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Round 15 - Sunday 31 July, 2016
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Paul McKelvie, Ryan Dedini and Rob Johnston (RUA)
Griffith ..................... 7.1 .. 8.4 .. 12.5 .. 14.6 (90) 
Ganmain-GGM ...... 2.3 .. 5.7 .. 6.13 .. 10.16 (76) 

GRIFFITH: Jonathon Gastin, Casey Moore, Michael Johns; Sam Foley, Alex Birch, Sam Daniel; Daniel Peruzzi, Jordan Iudica, Alex Blissett; Will Griggs, James Toscan, Dean Crack; Michael Duncan, Jacob Conlan, Royce Johns; Nathan Richards, Guy Orton, Ben King; James Taylor, Ben Tarr, Tyler Bruns
GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Jack Sase, Josh Walsh, Bryce Connellan; Jordan Bates, Ben Walsh, Matthew Knagge; Curtis Steele, Luke Walsh, Daniel Foley; Tom Anderson, James Lawton, Brad Hare; Riley Corbett, Jacob Olsson, Brandon Rigney; Josh Hanlon, Luke Sicker (c-c), Lachlan Steward; Justin Evans, Harrison Stapleton, Adam Cullen
Griffith: J. Conlan 4, M. Duncan 4, G. Orton 2, S. Daniel, W. Griggs, D. Crack, N. Richards
Ganmain-GGM: J Lawton 2, T Anderson 2, H Stapleton 2, R Corbett 2, A Cullen, J Bates
Griffith: N Richards, S Daniel, A Birch, A Blissett, M Duncan, B King
Ganmain-GGM: B Walsh, J Olsson, A Cullen, J Lawton, M Knagge, J Walsh

A summary of match report, with thanks
“That was a gutsy win, boys.” You couldn’t wipe the smile off the face of Griffith Swans coach Adrian Pavese on Sunday afternoon when his team defeated Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong by 14 points at Exies Oval. Inaccurate kicking didn’t help the Lions, with the Swans kicking 14.6 (90) to 10.16 (76). The Swans dominated play early on, impressing Pavese. “To start the way we did was terrific,” Pavese said.

“But, yeah just a gutsy win because we’re not at our best at the moment and all week we’ve talked about hitting it and getting our work rate up and they got the result.” Pavese said while it was tough to single out players because he was impressed with the effort of the whole team, he said Nathan Richards was outstanding in the ruck.
The Swans got an early run on, leading 7.1 (43) to 2.3 (15) in the first quarter. However, the Lions narrowed the lead to 14-points at half-time. Harry Stapleton contributed to the Lions surge, kicking a point but following it up with a quick goal. He later helped the Lions narrow the margin to eight points with another goal. Pavese said Sam Daniel was among the best for the Swans, along with Jordan Iudica, Ben King and Will Griggs. “It was good to see Alex Blissett and Michael Duncan, some of these guys who have been out, back inside and give us that bit of a spark,” Pavese said. 
When asked if his side got lucky with the Lions’ inaccurate kicking, Pavese said he wouldn’t dwell on that. “You make your own luck,” Pavese said. “We missed three easy ones as well. “We’ll take it, we just wanted to win.” Pavese said he was confident in the lead up to the finals.

“We just need to keep building this confidence and keep building the wins and hopefully we’ll be right,” he said. “I’m pretty confident that we’ve got the team, we’ve got the structures and we’ve just got to make sure that we keep improving every week and take nothing for granted.”  (By Monique Patterson – The Area News, Monday August 1, 2016). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 19.18 (132) def Coolamon 7.11 (53), Narrandera 3.3 (21) def by Wagga 25.27 (177), Turvey Park 0.4 (4) def by Collingullie-GP 17.16 (118); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 14.8 (92) def Griffith 6.1 (37) 
Goals: K Hume, K Duncan, B Rees, K Ruyg, B Testoni, J Heffer
Best Players: J Keenan, B McRae, K Hume, D Villata, S McCanna, C Harrison
Under 17: Griffith 16.111 (107) def Ganmain-GGM 6.5 (41)
Goals: J Favell 5, L Fabris 2, T Clarke 2, R Greenaway 2, D Schmetzer, J Villata, J Spencer, B Argus, A Coldwell
Best Players: T Clarke, G Rovere, J Favell, A Coldwell, D Schmetzer, J Spencer

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