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Round 10 - Sunday June 29, 2014
Riverina Football Netball League 
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Rob Wilson, Tim Beard and Rob Apted (RUA) 
Griffith ............ 4.0 .. 7.2 .. 9.4 .. 13.7 (85) 
Turvey Park .... 2.0 .. 7.1 .. 12.1 .. 12.4 (76) 

GRIFFITH: Tim Matheson, James Taylor, Fletcher Josling; Ben McRae, Glen Snaidero, Tom Webb; Daniel Peruzzi, Brandon Mathews, Tom West; Kieran Hume*, James Fallon, Jonathon Gastin; Michael Duncan, James Toscan, Trevor Richards; Michael Griffiths, Guy Orton, Michael Handby; Tom Shannon, Dean Crack, Luke Peruzzi, Jack Tyrell
TURVEY PARK: Brendan Bryce, Jeff Fletcher, Josh Donaldson; Chris Cerato, Andrew Emery, James Leahy; Jesse Cunningham, Matthew Ness, Will Carroll; Tom Kenny, Hayden Ashcroft, Myles Carroll; Luke Vivian, Chase Grintell, Jack Brooks; Daniel Fellows, Josh Ashcroft, Daniel Ryall; Louis Beard, Travis Rowley, Andrew Grego, Jonathan Winslett 
Griffith: M Duncan 5, D Crack 2, J Fallon, J Toscan, T Richards, J Gastin, B Mathews, M Griffiths
Turvey Park: L Vivian 3, J Brooks 3, H Ashcroft 2, T Rowley, D Ryall, M Ness, D Fellows
Griffith: M Duncan, M Griffiths, T Webb, K Hume, D Peruzzi, G Orton
Turvey Park: D Ryall, J Brooks, A Emery, M Ness, J Cunningham, J Donaldson

A summary of match report, with thanks
A dominant last quarter from the Griffith Swans saw them snatch victory from the jaws of the Turvey Park Bulldogs yesterday at Exies Oval. The Swans were down by two goals going into the final term and were struggling to keep up with the Bulldogs’ tough, contested style of football. “An inspirational goal to live-wire small forward, Dean Crack, kick-started the Swans run in the fourth quarter and crucial goals to Brandon Mathews and Michael Griffiths continued to lift the spirits of the home side.
Griffith player-coach Mathews said the team pulled the victory out of the fire at the end. “We started winning the footy and giving it to blokes in better spots,” he said. The Swans fired out of the blocks from the start thanks to goals from James Fallon and Michael Duncan, but it was a game spiralling ups and downs. “It was probably the best 15 minutes of footy we’ve played all year (the start) and probably the worst two and a half quarters through the middle,” Mathews said. “We were fantastic early and playing on our terms and then started to get a bid ahead of ourselves. “When we faded it took everyone to get us back into the game.” 
Michael Duncan once again showed his class for Griffith slotting five goals and racking up several inside 50s when he moved onto the ball in the last term. Dean Crack was able to kick two goals while Trevor Richards, Jonathan Gastin and James Toscan all chipped in with one each. Tom West was once again very reliable in the backline and Kieran Hume impressed in his first outing in the top grade.

A hamstring injury to Fallon is the only concern for the Swans coming away from the game. The victory means the Swans leapfrog Turvey Park on the ladder to go into sixth place and now sit only one win outside the top five and a chance at playing finals.

(By Samuel Gates – The Area News, Monday June 30, 2014).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-AK 13.8 (86) def Mangoplah-CUE 9.6 (60), Leeton-Whitton 14.4 (88) def Narrandera 8.12 (60); SUN: Ganmain-GGM 10.10 (70 def by Coolamon 11.7 (73); Wagga, bye.

Reserves: Turvey Park 9.3 (57) def Griffith 5.10 (40)
Goals: J Ryan, J Crowe, K Duncan, J Hourigan, D Spratt
Best Players: J Keenan, K Duncan, G Taylor, B Tarr, C Niven, R Williamson
Under 17: Griffith 6.18 (54) def Turvey Park 3.6 (24)
Goals: W Kennedy 2, C Cunial , L Shannon, T Argus, M Peruzzi
Best Players: L Shannon, K Ruyg, H Diaz, D Villata, S Hart, J Ralph

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