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Round 7 - Saturday May 28, 2022
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue:  Robertson Oval

Umpires: Tony O'Halloran and Rob Johnston (AUL).
Wagga Tigers .......... 5.9 .. 11.12 .. 15.14 .. 23.15 (153) 
Griffith ..................... 0.1 .. 0.5 .. 2.7 .. 2.8 (20)

WAGGA TIGERS: Isaac Bennett, Lewis Waters, Cayleb Dunne-Angus; Ash Bennett, Murray Stephenson (c-c), C Wadley; Josh Staines, Jock Cornell, Jeremy Lucas; Iggy Lyons, Brady Morton, Patrick Ryan; Ben Gould, Cooper Pavitt, Brayden Bingham; Tom McCoullough, Shaun Flanigan, Jesse Manton; Will Morley, Josh Larwood, Hainworth Cock.
GRIFFITH: James Nancarrow, Sam Foley, Michael Agnew; Charlie Cunial Jamie Best, Jay Summers; Nicholas Conlan, Reece Matheson, Mason Rosengreen; Jordan Whitworth, James Toscan, Kahlan Spencer; Angus Brown, Darcy McDermott, James Girdler; Nathan Richards, Jack Rowston (capt), Taine Moraschi; Ryan Best, Conner Bock, Lachlan Wallace.
Wagga Tigers: C Pavitt 5, B Morton 4, M Stephenson 4, J Manton 2, C Wadley 2, S Flanigan, B Gould, J Cornell, J Larwood, T McCoullough, I Lyons
Griffith: K Spencer, J Nancarrow
Wagga Tigers: J Cornell, M Stephenson, S Flanigan, T McCoullough, J Manton, C Pavitt
Griffith: J Girdler, J Best, S Foley, D McDermott, J Nancarrow, T Moraschi

A summary of match report, with thanks
Wagga Tigers are finally off the mark for the year after they took out some early season frustration on Griffith in a 23.15 (153) to 2.8 (20) belting at Robertson Oval on Saturday. After losing their first five games, including tight ones against Narrandera (four points) and Coolamon (six), the Tigers could not afford to lose at home against the Swans. The result was never in doubt from the onset, with the Tigers pilling on 11 unanswered goals in the first half. Griffith's only two goals came in the third quarter, and they have plenty of work to do given their only victory was against winless Leeton-Whitton. "Today we played good footy but we're not getting carried away," Tigers coach Murray Stephenson said. "It's not the position we want to be in, but we took a step in the right direction."We tried a few different players down back doing different rolls and being comfortable doing different things." (Jon Tuxworth - The Daily Advertiser, Monday May 30, 2022).


The Griffith Swans played an away fixture with Wagga Tigers at Robertson Oval, a typical Wagga venue, extremely neat and tidy but almost soleless, last Saturday. The lack of atmosphere, no passion among the players or spectators may have something to do with end result but I'll leave that your own imagination. The home team cruised to an utterly effortless victory like it was a picnic in the park for them whereas our Swans was curiously flat; nothing like what had I witnessed in previous games. Even though we were overwhelmed by a Tigers team that would sweep any opposition off their feet on this form, even though the more the boys tried the more hopeless the position became, at least they never gave up trying. I would like to point out that when a team is losing, the game becomes ten times harder to play and correspondingly takes out ten times as much energy. So even though all Supporters will feel downcast about the result, spare a thought for the players and coaching staff who feel the defeat more keenly. 

OTHERS MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-GP 12.7 (79) def Mangoplah-CUE 7.9 (51), Coolamon Rovers 17.23 (125) def Leeton-Whitton 0.3 (3), Turvey Park 8.6 (54) def by Ganmain-GGM 9.16 (70); Narrandera, bye 
Reserves: Wagga Tigers 14.9 (93) def Griffith 8.7 (55) 
Goals: N Witherspoon, J Neyland, R Marando, D Crack, M Bennett, K Ruyg, S Daniel, A Ray
Best players: J Crowe, J Neyland, C Harrison, R Malone, D Crack, N Witherspoon
Under 17.5:  Griffith 13.11 (89) def Wagga Tigers 8.9 (57)
Goals: T Bartter 4, B Evans 4, B Morrissey 4, O Bartter
Best players: Oliver Bartter, Jack Neyland, Billy Evans, Broden Spencer, Tom Bartter, Richie Spencer
NETBALL vs Wagga Tigers - A Grade: lost 45-25, A Reserve: won 40-45, B Grade: lost 37-33, C Grade: lost 47-23, U17: won 14-39.