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Round 2 - Saturday April 29, 2017
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Kindra Park 2.10pm
Umpires: Ryan Dedini, Robert Apted and Brian Robinson (RUA)
Coolamon ...... 4.2 .. 6.5 .. 7.8 .. 9.9 (63)
Griffith ........... 3.5 .. 5.10 .. 8.12 .. 12.15 (87)

COOLAMON ROVERS: Tim Garrett, Joe Redfern, Michael Dunn; Mitch Stephenson, Will Graetz, Marshal Macauley; Steven Senior, Hayden Bradley, Jack Munkara; Matt McGowan, Roy Kantilla, Mitchell McKelvie; Luke Redfern, Ben Edyvern, Sam Clyde; Tyler Owens, Jamie Maddox, Ben Alexander; Nick Curran, Bryan Munro, Benson Ochieng, Ben Fixter
GRIFFITH: Daniel Peruzzi, Ashley Verhagen, Sam Daniel; Jondan Iudica, Jacob Conlan, Guy Orton; Toby Blissett, Heath Northey, Sam Foley; Angus Coldwell, Casey Moore, Jonathon Gastin; Michael Duncan, Brent Arho, Ben Tarr; James Toscan (c), Will Griggs, Ben King; Richard Malone, Luke Shannon, Dean Crack, Tyler Bruns
Coolamon: R Kantilla 5, M McKelvie 3, B Edyvean
Griffith: B Arho 4, J Gastin 2, W Griggs 2, T Bruns, L Shannon, J Toscan, M Duncan
Coolamon: M McKelvie, M McGowan, B Alexander, W Graetz, M Macauley, T Garrett
Griffith: B King, W Griggs, J Iudica, C Moore, H Northey, M Duncan
A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans responded strongly to their opening round defeat with an important win on the road against Coolamon on Saturday.

The Swans got better as the game went on and proved too strong for the Hoppers on their home deck, running out winners 12.15 (87) to 9.9 (63) at Kindra Park. Little separated the two teams early and Coolmon led for the majority of the first half before two late goals gave Griffith a two-point lead at the main break. The Swans than broke the game open and booted five unanswered goals either side of three-quarter time to establish a match-winning lead. Will Griggs, Mick Duncan, Ben King and Jordan Iudica all ran amok through the middle of the ground as the Swans ran out resounding winners.
After an opening round loss at home to Leeton-Whitton, Griffith coach Adrian Pavese was thrilled to come away with the four points from Coolamon. "Absolutely, it's always tough over here," Pavese said. "It was a good grinding win, too. I was really pleased just that we weren't at our best early, and probably weren't at our best at the end, but we still found a way to find avenues to goal. It was good." Griffith full-forward Brent Arho finished with four goals but had his chances to have an even bigger day, booting five behinds.

Joe Redfern was winning against Arho but was then swung forward late in the second quarter as the Hoppers searched for avenues to goal. Roy Kantilla finished with five goals for Coolamon and took his chances when they presented. Mitch McKelvie never gave up for the Hoppers and was the Hoppers best, also booting three goals.

For Griffith, their ball movement was impressive. It often started from half-back, and they went back through the middle of the ground with ease often.  Pavese expects it only to get better. "It's just those little errors that let us down a little bit. But again, a lot of it is just us finding our niche, and finding how each other plays," he said. (By Matt Malone - The Area News, Monday May 1, 2017). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-GP 16.16 (112) def Turvey Park 10.6 (66), Leeton-Whitton 9.18 (72) def Wagga 6.10 (46), Narrandera 7.16 (58) def by Ganmain-GGM 13.5 (83); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 15.10 (100) def Coolamon 4.8 (32)
Goals: K Duncan 4, C Cunial 4, K Hume 2, W Dalton, L Peruzzi, J Ryan, J Gavoka, D Andreazza
Best Players: K Hume, B Knagge, J Barrington, R Marando, J Gavoka, B McRae
Under 17: Griffith 16.12 (108) def Coolamon 6.5 (41)
Goals: R McWhirter 4, G Rovere 3, R Greenaway 3, C Bock 2, D Schmetzer, M Agnew, L Fabris, S Witherspoon
Best Players: D Schmetzer, B Piva, I Campbell, R McWhirter, G Rovere, L Killalea

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