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Mothball Now For Griffith First 18


One essential in Australian Rules football is not only to pass the ball accurately to team-mates around the ground but also to show the same accuracy when in range of goals to get a match-winning score.

The Griffith senior 18 failed to carry out the latter is the reason why they lost their semi-final at Whitton on Sunday when defeated by Narrandera 12/9 (81) to 9/18 (72).

Another reason was that their opponents did control their shots at goal and, though Narrandera had six less shots, whey were able to go on and win by 9 points.

Played in perfect spring sunshine and watched by a big crowd that paid £603 in gate money, the staging of the game proved a triumph for Whitton club officials.

The efficiency in despersing the many vehicles, appointments for public and officials, and the preparations of the ground were all satisfactory.

Characteristic of semi-final football, the game proved an attractive, bruising and bitter struggle and the big crowd responded.

However, specators failed always to agree with the decisions of umpire Walsh, who, after an early excellent showing, confused and confounded as the game reached its fiery climax in the final quarter.

Narrandera's win was based on their ability to capitalise on their scoring chances.

Generally they were out-paced and out-marked by Griffith but the monotonous string of singles and clearcut misses by Griffirth allowed Narrandera to steal a deserved 9-points win.

Trailing by 6 points on the last crossover after Griffith had converted a 14-points deficit into a clear goal lead with a great display of match-winning football.

Narrandera cemented their path to victory at the start of the final quarter.

Swinging full forward Kerry Podmore into the ruck after he had early kicked three goals. Podmore temporarily swung ruck control from Griffith's Bill Biron, who proved to be the outstanding ruckman of the day.

With Podmore winning the central bounces, Narrandera flooded forward for rover-captain Bruce Waters to kick two brilliant goals.

A third major followed from Gil Botten and in three minutes Narrandera jumped from 6 points down to 12 points in front.

Gil Botten supplied a further major later, and the Imperials were in a position to answer any Griffith challenge.

Vic Hathaway and Len Sexton led the challenge in answer by Griffith, but again their forwards lacking dirction in kicking 1/4 to Narrandera's 4/1.

For the winners Bruce Waters proved their star.

His two brilliant goals swung a laging Narrandera and his persistent roving had a steadying and damaging effect.

Defender Bruce Rava and winger Cedric Briggs knitted a strong pattern in the Narrandera game, with Rava particularly effective when Griffith were on top in the first and third quarters.

Kerry Podmore's three goals and Kevin Male's two topped off their sure-footed forward division, whilst their team-mates down field joined to allow them the opportunities to do so.

A great final term from Jim Bean assisted Narrandera in their fight to hold out a determined Griffith.

Vic Hathaway and Bill Biron proved Griffith's best players.

Both marked steadily and attractively all around the ground, whilst Biron's ruck control was his best for the season.

In defence Frank Conlan and Bob Carroll together fractured many Narrandera attacks.

However, Carroll shaded his effort with the overuse of man tactics, which several times assisted Narrandera advance upfield.

Forward flanker Ray Davies and wingers Don Best and John Bortolazzo also contributed their share.

Best was the more attractive of the trio, being in turn a cool defender and a driving attacker.

Shockingly neglected by umpire Walsh as he received undue attention from his Imperial opponent, Len Sexton nonetheless fought to be one of Griffith's best players.

Goal kickers for Narrandera: Podmore 3, Waters 2, Male 2, Bloomfield 2, Botten 2, Osmond; for Griffith: Hathaway 3, Spears 2, Biron 2, Eley 1, Sexton 1.

(The Area News - Tuesday, August 29, 1961)


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