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Round 6 - Saturday May 31, 2014 (Pink Day)
Riverina Football Netball League 
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 4.10pm
Umpires: Tim Beard and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Griffith ................... 2.3 .. 4.6 .. 6.9 .. 7.13 (55)
Ganmain-GGM .... 1.3 .. 5.5 .. 7.12 .. 12.14 (86)

GRIFFITH: Jonathon Gastin, Richard Malone, Tom West; Tom Webb, Fletcher Josling, Tim Matheson; Daniel Peruzzi, Glen Snaidero, Luke Peruzzi; James Fallon, James Toscan, Ben McRae; Brandon Mathews, Josh Hamilton, Dominic Giorgi; Michael Griffiths, Guy Orton, Michael Duncan; Ryan Bullus, Joel Hourigan, Dean Crack, Trevor Richards
GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Daniel Steele, Nathan Kember, Andrew Clarke; Curtis Steele, Travis Collison, Luke Walsh; Jesse Lander, Daniel Rankin, Jack McCaig; Daniel Hitchens, Brad McKinnon, Luke Kohlhagen; Lachlan Parker, Mitchell Steele, Justin Driscoll; Ben Walsh, Lachlan Steward, Matthew Clarke; Rory Redfern, Nathan Irvine, Jethro Peck, Pat Walsh
Griffith: J Hamilton 2, M Griffiths 2, M Duncan 2, J Toscan
Ganmain-GGM: L Kohlhagen 3, M Steele 2, L Parker 2, N Irvine 2, D Hitchens, D Rankin, B Walsh
Griffith: M Griffiths, M Duncan, R Malone, T West, D Peruzzi, J Hamilton
Ganmain-GGM: B Walsh, D Rankin, M Clarke, L Steward, L Kohlhagen, N Kember

A summary of match report, with thanks
Fitness isn’t the issue insists Griffith Swans coach, Brandon Mathews, after his side fell away in the last quarter against the Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong Lions to lose by 31 points at Exies Oval on the weekend. The Swans, decked out in bright pink jerseys to raise money for breast cancer research, were nine points behind at three-quarter time and had a chance to upset the team sitting third on the ladder.

The Swans led at the first break thanks to some hard running from the likes of Michael Duncan and several strong contested grabs in the forward line by 206cm recruit, Michael Griffith. The rain then poured and Mathews admitted the Lions were able to adjust much better to the different style of football. “We were still trying to play dry weather football and using a lot of short passes instead of getting it long and getting numbers to the contest,” he said. 
The Swans struggled to produce quality entries into the forward line in the second half and failed to make the most of a number of opportunities. It was the first time the Swans have had to play in the rain this season. Mathews said the weather made scoring quite difficult but it’s definitely something his team could learn from.

The coach was particularly pleased with the effort from a number of big men in the conditions that didn’t particularly favour the talls. Griffiths was voted best on ground for the Swans and slotted two goals in the process, while centre half forward, Josh Hamilton was able to kick two in only his second game for the club.
Ben Walsh and Daniel Rankin were arguably the best players for the Lions while Luke Kohlhagen and Mitchell Steele proved difficult to handle in the forward line. The loss keeps the Swans on the bottom of the ladder but still only a few wins off some of the middle teams of the table sides. “There’s still a log jam on the ladder, we’re not dead in the water yet,” said Mathews.

(By Samuel Gates – The Area News, June 2, 2014).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 7.8 (50) def by Wagga 10.10 (70), Turvey Park 15.9 (99) def Leeton-Whitton 6.8 (44); SUN: Coolamon 19.15 (129) def Narrandera 4.5 (29); Collingullie-AK, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 14.14 (98) def Ganmain-GGM 3.3 (21)
Goals: T Howard 3, S McCanna 3, T Shannon 2, A Cappello 2, D Catanzariti 2, J Gordon, K Hume
Best players: D Catanzariti, J Tyrell, T Shannon, P Whittard, D Dunbar, C Harrison
Under 17: Griffith 24.16 (160) def Ganmain-GGM 4.2 (26)
Goals: D Camm 4, P Jaffrey 3, M Graham 2, D McKenzie 2, W Kennedy 2, C Cunial 2, J Thornton, C Heffernan, T Argus, M Peruzzi, B French, K Ruyg, A McRae, R Cassidy, B Testoni
Best players: D McKenzie, K Ruyg, M Peruzzi, D Camm, M Graham, P Jaffrey

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