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IN: Don Best (Beelbangera), Colin Campbell (Whitton), John Dart (Preston District), Dennis Dreyer (Beelbangera), Bob Eddy (South Aust.), Kevin Jones (The Rock), Don Keyter (South Melbourne), Jack Kloot (Melbourne Amateurs), Frank Knox (Beelbangera), Doug Koehler (North Albury), Graham Lockett (Millicent), Kevin Rowston (Barellan-Binya).

OUT: Tom Allen (Ferntree Gully), Rod Burgoyne and George Coggan (Beelbangera), Ted Feltwell (Cootamundra), Ian Gill (Trentham), John Guild (Royal Duntroon College, ACT), Norm Hill and Vic Ledwidge (Beelbangera), Ernie Perry (Narre Hallam), Noel Tyndall (Beelbangera; Bob Eddy, Graham Lockett.

Welcome to Aust. Rules Coach

A large crowd of Aust. Rules players and supporters were present at a social in the C.W.A. Hall on Friday night last to join the official welcome to Griffith's newly appointed coach, Mr. Don Keyter and family.
Club President, Mr. Dick Bitcon in welcoming Mr. Keyter, his wife Wynn and family said the appointment of such a top class and well-known player had aroused an unprecedented interest amongst local followers of the team.
He also felt that the big step taken by the Club in securing Don as coach would eventually pay dividends.

Continuing, Mr. Bitcon said that Griffith never had a bad coach, but he felt sure in Don Keyter they would have the best ever, which was saying a lot when one remembered Geoff Willis and Tom Roulent.
He sincerely hoped that Don and Mrs. Keyter, and family would quickly make themselves at home and that they would thoroughly enjoy their stay in Griffith.
Mr. Bitcon's remarked and extended a hearty welcome to Don and his family.
Mr. Roy Taysom, Vice President of the Club, supported Mr. Bitcon remarks and extended hearty welcome to Don and his family.
Mr. George Mackenzie said he would like to say a few words of welcome to Don and his wife and family.
"Don was embarking on a big venture but he felt certain that with, firstly, the help of his wife and family, and secondly, the wholehearted support of the players and supporters he would be able to make a success of his first coaching appointment."
He extended a person welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Keyter and family.
Others to extend a welcome to Don and his family were Jim Fielder, on behalf of the players and Mrs. Mary Collins, on behalf of members of the Ladies Auxiliary.
In responding to the welcome, Don Keyter said he, his wife and family were quite impressed with Griffith and were very happy to come to such a nice town.
They had been made welcome since their arrival and he was sure they would enjoy their stay in Griffith.
He had come to Griffith as coach of the football team and from what he has learnt of the players and the potential of the team he was sure the season would be a successful one.
"One of my pet theories is absolute physical fitness of players, and I am sure I will, you can be rest assured that the Griffith team will be, at least, fit."
In concluding, Mr. Keyter said he and his wife deeply appreciated the welcome given them that night and he knew both would enjoy being in Griffith.      (Riverina Advocate - Thursday, February 5, 1959)  

Coaches at £45 a week

A football revolution is under way in New South Wales - a revolution that is rapidly transforming the little-known South West (Riverina) League into the 'Golden territory' of Australian Rules.
From a minor association a few years ago, the competition has developed until tiny townships are now outbidding larger centres, including those in Victoria for services of former VFL players as coaches.
This year five top ex-League have been appointed at salaries in the £35 - £45 a week bracket to give the area the biggest sporting boost in its history.
The 'Big Five' are well-known football names - Don Keyter and Ian Gillett (South Melbourne), Brian Gilmore and Peter Box (Footscray), and Fred Gallagher (Essendon). 

Keyter receives £35 a week for coaching Griffith; Gallagher £40 with Turvey Park, a suburb of Wagga; Gilmore £40 with Ganmain, (pop. 1000) and Gillett £45 with Coolamon (pop. 1200).  All have house rent free, or free accommodation as required.

Peter Box, 1956 Brownlow Medallist, is the highest paid coach ever appointed by Grong Grong-Matong (pop. 900). His salary, although undisclosed, is in the same high-income range.
In addition, former Carlton player Alex Boyle (Narrandera) and ex-Brunswick centreman George Mullenger (Leeton) both receive £40 a week and free accommodation. But that amount includes their normal wages.
Only local boy in control is ruckman Tom Quade at Ariah Park-Mirrool (pop. 850). Quade who played two games with North Melbourne in the past two seasons has his own property in the district and is paid £25 a week.
The remaining two teams in the league, Ardlethan (pop. 850) under former Eastern Suburbs (Sydney) player Jack Dean, and Whitton (pop. 500) coached this year by Ian Perrin (Cobram), are not yet in the big money class. But they can afford to pay around £25 mark.
The South West League plays all games on a Sunday. It is one of the few Australian Rules Associations in New South Wales to worry Rugby.
The larger centres - Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera and Turvey Park - are situated in Rugby areas.
Peter Box's club Grong Grong-Matong, embraces two townships which share training and home games on alternatives dates or respective grounds.  - (Sun News Pictorial - April, 1959) 

Round 1 - Sunday April 12, 1959 at Matong Sportsground

Grong Grong-Matong .... 4.3 .. 6.4 .. 11.11 .. 14.13 (97)

Griffith .............................. 1.0 .. 4.4 .. 6.5 .. 9.10 (64)

Goals: GG-M: R Walsh 6, M Pieper 2, J Doherty 2, A Rava, P Hogan, W Walsh, B Rava

Griffith: D Bitcon 2, D Koehler, J Kloot, R Eddy, R Carroll, W Tyndall, V Hathaway, A Biron

Best players: GG-M: P Box, W McQualter, P Curry, W Walsh, D Mattingly, M Pieper, P Hogan
Griffith: V Hathaway, K Rowston, M Newman, D Best, R Carroll, D Koehler
Griffith: Bill Biron, Bob Tyndall, Fred Gambell; Graham Lockett*, Les Collis, Don Best; Kevin Savage, Bob Spears, Mick Newman; Kevin Rowston*, Don Bitcon, Doug Koehler*; Bob Eddy*, Jack Kloot, Bill Tyndall; Don Keyter (c-c)*, Bob Carroll, Vic Hathaway; Colin 'Peter' Campbell*, John Diggelmann
Umpire: WC Hopkins (VFL)
Other matches - Coolamon 16.14 (110) def Ardlethan 8.8 (56), Leeton 19.9 (123) def Ariah Park-Mirrool 8.5 (53), Narrandera 11.16 (82) def by Turvey Park 21.10 (136), Whitton 7.14 (56) def by Ganmain 11.11 (77).
Reserves: Griffith 7.8 (50) d Grong Grong-Matong 4.11 (35)
Best players: L Maples, C Campbell, J Diggelmann, C Holt, M Goodger

Round 2 - Sunday April 19, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ........................... 7.0 .. 11.9 .. 22.13 .. 31.16 (202)

Ariah Park-Mirrool .... 2.3 .. 5.6 .. 8.9 .. 11.9 (75)

Goals: Griffith: T Clarke 8, D Keyter 6, D Bitcon 5, V Hathaway 3, L Collis 3, W Tyndall 2, K Rowston 2, J Kloot, R Carroll

AP-M: P Lucas 4, J Dunn 2, J Quade, T Preston, P Quade, A MacKenzie, R Lewis

Best players: Griffith: D Keyter, W Tyndall, T Clarke, V Hathaway, D Best, C Campbell
AP-M: Bernie Bryce, A MacKenzie, P Quade, I Mann
ing, J Quade, P Lucas
Griffith: Adley 'Bill' Biron, Bob Carroll, Fred Gambell; Charlie O'Brien, Bob Spears, Don Best; Colin 'Peter' Campbell, Bill Tyndall, Mick Newman; Kevin Savage, Don Bitcon, Les Collis; Tim Clarke, Kevin Rowston, Jack Kloot; Don Keyter (c-c), Jim Fielder, Vic Hathaway; Graham Lockett, John Diggelmann
Ariah Park-Mirrool: Peter Lucas, Bernie Bryce, Ian Wason; Frank Gaynor, Bob Howard, Bob Lewis; Des Walker, Mick Steele, Bill Dunn; Ellis Johnstone, Allan MacKenzie, Ian Manning; Brian Walker (capt), Pat Crouch, Jim Dunn; Pat Quade, Tom Preston; Ray Stiller, Robert Prentice
Umpire: McKenna (VFL). Gate: £53/15/- 
Other matches - Ardlethan 5.8 (38) def Whitton 16.14 (110), Ganmain 15.10 (100) def Narrandera 12.11 (83), Leeton 9.17 (71) def Coolamon 6.10 (46), Turvey Park 18.18 (126) v Grong Grong-Matong 6.13 (49).
Reserves: Griffith 8.10 (58) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 5.2 (32)
Best players: C Holt, A Smith, J Forbes, R Eddy, G Lockett, D Dreyer, M Goodger


Round 3 - Sunday April 26, 1959 at Kindra Park

Coolamon ..... 7.1 .. 9.4 .. 10.5 .. 12.12 (84)

Griffith .......... 4.3 .. 5.4 .. 8.5 .. 11.8 (74)

Goals: Coolamon: R Patterson 4, A Richardson 3, B Browne 2, T Tipping, F Williamson, J Curry

Griffith: K Rowston 5, T Clarke 3, W Tyndall 2, J Kloot

Best players: Coolamon: B Browne, I Gillett, N Thompson, R Pieper, K Pleming, T O'Brien
Griffith: A Biron, D Best, M Newman, D Keyter, K Rowston, V Hathaway
Griffith: Adley 'Bill' Biron, Jim Fielder, Fred Gambell; Charlie O'Brien, Bob Spears, Don Best; Colin 'Peter' Campbell, Bill Tyndall, Mick Newman; Les Collis, Don Bitcon, Doug Koehler; Jack Kloot, Kevin Rowston, Tim Clarke; Don Keyter (c-c), Bob Carroll, Vic Hathaway; Kevin Savage, Graham Lockett
Umpire: Doug Houston (VFL)
Other matches - Ariah Park-Mirrool 6.14 (50) def by Grong Grong-Matong 14.18 (102), Ganmain 7.9 (51) def by Turvey Park 13.13 (91), Narrandera 13.11 (89) def Ardlethan 7.15 (57), Whitton 8.12 (60) def by Leeton 13.6 (84).
Reserves: Griffith 9.7 (61) d Coolamon 4.3 (27)
Best players: C Holt, A Nolan, J Diggelmann, M Goodger

Round 4 - Sunday May 3, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ..... 4.4 .. 9.6 .. 14.11 .. 16.17 (113)

Whitton .... 2.1 .. 6.3 .. 9.4 .. 12.5 (77)

Goals: Griffith: V Hathaway 5, D Keyter 4, D Bitcon 3, K Rowston, T Clarke, J Kloot, L Maples

Whitton: I Perrin 4, E Williams 2, G Williams, T Hyde, B Kelly, W Box, J Asmus

Best players: Griffith: D Bitcon, D Keyter, J Fielder, V Hathaway, M Newman, D Best
Whitton: W Box, G Williams, M Gibbs, E Thompson, B Kelly
Griffith: Adley 'Bill' Biron, Jim Fielder, Charlie O'Brien; John Diggelmann, Bob Spears, Don Best; Colin 'Peter' Campbell, Bill Tyndall, Mick Newman; Les Collis, Don Keyter (c-c), Len Maples*; Jack Kloot, Kevin Rowston, Tim Clarke; Don Bitcon, Bob Carroll, Vic Hathaway; Fred Gambell, Keith Savage 
Whitton: Graham 'Red' Kelly, Ted Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel; Max Gibbs, Les Thompson, Mick Meline; Alan O'Connell, Ian Perrin (c-c), Barry Staff; Max Tuckett, George Williams, Bill Box; Trevor Hyde, Jack Tuckett, John Asmus; Bernie Kelly, Edwin Williams, Peter Briggs; Noel Kelly
Umpire: M L Noone (VFL). Gate: £69/3/- 
Other matches - Ardlethan 10.3 (63) def Ganmain 11.8 (74), Grong Grong-Matong 10.15 (75) def by Coolamon 11.17 (83), Leeton 13.15 (93) def Narrandera 12.9 (81), Turvey Park 23.22 (160) def Ariah Park-Mirrool 3.3 (21).
Reserves: Griffith d Whitton on forfeit