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Round 6 - Sunday 29 May 2016
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Ganmain Sportsground 2.10pm
Umpires: Brian Robinson, Ryan Dedini and Rob Wilson (RUA)
Ganmain-GGM ..... 4.2 .. 5.4 .. 5.8 .. 7.11 (53)
Griffith ................... 1.3 .. 3.5 .. 7.9 .. 9.10 (64) 

GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Brad Hare, Daniel Foley, Josh Walsh; Justin Evans, Ben Walsh, Sam Hatty; Matt Knagge, Luke Sicker (c-c), Bryce Connellon; Jack McCaig, Anthony Watt, Josh Hanlon; Nathan McPherson, James Lawton, Tom Anderson; Jacob Olsson, Lachlan Steward, Luke Walsh; Riley Corbett, Tom Quinn, Jack Sase 
GRIFFITH: Michael Johns, James Toscan, Sam Foley; Sam Daniel, Jacob Conlan, Beau Rees; Daniel Peruzzi, Jordan Iudica, Alex Blissett; Dean Crack, Alex Birch, Tyler Bruns; Will Griggs, Kieran Ruyg, Michael Duncan; Steven McCanna, Guy Orton, Ben King; Andrew Cappello, Ben Tarr, Ben McRae
Ganmain-GGM: R Corbett 2, T Anderson, J McCaig, T Quinn, J Olsson, N McPherson 
Griffith: G Orton 3, J Iudica 2, T Bruns, B King, B McRae, W Griggs
Ganmain-GGM: J Olsson, B Hare, L Walsh, N McPherson, R Corbett, B Walsh
Griffith: S Daniel, G Orton, M Duncan, J Iudica, J Conlan, A Blissett

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith Swans took a giant step towards ending a decade-long finals drought with an important 11-point victory over Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong on Sunday. On the day where the Lions hoped to farewell club stalwart Peter McCaig on a winning note, Griffith spoiled the plans with a thrilling victory, 9.10 (64) to 7.11 (53) at Ganmain Sportsground. Four unanswered goals in the third quarter where the difference as Griffith came from 11 points down at half-time to 13 points clear at the final change.

The Lions were goalless for almost 40 minutes as they appeared to take a more defensive approach to the game.

GGGM schoolboy Riley Corbett got the Lions back in front early in the final term with two goals in four minutes, only for Griffith to rise again and clinch the win with late goals to Jordan Iudica and Ben McRae.
The win was Griffith’s first at Ganmain Sportsground in four years, and more importantly, it keeps them in third position on the ladder. Griffith director of coaching Adrian Pavese described it as a big win from the Swans. “Especially after the start, they put the first three on before we responded, and we lost Birch, a key forward in the first 10 minutes,” Pavese said. “Hopefully this shows everyone that this is a new attitude, the new Swans, we might go down and out at certain times, but we’ll just keep punching away and keep finding and believe in our structures.” 
Sam Daniel led the charge for the Swans, with a strong display across the half-back line and through midfield. Guy Orton was brilliant when the game was on the line, booting three goals, and having a big influence on the outcome. Jordan Iudica was everywhere, while Alex Blissett and Mick Duncan were also heavily involved. Pavese knows the Swans are headed in the right direction.

“We knew we had to get wins early, because we’re gelling,” he said. “I said to them, we might drop this game but as long as we improve and show the footy world that we’re here and thereabouts.” 
Dean Crack was chaired off the field as the Swans won his 150th game for the club. “We sort of kept it a bit low-key this week because we want to celebrate it at home, but we made no secret that we want to honour our players that have bled for this footy club,” Pavese said.

“I don’t think Cracky has played a final in 150 games, so we wanted to take a stand today. And again, win or lose, it was about making a statement to ourselves that we’re good enough side to be thereabouts. Birch left the field in the first quarter with a shoulder injury – later diagnosed as a problem with his AC joint. (By Matt Malone – The Area News, Monday May 30, 2016).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-GP 13.13 (91) def Turvey Park 8.1 (49), Coolamon 8.7 (55) def by Leeton-Whitton 13.15 (93), Wagga 19.14 (128) def Narrandera 1.3 (9); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 12.7 (79) def Griffith 5.7 (37)
Goals: J Heffer 2, S Bartter, E Murphy, M Peruzzi
Best Players: B French, C Harrison, M Johns, J Heffer, J Crowe, L Peruzzi
Under 17: Griffith 12.7 (79) def Ganmain-GGM 11.6 (72)
Goals: J Favell 3, T Clarke 2, R Matheson 2, A Coldwell 2, G Rovere, D Schmetzer, R Greenaway
Best Players: R Greenaway, J Spencer, A Coldwell, D Schmetzer, L Franco, T Clarke  

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