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 1959 SEASON 
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1959 Griffith Australian Rules Football Club Awards 
Saturday, August 29, 1959 at R.S.L. Hall
Best & Fairest: Vic Hathaway - (Griffith Timbers)
Most Consistent: Don Best - (Hugh McLean)
Most Improved: Kevin Rowston - (Jack Davidge)
Second XVIII
Best & Fairest: John Forbes -  (Ladies Auxiliary)
Most Consistent: Al
an Smith - (Fred Bell) 
Most Improved: Ray Davies - (Roy Martin)
Special Awards
Best Club man 'player':  Colin Pannan - (Ted Withnell)  
Best Club man 'non player': Jim Overs - (Dick Bitcon) 
Outstanding service on the p
laying field:  Don Keyter - (Fred Bell)

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