 13.4 (82) def Coolamon 10.9 (69)
Goals: B Harrison 5, G Sibbick 2, B Hicken 2, C Lugton, C Forwood, P Rowston, J Gastin
Best players: A Cappello, C Lugton, B Woolner, P Rowston, B Harrison
Under 18: Griffith 23.21 (159) def Coolamon 6.5 (41)
Goals: M Tyndall 8, J Iemma 4, L Piccolo 2, S Curran 2, D Keenan 2, J Tyrell 2, J Geddes, T Bottcher, J Fallon
Best players: I Iemma, M Tyndall, J Fallon, J Geddes, S Curran, C Harrison

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