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RFL Round 10 – Saturday June 29, 2019
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval
Umpires: Mark Rowe and Peter Alexander (RUA)
Griffith …………...……. 3.1 .. 8.5 .. 12.9 .. 14.15 (99)
Collingullie-GP …... 3.7 . 3.7 .. 5.7 .. 8.8 (56)

GRIFFITH: Daniel Peruzzi, James Toscan (capt.), Dean Catanzariti; Michael Duncan, Mitchell Irvin, Alex Overs; Jack Rowston, Jordan Iudica, Jonathon Gastin; Blake Argus, Jacob Conlan, Theo Valeri; Will Griggs (coach), Lucas Conlan, Brady Chambers; Charlie Cunial, Heath Northey, Guy Orton; Kahlan Spencer, Isaiah Potts, Sam Daniel
COLLINGULLIE-GLENFIELD PARK: Chad Fuller, Dustin Rogers, Michael Anderson; Zac Billingham, Sean Keith, Daniel Frawley; James Pope, Daniel Kennedy, Brenden Bettress; James Kennedy, Blake Harper, Bradley McMillan; John Buchanan, Edward Perryman, Nick Perryman; Will Dejong, Jason Ainsworth, Ben Klemke; Luke Powell, Zac Burkinshaw, Joe Perryman
Griffith: L Conlan 5, J Conlan 3, J Iudica, J Toscan, G Orton, J Rowston, C Cunial, K Spencer
Collingullie-GP: B Harper 4, J Buchanan 2, B Bettess, B Klemke
Griffith: L Conlan, C Cunial, J Toscan, T Valeri, G Orton, J Conlan
Collingullie-GP: J Ainsworth, B Harper, B McMillan, C Fuller, M Anderson

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith got their season back on track with a 43-point win over Collingullie-Glenfield Park on Saturday. The Swans recorded their second win over the Demons for the year but more importantly, returned to winning ways with a 14.15 (99) to 8.8(56) victory at Exies Oval. A five-goal haul from Lucas Conlan led the way for the Swans, who began to get their "mojo" back after consecutive defeats for the first time in Will Griggs’ tenure. Five unanswered goals in the second term put Griffith 28 points clear at half-time but it was their work against the breeze in the third quarter that proved the difference. The Swans kicked four to two against a strong breeze that set up a match-winning 44-point advantage at three quarter time. The return of Jack Rowston for his first game since a knee reconstruction was a big positive for the Swans and his goal from outside 50 was one of the highlights for Griffith. Lucas Conlan was brilliant up forward and he and his older brother Jacob caused plenty of headaches for the Collingullie-GP defence. (The Area News – Monday July 1, 2019)

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Ganmain-GGM 14.21 (105) def Narrandera 5.3 (33), Mangoplah-CUE 10.6 (66) def Turvey Park 5.6 (36), Wagga 11.14 (80) def Leeton-Whitton 2.6 (18); Coolamon, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 9.14 (68) def Collingullie-Glenfield Park 3.4 (22)
Goals: K Duncan 4, L Killalea, R Johns, B Tarr, J Taylor, B Watts
Best players: B Watts, B Tarr, C Harrison, R Matheson, J Taylor, K Duncan
Under 17.5: Griffith 12.9 (81) def Collingullie-Glenfield Park 6.15 (51)
Goals: D Bennett 4, A Ray 2, K Bennett 2, I Testoni, B Jamieson, B Clifford, J Whitworth
Best players: D Bennett, A Ray, B Mirtschin, I Testoni, I Piva, J Whitworth

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