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Round 18 - Saturday August 23, 2014
Riverina Football Netball League 
Venue: Crossroads Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Tim Beard and David Barnes (RUA)
Collingullie-AK .... 2.9 .. 6.12 .. 12.17 .. 17.18 (120)
Griffith .................. 1.1 .. 1.2 .. 2.3 .. 4.7 (31) 
Joe Banks, Geoff Spriggs, Matt Lewington; Daniel Kennedy, Kallum Sykes, Brad Aiken; Brenton Loudon, Jayden Klemke, Nick Perryman; Matt Beckmans, Josh Meiselbach, Nick Kennedy; Chris Gow, Brent Arho, Daniel Frawley; Nathan Fuller, Chris Gordon, James Kennedy; Tom Byrnes, Lachlan Moore, Harry Perryman, Jack Turnbull
GRIFFITH: Ben McRae, Richard Malone, Tom Webb; Fletcher Josling, James Taylor, Jonathon Gastin; Kieran Hume, James Toscan, Daniel Peruzzi; James Fallon, Trevor Richards, Ryan Bulluss; Michael Duncan, Josh Hamilton, Dean Crack; Michael Griffiths, Guy Orton, Tim Matheson; Charlie Cunial, Luke Peruzzi, Luke Shannon, Dean Villata
Collingullie-AK: B Arho 4, C Gow 2, J Meiselbach 2, B Aiken 2, J Klemke 2, J Turnbull, M Beckmans,
N Perryman,

N Fuller, T Byrnes
Griffith: J Hamilton, L Shannon, J Taylor, D Crack
Collingullie-AK: K Sykes, G Spriggs, B Aiken, D Kennedy, M Beckmans, D Frawley
Griffith: T Matheson, G Orton, R Malone, T Webb, D Peruzzi

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith Swans coach Brandon Mathews says Collingullie-AK is the team to beat for this season’s Riverina Football League premiership after the Demons flogged his side by 89 points at Crossroads Oval on Saturday. With his team out of finals contention, Matthews was hoping for a competitive effort against the title favourites so the Swans could finish the season on a high. But the Demons were in a merciless mood and piled on 17 goals to demoralise the Swans, who couldn’t keep pace with the competition benchmark.

Given the ruthlessness of the performance he witnessed, Mathews didn’t hesitate to label Collingullie-AK the best team in the league. “We got flogged by clearly a better side. That’s what it comes down to in the end,” Mathews said. “They’re the most even side in the competition. Everyone on the park has a go, the whole 22. “They’re just that well-drilled that everyone knows what they’re doing.

“I think they’re the best side in it by far and that we weren’t good enough to go with them.” 
But Mathews said the Swans didn’t do themselves any favours on Saturday. While the bench was reduced to two half-fit players after the main break, Mathews admitted the Swans’ effort was lacking. “I wouldn’t say the cue was in the rack, but it was certainly on the way to being put there,” he said. “Probably after half-time a bit of self-preservation kicked in with some of the boys.

“They probably didn’t stop trying, but we wanted to finish the year strong and ended up going away from what worked for us.” 
While the Swans’ senior side has played its last game of the season, the club’s reserve grade and under 17s teams are still in the hunt for premierships. The Swans reserve graders finished the season in fifth and will play Mangoplah-CUE in a knockout semi-final on Saturday.

In the under 17s, the Swans finished third and will battle Wagga in their play-off match.

(By Andrew Piva – The Area News, Monday August 25, 2014). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Coolamon 19.15 (129) def Leeton-Whitton 10.4 (64), Narrandera 13.9 (87) def by Wagga 22.25 (151), Turvey Park 8.5 (53) def by Mangoplah-CUE 17.5 (107); Ganmain-GGM, bye. 

Reserves: Griffith 9.2 (56) def Collingullie-AK 6.13 (49)
Goals: T Howard 2, D Dunbar, T Shannon, K Duncan, A Cappello, S McCanna, P Whittard, G Argus
Best Players: T Shannon, M Johns, K Duncan, J Keenan, B Tarr, A Cappello
Under 17: Griffith 13.15 (93) def Collingullie-AK 2.2 (14)
Goals: W Dalton 2, D Camm 2, T Argus 2, B French, R Holland, K Ruyg, N Richards, D McKenzie, C Cunial, D Villata
Best Players: B French, N Richards, R Holland, K Ruyg, D Villata, D McKenzie

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