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IN: Don Best (Beelbangera), Colin Campbell (Whitton), John Dart (Preston District), Dennis Dreyer (Beelbangera), Bob Eddy (South Aust.), , Kevin Jones (The Rock), Don Keyter (South Melbourne), Jack Kloot (Melbourne Amateurs), Frank Knox (Beelbangera), Doug Koehler (North Albury), Graham Lockett (Millicent), Kevin Rowston (Barellan-Binya).

OUT: Tom Allen (Ferntree Gully), Rod Burgoyne and George Coggan (Beelbangera), Ted Feltwell (Cootamundra), Ian Gill (Trentham), John Guild (Royal Duntroon College, ACT), Norm Hill and Vic Ledwidge (Beelbangera), Ernie Perry (Narre Hallam), Noel Tyndall (Beelbangera; Bob Eddy, Graham Lockett.

Welcome to Aust. Rules Coach
A large crowd of Aust. Rules players and supporters were present at a social in the C.W.A. Hall on Friday night last to join the official welcome to Griffith's newly appointed coach, Mr. Don Keyter and family.
Club President, Mr. Dick Bitcon in welcoming Mr. Keyter, his wife Wynn and family said the appointment of such a top class and well-known player had aroused an unprecedented interest amongst local followers of the team.
He also felt that the big step taken by the Club in securing Don as coach would eventually pay dividends.
Continuing,  Mr. Bitcon said that Griffith never had a bad coach but he felt sure in Don Keyter they would have the best ever, which was saying a lot when one remembered Geoff Willis and Tom Roulent.
He sincerely hoped that Don and Mrs. Keyter, and family would quickly make themselves at home and that they would thoroughly enjoy their stay in Griffith.
Mr. Bitcon's remarked  and extended a hearty welcome to Don and his family.
Mr. Roy Taysom, Vice President of the Club, supported Mr. Bitcon remarks and extended hearty welcome to Don and his family.
Mr. George Mackenzie said he would like to say a few words of welcome to Don and his wife and family.
"Don was embarking on a big venture but he felt certain that with, firstly, the help of his wife and family, and secondly, the wholehearted support of the players and supporters he would be able to make a success of his first coaching appointment."
He extended a person welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Keyter and family.
Others to extend a welcome to Don and his family were Jim Fielder, on behalf of the players and Mrs. Mary Collins, on behalf of members of the Ladies Auxiliary.
In responding to the welcome, Don Keyter said he, his wife and family were quite impressed with Griffith and were very happy to come to such a nice town.
They had been made welcome since their arrival and he was sure they would enjoy their stay in Griffith.
He had come to Griffith as coach of the football team and from what he has learnt of the players and the potential of the team he was sure the season would be a successful one.
"One of my pet theories is absolute physical fitness of players, and I am sure I will, you can be rest assured that the Griffith team will be, at least, fit."
In concluding, Mr. Keyter said he and his wife deeply appreciated the welcome given them that night and he knew both would enjoy being in Griffith.      (Riverina Advocate - Thursday, February 5, 1959)  

Coaches at £45 a week
A football revolution is under way in New South Wales - a revolution that is rapidly transforming the little-known South West (Riverina) League into the 'Golden territory' of Australian Rules.
From a minor association a few years ago, the competition has developed until tiny townships are now outbidding larger centres, including those in Victoria for services of former VFL players as coaches.
This year five top ex-League have been appointed at salaries in the £35 - £45 a week bracket to give the area the biggest sporting boost in its history.
The 'Big Five' are well-known football names - Don Keyter and Ian Gillett (South Melbourne), Brian Gilmore and Peter Box (Footscray), and Fred Gallagher (Essendon). 

Keyter receives £35 a week for coaching Griffith; Gallagher £40 with Turvey Park, a suburb of Wagga; Gilmore £40 with Ganmain, (pop. 1000) and Gillett £45 with Coolamon (pop. 1200).  All have house rent free, or free accommodation as required.

Peter Box, 1956 Brownlow Medallist, is the highest paid coach ever appointed by Grong Grong-Matong (pop. 900). His salary, although undisclosed, is in the same high income range.
In addition, former Carlton player Alex Boyle (Narrandera) and ex-Brunswick centreman George Mullenger (Leeton) both receive £40 a week and free accommodation. But that amount includes their normal wages.
Only local boy in control is ruckman Tom Quade at Ariah Park-Mirrool (pop. 850). Quade who played two games with North Melbourne in the past two seasons has his own property in the district, and is paid £25 a week.
The remaining two teams in the league, Ardlethan (pop. 850) under former Eastern Suburbs (Sydney) player Jack Dean, and Whitton (pop. 500) coached this year by Ian Perrin (Cobram), are not yet in the big money class. But they can afford to pay around £25 mark.
The South West League plays all games on a Sunday. It is one of the few Australian Rules Associations in New South Wales to worry Rugby.
The larger centres - Griffith, Leeton, Narrandera and Turvey Park - are situated in Rugby areas.
Peter Box's club Grong Grong-Matong, embraces two townships which share training and home games on alternatives dates or respective grounds.  -  (Sun News Pictorial - April, 1959) 

Round 1 - Sunday April 12, 1959 at Matong Sportsground

Grong Grong-Matong ... 4.3 .. 6.4 .. 11.11 .. 14.13 (97)

Griffith ............................ 1.0 .. 4.4 .. 6.5 .. 9.10 (64)

Goals: GG-M: R Walsh 6, M Pieper 2, J Doherty 2, A Rava, P Hogan, W Walsh, B Rava

Griffith: D Bitcon 2, D Koehler, J Kloot, R Eddy, R Carroll, W Tyndall, V Hathaway, A Biron

Best: GG-M: P Box, W McQualter, P Curry, W Walsh, D Mattingly, M Pieper, P Hogan

Griffith: V Hathaway, K Rowston, M Newman, D Best, R Carroll, D Koehler

Griffith: Bill Biron, Bob Tyndall, Fred Gambell; Graham Lockett*, Les Collis, Don Best; Kevin Savage, Bob Spears, Mick Newman; Kevin Rowston*, Don Bitcon, Doug Koehler*; Bob Eddy*, Jack Kloot, Bill Tyndall; Don Keyter (c-c)*, Bob Carroll, Vic Hathaway; Colin 'Peter' Campbell*, John Diggelmann

Umpire: WC Hopkins (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 7.8 (50) d Grong Grong-Matong 4.11 (35)

Best: L Maples, C Campbell, J Diggelmann, C Holt, M Goodger

Round 2 - Sunday April 19, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ......................... 7.0 .. 11.9 .. 22.13 .. 31.16 (202)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 2.3 .. 5.6 .. 8.9 .. 11.9 (75)

Goals: Griffith: T Clarke 8, D Keyter 6, D Bitcon 5, V Hathaway 3, L Collis 3, W Tyndall 2, K Rowston 2, J Kloot, R Carroll

AP-M: P Lucas 4, J Dunn 2, J Quade, T Preston, P Quade, A MacKenzie, R Lewis

Best: Griffith: D Keyter, W Tyndall, T Clarke, V Hathaway, D Best, C Campbell

AP-M: Bernie Bryce, A MacKenzie, P Quade, I Manning, J Quade, P Lucas

Griffith: Bill Biron, Bob Carroll, Fred Gambell; Chas O'Brien, Bob Spears, Don Best; Colin Campbell, Bill Tyndall, Mick Newman; Kevin Savage, Don Bitcon, Les Collis; Tim Clarke, Kevin Rowston, Jack Kloot; Don Keyter (c-c), Jim Fielder, Vic Hathaway; Graham Lockett, John Diggelmann

Ariah Park-Mirrool: Peter Lucas, Bernie Bryce, Ian Wason; Frank Gaynor, Bob Howard, Bob Lewis; Des Walker, Mick Steele, Bill Dunn; Ellis Johnstone, Allan MacKenzie, Ian Manning; Brian Walker (capt), Pat Crouch, Jim Dunn; Pat Quade, Tom Preston; Ray Stiller, Robert Prentice

Umpire: McKenna (VFL). Gate: £53/15/-

Reserves: Griffith 8.10 (58) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 5.2 (32)

Best: C Holt, A Smith, J Forbes, R Eddy, G Lockett, D Dreyer, M Goodger


Round 3 - Sunday April 26, 1959 at Kindra Park

Coolamon ..... 7.1 .. 9.4 .. 10.5 .. 12.12 (84)

Griffith .......... 4.3 .. 5.4 .. 8.5 .. 11.8 (74)

Goals: Coolamon: R Patterson 4, A Richardson 3, B Browne 2, T Tipping, F Williamson, J Curry

Griffith: K Rowston 5, T Clarke 3, W Tyndall 2, J Kloot

Best: Coolamon: B Browne, I Gillett, N Thompson, R Pieper, K Pleming, T O'Brien

Griffith: A Biron, D Best, M Newman, D Keyter, K Rowston, V Hathaway

Griffith: A Biron, J Fielder, F Gambell; C O'Brien, R Spears, D Best; C Campbell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Bitcon, D Koehler; J Kloot, K Rowston, T Clarke; D Keyter (c-c), R Carroll, V Hathaway; K Savage, G Lockett

Umpire: Doug Houston (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 9.7 (61) d Coolamon 4.3 (27)

Best: C Holt, A Nolan, J Diggelmann, M Goodger

Round 4 - Sunday May 3, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith .... 4.4 .. 9.6 .. 14.11 .. 16.17 (113)

Whitton ... 2.1 .. 6.3 .. 9.4 .. 12.5 (77)

Goals: Griffith: V Hathaway 5, D Keyter 4, D Bitcon 3, K Rowston, T Clarke, J Kloot, L Maples

Whitton: I Perrin 4, E Williams 2, G Williams, T Hyde, B Kelly, W Box, J Asmus

Best: Griffith: D Bitcon, D Keyter, J Fielder, V Hathaway, M Newman, D Best

Whitton: W Box, G Williams, M Gibbs, E Thompson, B Kelly

Griffith: A Biron, J Fielder, C O'Brien; J Diggelmann, R Spears, D Best; C Campbell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), L Maples*; J Kloot, K Rowston, T Clarke; D Bitcon, R Carroll, V Hathaway; F Gambell, K Savage

Whitton: Graham 'Red' Kelly, Ted Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel; Max Gibbs, Les Thompson, Mick Meline; Alan O'Connell, Ian Perrin (c-c), Barry Staff; Max Tuckett, George Williams, Bill Box; Trevor Hyde, Jack Tuckett, John Asmus; Bernie Kelly, Edwin Williams, Peter Briggs; Noel Kelly

Umpire: M L Noone (VFL). Gate: £69/3/-

Reserves: Griffith d Whitton on forfeit


Round 5 - Sunday May 10, 1959 at Narrandera Sportsground

Narrandera .... 3.4 .. 8.8 .. 11.12 .. 15.20 (110)

Griffith ............ 4.1 .. 5.2 .. 11.6 .. 11.6 (72)

Goals: Narrandera: D Durnan 3, B Waters 3, G Botten 3, R Hyde 2, L Dunne 2, R Turner, J Bloomfield, J Bean

Griffith: T Clarke 3, D Keyter 2, L Collis, D Bitcon, R Carroll, W Tyndall, K Rowston, J Kloot

Best: Narrandera: B Waters, A Boyle, L Dunne, R Hazelman, A Jackson, D Durnan

Griffith: D Keyter, W Tyndall, D Best, M Newman, V Hathaway

Griffith: A Biron, C O'Brien, F Gambell; J Diggelmann, K Rowston, D Best; K Savage, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), L Maples; G Lockett, J Kloot, T Clarke; D Bitcon, R Carroll, V Hathaway

Umpire: Bill Yendle (VFL)

Reserves: Narrandera 6.13 (49) d Griffith 5.6 (36)

Best: J Forbes, M Goodger, R Eddy

Round 6 - Sunday May 17, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ....... 5.6 .. 8.6 .. 12.10 .. 18.13 (121)

Ganmain .... 2.2 .. 7.9 .. 10.14 .. 14.17 (101)

Goals: Griffith: V Hathaway 7, D Bitcon 4, D Keyter 2, D Koehler 2, J Kloot, J Diggelmann, K Rowston

Ganmain: W McCaig 4, D Carroll 3, A Brill 2, T Carroll 2, L Cooper, Gerald Carroll, F Roach

Best: Griffith: D Bitcon, V Hathaway, D Keyter, K Rowston, J Fielder, C O'Brien

Ganmain: Garry Carroll, W McCaig, J Crouch, T Carroll, W Kember, A Brill

Griffith: F Gambell, A Biron, C O'Brien; R Spears, J Fielder, D Best; K Savage, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, K Rowston, D Koehler; J Kloot, D Keyter (c-c), T Clarke; D Bitcon, R Carroll, V Hathaway; J Diggelmann, L Maples

Ganmain: B Halbisch, Norm Thompson, Jim Crouch, Barry Brill, Alan McPherson, Will Kember; Bill McCaig, Garry Carroll (capt), Frank Roach; Les Cooper, Tom Carroll, Jim McCaig; Tony Carroll, Des Carroll, Alan Brill; Frank Crouch, Gerald Carroll, Geoff Warren

Umpire: K W Mullane (VFL). Gate: £92/2/-

Reserves: Griffith 10.12 (72) v Ganmain 2.6 (18)

Best: G Browne, J Forbes, O Biron, B Young


Round 7 - Sunday May 24, 1959 at Ardlethan Recreation Ground

Ardlethan .... 2.1 .. 3.3 .. 7.8 .. 8.9 (57)

Griffith ........ 4.1 .. 5.8 .. 8.8 .. 15.17 (107)

Goals: Ardlethan: A Harrison 3, J Thompson 2, Barry Carroll, C Hickey, I Day, F Martin

Griffith: D Bitcon 6, J Kloot 3, D Koehler 2, V Hathaway, T Clarke, K Rowston, L Maples

Best: Ardlethan: F Thompson, R Henry, J Dean, T Taig, O Guthrie, A Harrison

Griffith: D Bitcon, W Tyndall, D Keyter, D Koehler, V Hathaway, F Gambell

Griffith: C O'Brien, A Biron, J Diggelmann; J Forbes, R Spears, L Collis; F Gambell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Maples, K Rowston, D Koehler; J Kloot, D Bitcon, T Clarke; D Keyter (c-c), R Carroll, V Hathaway

Umpire: Kevin Jackson (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 8.6 (54) d Ardlethan 3.5 (23)

Best: R Tyndall, D Maples, V O'Dwyer, O Biron, D Dreyer

Round 8 - Sunday May 31, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ..... 0.2 .. 2.5 .. 5.15 .. 8.20 (68)

Leeton ..... 3.1 .. 7.1 .. 11.1 .. 14.3 (87

Goals: Griffith: D Bitcon 2, V Hathaway 2, K Rowston 2, T Clarke, D Koehler

Leeton: W Heath 4, B Swasbrick 3, D Gladman 3, M Kruse 2, R Vivian, D Allen

Best: Griffith: D Keyter, V Hathaway, D Koehler, A Biron, D Bitcon

Leeton: D Allen, L Stockton, B Swasbrick, M Stiller, J Hillman

Griffith: C O'Brien, A Biron, R Tyndall; R Carroll, R Spears, D Best; F Gambell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, K Rowston, L Maples; D Koehler, D Keyter (c-c), T Clarke; D Bitcon, J Kloot, V Hathaway; J Forbes, J Diggelmann

Leeton: Eddie Allen, Ray Stockton, Les Stockton; Merv Stiller, Ron Harris, John Schlitz; John Hillman, Kevin Howe, Ron Bell; Max Kruse, Ed Gladman, Jim Fuller; Barry Swasbrick, Bill Heath, Ron Vivian; Des Howe, Don Allen, Geoff Swasbrick

Umpire: L C Smith (VFL). Gate: £177/5/-

Reserves: Leeton 9.12 (66) d Griffith 6.9 (45)

Best: A Smith, E Hill, D Maples, J Dart, M Goodger

Griffith: John Diggelmann (capt), Neil Forscut, N Doyle, Bob Heir, Odey Biron, Ross Hams, Tony Nolan, Gordon Browne, Colin Pannan, Alan Smith, Jim Ford, Bruce Young, Denny Dreyer, Vince O'Dwyer, Frank Knox, John Dart, Don Maples, Max Goodyer, Errol Hill, Terry Brown

Thirds: Leeton d Griffith (unofficial)


Round 9 - Sunday June 7, 1959 at Gissing Oval

Turvey Park ... 4.2 .. 9.4 .. 15.5 .. 16.9 (105)

Griffith ............ 6.2 .. 6.10 .. 9.10 .. 11.13 (79)

Goals: Turvey Park: G Kingston 11, K Murphy, R Thomson, F Gallagher, G Murphy

Griffith: J Kloot 5, D Koehler 2, V Hathaway, W Tyndall, D Keyter, A Biron

Best: Turvey Park: R Burge, G Kingston, K Murphy, K Lyons, R Thomson

Griffith: D Keyter, W Tyndall, D Koehler, R Spears, D Best, J Kloot

Griffith: C O'Brien, A Biron, R Tyndall; R Carroll, R Spears, D Best; F Gambell, W Tyndall, M Newman; V O'Dwyer, K Rowston, L Maples; D Koehler, D Keyter (c-c), T Clarke; D Bitcon, J Kloot, V Hathaway; O Biron, C Campbell

Umpire: L D Koochew (VFL)

Reserves: Turvey Park 16.11 (107) d Griffith 2.1 (13)

Best: C Pannan, E Hill, J Diggelmann, M Goodger, D Maples

Round 10 - Sunday June 14, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ............................. 7.9 .. 11.15 .. 16.21 (117)

Grong Grong-Matong ... 6.4 .. 7.4 .. 9.6 (60)

Goals: Griffith: T Clarke 3, D Keyter 3, K Rowston 3, D Koehler 2, V Hathaway 2, D Bitcon, L Collis, W Tyndall

GG-M: A Jones 4, M Pieper 2, P Hogan, D McQualter, W Walsh

Best: Griffith: D Keyter, W Tyndall, R Spears, V Hathaway, D Koehler, D Bitcon

GG-M: P Curry, B Rava, P Box, P Hogan, L Quinn, D McQualter

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, D Best; R Carroll, R Spears, O Biron; F Gambell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), J Forbes; T Clarke, K Rowston, L Maples; D Bitcon, D Koehler, V Hathaway; C Pannan, J Diggelmann

Grong Grong-Matong: Pat Quinn, Pat Curry, J Russell; Alan Smith, Rod Walsh, R Ratcliffe; Alan Rava, Don McQualter, Stan Tolsher; P Pether, Peter Box (c-c), Rody Hogan; Bill Walsh, J Crawford, Pat Hogan; Merv Pieper, Bruce Rava, Alan Jones; Laurie Quinn, Mick Stuart

Umpire: Elliott (VFL). Gate: £82

Reserves: Griffith 9.13 (67) d Grong Grong-Matong 1.2 (8)

Best: Team effort (D Maples 5 goals)


Inter League (Neville Nesbitt Trophy) - Sunday June 21, 1959 at Narrandera Sportsground

S.W.D.F.L ... 5.4 .. 9.9 .. 13.19 .. 14.26 (110)

Farrer FL ... 5.1 .. 7.4 .. 8.7 .. 13.10 (88)

Goals: SWDFL: G Kingston 5, T Carroll 3, D Bitcon 2, K Muphy, L Stockton, P Box, G Carroll

Farrer: T Robb 8, M Griffith 3, M Vickery, B Sculley

Best: SWDFL: D Keyter, G Carroll, L Stockton, F Thompson, G Nye, W Box

Farrer: R Bunyan, T Robb, N Klemke, W Byrne, R Haberecht

South Western DFL: Geoff Nye (TP), Fred Thompson (Ard), Brian Gilmore (Gan); Rex Burge (TP), Alex Boyle (Narr, capt), Bill Box (Whit); Gerald Carroll (Gan), Peter Box (GGM, v-c), John Hillman (Leet); Don Bitcon (Grif), Tom Carroll (Gan), Leo Dunne (Narr); Brian Browne (Cool), Geoff Kingston (TP), Keith Murphy (TP); Don Keyter (Grif), Les Stockton (Leet), Don Allen (Leet); Bruce Waters (Narr), Arthur Allen (Ard)

Farrer FL: George Clark, Len McInerney, J Vennell; S Strong, Fred McGregor, R McFarland; Neville Klemke, Les Morrow, John Doherty; M Vickery, Bill Byrne, M Griffith; Lyle Passlow, G Lawrence, Tim Robb (c-c); Rod Haberecht, Ron Bunyan, Bernie Sculley; Gresham Hodges, Ed Farrah

Umpire: Dud Ridley (VFL). Gate: £ 1,044. Crowd: 8,000

Reserves: Farrer FL 14.11 (95) d SWDFL 9.8 (62)

Goals: SWDFL: K Podmore 2, L Maples 2, E Hunt 2, A Jones 2, C Hickey

Farrer: F Berry 4, T McGee 4, A Anderson 3, J Bradley, C Mohr, D Jones

Schoolboys: SWDFL 17.9 (111) d Farrer FL 6.2 (38)

Round 11 - Sunday June 28, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ......... 7.4 .. 7.7 .. 11.14 .. 14.17 (101)

Coolamon .... 2.3 .. 3.7 .. 5.9 .. 8.12 (60)

Goals: Griffith: L Collis 3, V Hathaway 3, D Keyter 3, T Clarke 2, D Bitcon 2, D Koehler

Coolamon: T O'Brien 3, R Guthrie 3, T Patterson 2

Best: Griffith: A Biron, V Hathaway, W Tyndall, R Tyndall, D Bitcon, R Spears

Coolamon: I Gillett, K Pleming, N Thompson, T Tipping, T Patterson, B Browne

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; R Carroll, R Spears, D Best; F Gambell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), L Maples; T Clarke, K Rowston, C Campbell; D Bitcon, D Koehler, V Hathaway; J Forbes

Coolamon: Pat Keogh, Keith Tipping, Tony Keogh; Mick Whybo, Neville Thompson, Brian Browne; Brian Bradley, Kevin Pleming, Ray Pieper; T. 'Bob' Patterson, Tom O'Brien, Ron Guthrie; Don Bell, Trevor Tipping, Arthur Richardson; Ian Gillett (c-c), John McKelvie, Ray Harris; C Cooper

Umpire: Mr Jones. Gate: £94/12/-

Reserves: Coolamon 7.7 (49) d Griffith 4.9 (33)

Best: T Rosengreen, J Diggelmann, J Forbes, A Nolan, B Young


Round 12 - Sunday July 5, 1959 at Whitton Recreation Ground

Whitton .... 2.2 .. 5.5 .. 8.9 .. 12.10 (82)

Griffith ..... 1.3 .. 1.7 .. 7.11 .. 10.14 (74)

Goals: Whitton: N Williams 4, W Box 4, G Williams 2, J Asmus, A O'Connell

Griffith: K Rowston 5, D Keyter 2, J Kloot, T Clarke, D Koehler

Best: Whitton: G Williams, W Box, E Thompson, N Williams, I Perrin, P Dunn

Griffith: D Keyter, D Koehler, T Clarke, J Kloot, R Spears, K Rowston

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; J Kloot, R Spears, D Best; F Gambell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), L Maples; T Clarke, K Rowston, C Campbell; D Bitcon, D Koehler, V Hathaway; R Carroll, J Forbes

Umpire: Gibbs (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 8.8 (56) d Whitton 2.4 (16)

Best: J Forbes, R Carroll, E Hill, A Smith, C Holt

Round 13 - Sunday July 12, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ............. 3.0 .. 8.2 .. 10.8 .. 15.11 (101)

Narrandera .... 5.2 .. 7.6 .. 8.9 .. 10.9 (69)

Goals: Griffith: K Rowston 4, J Kloot 3, B Young 2, D Bitcon 2, T Clarke 2, V Hathaway, D Keyter

Narrandera: L Dunne 4, K Osmond 2, C Briggs, D Durnan, B Waters, J Bloomfield

Best: Griffith: W Tyndall, V Hathaway, D Keyter, K Rowston, T Clarke, A Biron

Narrandera: R Hazelman, A Jackson, R Egan, A Boyle, L Dunne, J Cornish

Griffith: R Carroll, R Tyndall, A Biron; L Maples, R Spears, D Best; C Campbell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), T Clarke; B Young K Rowston, J Kloot; D Bitcon, D Koehler, V Hathaway; F Gambell, E Hill

Narrandera: Ron Hazelman, Athol Jackson, John Cornish; Barry Lipscombe, Alex Boyle (c-c), Ian Hinchley; Jim Pearson, Russ Turner, Cedric Briggs; Geoff Peacock, Robert Egan, Pat Adcock; Keith Osmond, Leo Dunne, Jim Bloomfield; Don Durnan, Gil Botten, Bruce Waters; Trevor Miller

Umpire: Val Hocking (VFL). Gate: £96/15/-

Reserves: Narrandera 7.10 (52) d Griffith 3.11 (29)

Best: J Forbes, A Smith, G Browne, T Rosengreen, M Goodger


Round 14 - Sunday July 19, 1959 at Ganmain Sportsground

Ganmain .... 4.0 .. 5.2 .. 9.6 .. 16.6 (102)

Griffith ....... 3.2 .. 6.6 .. 8.10 .. 13.12 (90)

Goals: Ganmain: T Carroll 9, D Carroll 2, J McCaig 2, Gerald Carroll, B Gilmore, A Brill

Griffith: D Keyter 4, K Rowston 3, L Maples 2, D Bitcon, D Koehler, B Young, T Clarke

Best: Ganmain: B Gilmore, N Thompson, Jim Crouch, T Carroll, A Brill, F Crouch

Griffith: D Keyter, A Biron, V Hathaway, R Tyndall, M Newman, D Koehler

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; R Carroll, J Fielder, D Best; C Campbell, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Keyter (c-c), T Clarke; B Young, K Rowston, D Koehler; D Bitcon, J Kloot, V Hathaway; L Maples, F Gambell

Umpire: W A Pantland (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 11.17 (83) d Ganmain 5.6 (36)

Best: J Forbes, D Hurst, A Smith, F Gambell, V O'Dwyer

Round 15 - Sunday July 26, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ........ 4.2 .. 10.6 .. 16.9 .. 20.11 (131)

Ardlethan ... 3.1 .. 4.3 .. 6.7 .. 8.9 (57)

Goals: Griffith: K Rowston 8, J Fielder 4, J Kloot 2, V Hathaway 2, D Keyter, D Koehler, B Young, T Clarke

Ardlethan: J Dean 3, J Kelly 2, J Minchin, R Stewart, J Thompson

Best: Griffith: V Hathaway, A Biron, K Rowston, W Tyndall, D Keyter, D Koehler, L Maples

Ardlethan: F Thompson, R Smith, R Stewart, J Kelly, C Hickey, J Dean

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; C Campbell, R Carroll, D Best; L Maples, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Koehler, T Clarke; B Young, J Fielder, K Rowston; D Keyter (c-c), J Kloot, V Hathaway; F Gambell, D Hurst

Ardlethan: Ray Smith, Fred Thompson, Merv Smith; Bob Henry, Barry Carroll, Jim Minchin; Col Hickey, Stan Wykes, Owen Guthrie; John Kelly, Jack Thompson, Fin Martin; Robert Stewart, John Stout, Brian Carroll; Jack Dean (c-c), John Stewart, Arthur Allen

Umpire: Bill Terrill (VFL). Gate: £66/16/-

Reserves: Griffith 7.11 (53) d Ardlethan 6.6 (42)

Best: J Forbes, A Smith, K Savage, C Pannan, A Nolan


Round 16 - Sunday August 2, 1959 at Leeton Showground

Leeton ..... 5.3 .. 7.3 .. 9.7 .. 11.10 (76)

Griffith .... 4.6 .. 5.10 .. 7.14 .. 11.20 (86)

Goals: Leeton: M Kruse 4, W Heath 3, G Swasbrick 2, D Allen, R Vivian

Griffith: K Rowston 5, D Koehler 3, T Clarke, J Kloot, V Hathaway

Best: Leeton: D Allen, K Howe, D Howe, J Hillman, M Stiller

Griffith: A Biron, D Keyter, V Hathaway, K Rowston, L Maples, R Carroll

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; C Campbell, R Carroll, D Best; L Maples, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Koehler, T Clarke; B Young, J Fielder, K Rowston; D Keyter (c-c), J Kloot, V Hathaway; F Gambell, J Diggelmann

Umpire: Stan Fisher (VFL)

Reserves: Leeton 5.11 (41) d Griffith 4.8 (32)

Best: G Ashcroft, D Dreyer, C Pannan, D Hurst, J Forbes

Round 17 - Sunday August 9, 1959 at Griffith Showground

Griffith ............. 1.2 .. 3.5 .. 5.8 .. 8.12 (60)

Turvey Park ... 3.1 .. 5.4 .. 11.6 .. 13.11 (89)

Goals: Griffith: K Rowston 3, D Keyter 2, V Hathaway, J Kloot, B Young

Turvey Park: G Kingston 4, J Nolan 2, F Gallagher 2, J Mulqueeney, K Lyons, D Przibilla, T McNamara, N McLennan

Best: Griffith: D Keyter, V Hathaway, K Rowston, R Spears, R Carroll, R Tyndall

Turvey Park: F Arrowsmith, J Nolan, K Murphy, J Keating, N McLennan, D Przibilla

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; J Fielder, R Spears, D Best; L Maples, W Tyndall, M Newman; L Collis, D Koehler, T Clarke; F Gambell, J Kloot, K Rowston; D Keyter (c-c), R Carroll, V Hathaway; B Young, J Diggelmann

Turvey Park: Geoff Nye, Jack Keating, Ron Langridge; Pat Harrison, Rex Burge, Tom Murphy; G Charlton, Trevor McNamara, Fred Arrowsmith; John Nolan, Fred Gallagher (c-c), Norm McLennan; Garry Murphy, Geoff Kingston, Don Przibilla; John Mulqueeney, Bon Thomson, Ken Lyons; Chic Baker, Lou Cox

Umpire: Len Eddy (VFL). Gate: £135/6/-

Reserves: Turvey Park 11.17 (83) d Griffith 3.10 (28)

Best: A Smith, J Ford, J Diggelmann, T Rosengreen


Round 18 - Sunday August 16, 1959 at Ariah Park Recreation Ground

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 3.2 .. 8.7 .. 11.8 .. 13.12 (90)

Griffith ......................... 8.1 .. 9.3 .. 13.6 .. 14.8 (92)

Goals: AP-M: Bernie Bryce 4, J Dunn 2, R Stiller 2, J Quade, E Johnstone, I Manning, Brian Walker, M Steele

Griffith: D Keyter 5, R Carroll 3, K Rowston 2, V Hathaway 2, B Young, D Bitcon

Best: AP-M: J Quade, Bob Howard, E Johnstone, P Quade, M Steele

Griffith: D Best, D Bitcon, R Spears, V Hathaway, A Biron

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Tyndall, A Biron; J Fielder, R Spears, D Best; L Maples, D Bitcon, M Newman; L Collis, D Koehler, T Clarke; B Young, D Keyter (c-c), K Rowston; J Kloot, R Carroll, V Hathaway; F Gambell, J Diggelmann

Umpire: Armstrong (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 11.11 (77) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 9.7 (61)

Best: G Ashcroft, J Forbes, W Tyndall, A Smith, F Knox

First Semi Final - Sunday August 23, 1959 at Gissing Oval

Leeton ..... 6.3 .. 14.10 .. 19.16 .. 21.20 (146)

Whitton ... 3.3 .. 3.6 .. 5.8 .. 9.15 (69)

Goals: Leeton: W Heath 6, D Allen 4, D Lyons 3, G Swasbrick 2, G Mullenger 2, B Swasbrick 2, M Kruse, D Howe

Whitton: E Williams 2, Ted Thompson 2, W Box, G Williams, P O'Connell, I Perrin, P Dunn

Best: Leeton: D Allen, R Harris, D Howe, G Mullenger, G Swasbrick, D Lyons

Whitton: P Dunn, M Tuckett, W Box, I Perrin, E Williams, G Tuckett

Leeton: George Mullenger (c-c), Ray Stockton, Les Stockton, John Hillman, Max Kruse, Jim Fuller, Kevin Howe, Des Howe, Geoff Swasbrick, Barry Swasbrick, Ed Gladman, Merv Stiller, Don Allen, Des Lyons, Owen Lyons, Bill Heath, Ron Harris, J Schlitz, Eddie Allen, Ron Vivian

Whitton: Ian Perrin (c-c), Paddy O'Connell, Barry Staff, Trevor Hyde, Bernie 'Rusty' Kelly, Max Tuckett, Geoff Tuckett, Les Thompson, Ted Thompson, Edwin Williams, George Williams, Neville Williams, Reg Hyde, Max Gibbs, Peter Briggs, John Asmus, Pat Dunn, Jack Tuckett, Bob Painting

Umpire: Kevin Jackson (VFL). Gate: £

Reserves: Narrandera 16.12 (108) d Coolamon 6.6 (42)

Second Semi Final - Sunday August 30, 1959 at Leeton Showground

Turvey Park ... 2.3 .. 5.6 .. 8.9 .. 10.13 (73)

Coolamon ...... 2.4 .. 3.7 .. 9.10 .. 11.15 (81)

Goals: Turvey Park: G Kingston 5, R Burge 2, K Murphy, N McLennan, J Mulqueeney

Coolamon: T Tipping 3, T O'Brien 3, A Richardson 3, Bob Patterson 2

Best: Turvey Park: F Gallagher, T Murphy, T McNamara, G Nye, N Morrow, D Przibilla

Coolamon: B Browne, I Gillett, M Reid, J Reid, T Tipping, N Thompson

Umpire: Watt (VFL). Gate: £

Reserves: Turvey Park 16.15 (111) d Leeton 4.16 (40)

Preliminary Final - Sunday September 6, 1959 at Ganmain Sportsground

Turvey Park ... 4.4 .. 7.7 .. 10.11 .. 16.14 (110)

Leeton ............ 4.3 .. 6.7 .. 11.11 .. 13.15 (87)

Goals: Turvey Park : G Kingston 7, G Hoare 3, K Lyons 3, J Mulqueeney 2, F Gallagher, N McLennan

Leeton: W Heath 6, J Fuller 3, B Swasbrick 2, D Allen, L Stockton

Best: Turvey Park: N Morrow, K Lyons, G Nye, G Kingston, P Wilkins, N McLennan

Leeton: B Swasbrick, D Allen, J Fuller, M Stiller, D Howe, W Heath

Umpire: Kevin Sevior (VFL). Gate: £

Reserves: Leeton 13.8 (86) d Narrandera 12.10 (82)

Grand Final - Sunday September 13, 1959 at Narrandera Sportsground

Coolamon ...... 5.3 .. 9.4 .. 9.8 .. 13.11 (89)

Turvey Park ... 4.4 .. 4.5 .. 11.9 .. 11.11 (77)

Goals: Coolamon: B Patterson 4, T O'Brien 3, A Richardson 2, I Gillett 2, R Inch, J McKelvie

Turvey Park: K Lyons 3, F Gallagher 3, G Kingston 2, G Hoare, N Morrow, N McLennan

Best: Coolamon: I Gillett, T Tipping, B Patterson, M Reid, R Hilton, J Reid, N Thompson

Turvey Park: G Nye, K Lyons, T McNamara, N Morrow, J Nolan, G Hoare

Coolamon: Mal Anderson, Keith Tipping, Malcolm Reid; Tony Keogh, Neville Thompson, Brian Browne; Ron Hilton, Kevin Pleming, Ray 'Dick' Pieper; John Reid, Bob 'Blue' Patterson, Ross Inch; Trevor Tipping, Tom O'Brien, Arthur Richardson; Ian Gillett (c-c), John McKelvie, Pat Keogh; Jack Buchanan, Don Bell

Turvey Park: Geoff Nye, Tom Murphy, Ron Langridge; Jack Keating, Rex Burge, Pat Harrison; Noel Morrow, Trevor McNamara, Fred Arrowsmith; John Nolan, Fred Gallagher (c-c), Norm McLennan; Peter Wilkins, Geoff Kingston, Gil Hoare; John Mulqueeney, Bob Thomson, Ken Lyons; Chic Baker, Garry Murphy

Umpire: Dudley Ridley (VFL). Gate: £ 1,281/-/-)

Second 18: Turvey Park 15.13 (103) d Leeton 13.14 (92)

Schoolboys: Ganmain Zone 12.13 (87) d Leeton Zone 8.6 (54)


First Grade: Best & Fairest - Gammage Medal

27 - Peter Box (Grong Grong-Matong); 25 - Ian Gillett (Coolamon); 22 - Bill Box (Whitton); 20 - Vic Hathaway (Griffith); 18 - Don Keyter (Griffith); 15 - Fred Thompson (Ardlethan); 13 - Pat Quade (Ariah Park-Mirrool); 12 - Brian Browne (Coolamon), Gerald Carroll (Ganmain), Cedric Briggs (Narrandera), Rex Burge (Turvey Park), Pat Dunn (Whitton); 11 - Les Stockton (Leeton), Geoff Kingston (Turvey Park); 10 - Arthur Richardson (Coolamon), Brian Gilmore (Ganmain), Don Bitcon (Griffith), Alex Boyle (Narrandera).

Reserve Grade: Best & Fairest - Lanham Trophy

17 - Ron Guthrie (Ganmain); 13 - John Forbes (Griffith); 12 - Bob Parmenter (Ganmain), Peter Clayton (Leeton); 11 - Noel Sivior (Ardlethan); 10 - Frank Williamson (Coolamon), Geoff Harvey (Leeton), Peter Wilkins (Turvey Park).

Debuts: Colin 'Peter' Campbell, Robert Eddy, Errol Hill, Don Keyter, Doug Koehler, Graham Lockett, Lenny Maples, Kevin Rowston. 
Final Games / Goals: Colin 'Peter' Campbell (11 / 0), Robert Eddy (1 / 1), Don Hurst (86 / 41), Graham Lockett (3 / 0), Lenny Maples (15 / 4).

Reserves: Gordon Ashcroft, Gordon Browne, Kevin Browne, Terry Brown, John Dart, Noel Doyle, Denny Dreyer, Kevin Farrell, Jim Ford, Noel Forscutt, Max Goodger, Ross Hams, Charlie Head, Bob Heir, Norm Hill, Colin Holt, Greg Hore, David Hull, Graham James, Kevin Jones, Frank Knox, Don Maples, Tony Nolan, Tony O'Brien, Charlie Owen, Tim Rosengreen, Allan Smith, Hal. Wilson, Bob Young.

1959 Griffith Australian Rules Football Club Awards 
Saturday, August 29, 1959 at R.S.L. Hall
Best & Fairest: Vic Hathaway - (Griffith Timbers)
Most Consistent: Don Best - (Hugh McLean)
Most Improved: Kevin Rowston - (Jack Davidge)
Second XVIII
Best & Fairest: John Forbes -  (Ladies Auxiliary)
Most Consistent: Allan Smith - (Fred Bell) 
Most Improved: Ray Davies - (Roy Martin)
Special Awards
Best Club man 'player':  Colin Pannan - (Ted Withnell)  
Best Club man 'non player': Jim Overs - (Dick Bitcon) 
Outstanding service on the p
laying field:  Don Keyter - (Fred Bell)

by Onlooker
Sports Minded (18/5/59)
What a great sporting  town Griffith is.
The duel win by our gents and ladies basketball teams further illustrates our sporting prowess.
Griffith is 'Cock of the walk' in motor cycle racing and basketball.
We won the Group 20 and Southern N.S.W Rugby League Championship; the soccer team is going well in the Riverina competition; our golfers are amongst the top in Riverina; tennis is booming, and we can muster a pretty fair cricket X1.
Our hockey girls swept all before them until they ran out of opponents and we can lick most centres in table tennis, not to mention bowls, polo crosse and a dozen or so other sports, including darts. As a matter of fact, 'we're the most.'

Hand Forced (25/5/59)
This 'par' critical as it appears, has been forced on me because a certain Aussie Rules scribe has not learn't the meaning of the old proverb, 'Let sleeping dogs lie.'
In last week's column I wrote an article about how strong sport was in Griffith and how certain sections of sport we could more than hold our own with other centres.
I deliberately refrained from mentioning Aussie Rules for reasons mentioned later in this 'par.'
This scribe said I was 'not on the ball' in failing to mention about Aussie Rules.
I don't know what I could have mentioned except to say that the local Aussie Rules team has not even made the four for the last five seasons and that they've only won one premiership ever since they have been playing SWDFL football and that was way back in 1952.
Of course I could have mentioned that the Aussie Rules missed the boat in the race to form a "Club' and that when I first came here years ago Aussie Rules was 'King pin' in local sport.
Rugby was on the outer but the position is completely reversed today.
Rugby League is riding on the 'crest of a wave of prosperity' and will continue that way.
Local Aussie Rules gates a few seasons doubled that of Rugby.
Today they're lucky to get half as much.
When you consider that struggling little centres like Ganmain, Coolamon, Grong Grong and Ariah Park have better performances than the Griffith Club over the past five years I don't think there's anything to boast about.
A claim that the Griffith Rules had the edge on other centres could not be justified and not wishing to say anything to the detriment of the code - kept silent.
I hope that when I review the different sports at the end of the year, I can mention Aussie Rules and back my claim by putting after the Griffith Club the words - 1959 premiers.

Underated (25/5/59)
I don't claim to be an authority on Aussie Rules but a 'par' about the forth-coming Farrer vs SWDFL game got my back up.
Writing about Griffith players who may make the grade - this scribe, wrote that Bitcon, Keyter and possible Hathaway would gain selection.
Being very familiar with the performances of Vic Hathaway over the past few seasons I'd say he would rate more than a 'perhaps' chance.
Vic is a Gammage Medal winner and they don't get those awards in 'breakfast food.'
Vic seldom turns in a bad performance and is one of the most consistent players in the South West.
Some fans are prepared to rate him as one of the best locals ever to don the red and white guernsey.

Hard One (29/6/59)
Whom do you rate the best Aussie Rules player to ever come to Griffith?
Immediately you will think of such players as Geoff Willis, Keith Shea, Tom Roulent and Tom Allen.
My Aussie Rules authority (Jack Wood) and he's been associated with the game ever since it was played here, maintains that Don Keyter is the most consistent and valuable player to don the red and white Griffith guernsey. 
He argues that Roulent, Shea, Allen and Willis were mighty players but played in spasms, whereas, Keyter is going all the time.
Don Keyter certainly displayed a brilliant brand of football since his arrival here and was one of the stars in the recent Farrer - SWDFL match.
Following his exhibition in that match, several clubs have made a feeler for his services for the 1960 season.
Leeton is reported to be interested in signing him up.
The Griffith Club has a twelve months contract with Keyter but have an option on his services and from what I hear they'll be keen to take up the option.   -  Riverina Advocate - Onlooker (alias Keith Smith). 

Further Advance to Coach (25/3/59)
The President, Dick Bitcon reported the coach (Don Keyter) had requested the payment of his first week's salary of £35 before the end of the week which was actually one week before it was due.
He had pointed out to the coach that the Club had been more than generous to him already.
Keyter had agreed to that but had to have money to make payment on car.
He was agreeable to the Club taking weekly payments from his salary until his advances had been liquidated.
Several speakers said something would have to be done about the repeated requests for advance payments.
Roy Taysom / Ron Hathaway, "The coach be advanced £35 but £15 be deducted from all future payments until he has squared up all advances."

Publicity in Area News (16/4/59)
The President said everyone had seen the write-ups in the paper. These articles had been written by Jack Luhrs who was being paid by the Area News and not by either of the Club's two appointed Publicity Officers.
Before accepting the job Mr. Luhrs had contacted him as he didn't want to be at cross purposes with the Club's appointees.
As the Publicity Officers seemed unlikely to contribute very much, if any, the Club now at least would get some mention through the paper.

Ticket Secretary (16/4/59)
The President said that the position of Ticket Secretary was not being filled very satisfactorily and he felt the Club was losing a lot of money that was always forthcoming early in the season.
It was possible Mr. Carey was still tied up in his own employment but he should have advised his the Club of his circumstances.
He suggested Mr. Carey be contacted and asked his intentions but in the meantime a temporary Ticket Secretary should be appointed.
After discussion it was moved Ron Hathaway / John Smith, "That Ern Myott be appointed to act as Ticket Secretary in a temporary capacity pending further advice from Mr. Carey."

Riverina Broadcasters 2WG (16/4/59)
Seeking information regarding Club  activities for inclusion in 2WG Australian Rules session broadcast on Friday night at 9.00 pm.
Fred Savage offered to act as Club correspondent to 2WG and his offer was accepted.

Ladies Auxiliary (16/4/59) 
The President said the Ladies Auxiliary had held their annual meeting. A new executive had been elected and from the interest and enthusiasm already shown it seem likely the Auxiliary would have a few more members.
He had spoken to Mrs Betty Griggs, the new President concerning the idea of one treasurer handling all the Club's monies.
He had explained that the Auxiliary's money would be placed in a separate account and he suggested it be the old Social Club Committee account at the National Bank.
The Ladies meeting had agreed to this set up and the Club Treasurer (Bill Simmons) and one of either the Auxiliary's President or Treasurer would sign cheques. 

Hot Soup (16/4/59)
Ern Myott said the offer of Mrs Spears, rejected by the coach Don Keyter, to provide hot soup of the broth type for the players at half time should be kept in mind for when the days become colder. 

Meeting Night (16/4/59)
Ern Myott suggested that Thursday night meetings did not suit all committee members and a change of night should be considered.
Fred Holt / Jim Fielder, "Regular meetings be held on the Tuesday nights before each home game."


Coach and Ex-Servicemen's Club (28/4/59)
The position of the coach Don Keyter and his suspension from the Ex-Servicemen's Club was fully discussed and it was finally decided to take no action to have any review of the case by the committee of the Ex-Servicemen's Club. 

Insurance on Coach (28/4/59) 
The Secretary, Neil Griggs reported on a visit from a representative of A.M.I. Company.
After discussion it was moved Ern Myott / Fred Savage, "The coach be insured under Individual Accident cover for £20 per week at a cost of £22 and that a further clause be inserted into the contract with the coach that if he is injured these insurances payments be part payment of his £35 per week."

Donation from Squires (28/4/59)
The President said the Club had secured 2 dozen pairs of sox and two new guernseys from Squires. Mr. Ted Withnell had donated these goods to the Club. It was decided to thank Mr. Withnell for his generous gesture and to give him a members and two ladies tickets.

Marching Girls (14/5/59)
Ron Charles said he had been approached by the executive of the Griffith Marching Girls asking permission to put on an exhibition at half time on the day of the Leeton game and to be allowed to take up a collection.
Bob Ledwidge / Bill Fielder, "Permission be granted." 

New Committeeman to replace Carey (26/5/59)
John Smith / Neil Griggs both said they had approached Jack Hathaway to stand for vacant committee position and he agreed to stand.
Ern Myott said he had Mr. Jim Overs consent to nominate him. Joe Tyndall nominated Mr. Bill O'Dwyer.
Roy Taysom asked if it was constitutional for the committee to make the appointment. Joe Tyndall said several of the committee were not giving much help and there was plenty of work to do - a full time active committee was needed.
The Secretary said the Constitution of the Club had been under review for some time but it gave the committee power to replace any committee member who did not attend three consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse.
Fred Clarke said Hugh McLean had also agreed to stand for the vacant position.
Roy Taysom / Ron Hathaway, "The position of Ticket Secretary to which J. Carey had been elected at the Annual meeting be declared vacant."
Joe Tyndall / Fred Diggelmann, "Ern Myott be elected to the position."
Ern Myott / Ken Scammell, "One appointment be made to the committee."
The following were nominated Messrs., Jim Overs, Jack Hathaway, Hugh McLean and Bill O'Dwyer.
A ballot resulted in Hugh McLean being elected.
Mr. McLean came into the meeting and was welcomed by the President who said he was sure, from past  experience, that Mr. McLean would do a grand job. Mr. McLean said he would do all he could for the Club.

Forming a Club (9/6/59)
The President said that the idea of forming a Club should be kept well in mind and recalled for those not at the meeting the proposition regarding the Golf Club House and also gave details of title of ground on which the Club was situated.
Roy Taysom said the Football Club had always been given wonderful support by the Ex-Servicemen's Club and he was sure that if they were again seeking help that support would still be forthcoming.
The Secretary said he had been reliably informed that the Golf Club had been granted an extension of 12 months tenure of their present links.
The President said he was not over keen running the football club on the returns of poker machines and beer.
Another aspect that had to be considered was if the larger towns formed clubs and financed top class teams they would eventually monopolise the competition at the expense of teams from smaller centres.
After a lot of discussion it was moved Fred Holt / Ron Hathaway, "The matter of forming a Club be left in abeyance."

Resignation from Committeemen (9/6/59)
The Secretary reported that Terry Wood had told him he wished to resign from the committee owing to other commitments.
He had asked Mr. Wood for a written resignation but he had said a verbal one should do.
Mr. Wood had said he would do all he could for the Club and would still continue to help with the schoolboys.
Ken Scammell / Ron Charles, "The resignation of Terry Wood from the committee be accepted."
It was decided to make a new appointment at the next meeting.
Appointment of Ian Salmon (7/7/59)
The President said he had approached Mr. Ian Salmon who had agreed to stand for the position.
No other nomination was forthcoming: Ron Hathaway / Jim Fielder, "Mr. Salmon be elected to the committee."
The President said Mr. Salmon was in the Ex-Servicemen's Club and it was decided to invite him to the meeting.
The President introduced Mr. Salmon to the meeting and in welcoming him said he was sure his help would be of value to the Club.
Mr. Salmon said he was happy to join the committee and would do all he could to assist with the affairs of the Club.

Spastic Council Collection (7/7/59)
The President said £4.4.8 had been collected at the Coolamon game for the Spastic Council. 
Ted Withnell / Joe Tyndall, "This amount be increased to 10, the balance being a donation from the Club." 

Turvey Park Game Arrangements (4/8/59)
Gates: Bill Simmons, Fred Diggelman, Ron Hathaway, Jerry Smith, Ian Salmon. Goal Umpires: Ron Charles, Bob Ledwidge.
Timekeepers: Fred Holt, Frank Tyndall. 2nd XV111 Umpire: Jim Keogh.
Raffle: Ern Myott reported Mr Bob King had donated a suitcase and a rug to be raffled at this game.
It was decided to accept Mr. King's donation with Joe Tyndall to be in charge.
Programmes: After discussion it was decided to obtain 1,000 programmes on motion Roy Taysom / Ron Charles.

Delegates Report (18/8/59)
The President reported he and the Secretary had attended the delegates meeting of the SWDFL on August 17 from which items of interest were:-
(a) Affiliation Application from Wagga Football Club: After their delegates had presented Wagga's case and application the matter had been fully discussed and the application was unanimously rejected - the main reason being the bye that would be created if the Wagga Club was accepted.
The SWDFL also felt 10 team competition quite big enough but would give Wagga consideration if any of the present affiliated teams withdrew.
(b) Australian Rules in High Schools: A letter from the Minister for Education, Mr. Heffron in answer to a request by the League for Australian Rules to be played in local and district High Schools contained the same old tale about the rugby code having an organised competition in the  schools.
The SWDFL had decided to have the letter published in district papers together with comments from the SWDFL secretary.
(c) Gate Arangements for Finals: On the request from the Ganmain Club it was decided to introduce the ticket system at the gates for all final games - sellers to collect admission money and issue tickets which would be taken inside the gates by collectors appointed by the League.
(d) The claim from the Griffith Club for £15 for compensation and medical expenses incurred through injury to Don Keyter in Inter-League game was passed for payment without query.
(e) Missing SWDFL Guernsey worn by Don Keyter: The explanation by the Griffith Club secretary concerning the missing guernsey was accepted.
Mr. Petts the property steward for the day definitely verified the information as given by the Club, and the Griffith Club and Keyter were exonerated from all liability in the matter.
(f) The Inter-League game had shown a profit of £754 which was £377 to each League. The SWDFL had also cleared £100 from the raffle.
Roy Taysom / Ron Charles, "The report be received."
Raffles and Doubles Report (24/8/59)
Ernie Myott reported that raffles for the year had returned £251 and doubles to date £330.16.0.
The President commended Mr. Myott on his efficient work in the handling of doubles and raffles and also Joe Tyndall on his organising of the raffles.

by Neil Griggs
Selectors (2/4/59)
Some of the new faces are on this year's selection committee with Fred Savage being the only one of last season's 'men of decision' on the panel. The new panel are Fred Clarke and Neil Griggs replacing Ern Myott and Joe Tyndall, who have decided to have a break from this thankless job. Don Keyter and vice-captain Vic Hathaway take the places vacated by Tom Allen and Rod Burgoyne - so their will probably are some new ideas in the selection of future teams.

Cornstalks 2/4/59)
Two of the players revealing form in the Griffith training sessions are Bob Eddy and Graham Lockett from South Australia and both are likely to be strong contenders for a place in the First 18. 
 Bob still has a bit of condition to get off but being  6ft. 4ins. and over 14 stone is the type of player badly needed in the Griffith team. Coach, Don Keyter feels sure that Bob will become a very handy ruckman. Considerably smaller, Graham is revealing a lot of dash and should prove an ideal defender.  

Keen Leader (9/4/59)
If the Griffith Club does not enjoy a successful season it will no fault of newly elected President, Dick Bitcon, who already, in a few weeks, done a vast amount of work for the club and the players. Dick ably led the club at the end of last season when President, Noble Guild left for Shepparton, and is carrying on his good work most enthusiastically. If his enthusiasm is contagious, Dick should have a keen committee right behind him this year. 

Auxiliary (16/4/59)
As a result of the election at the annual meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Griffith Club some new faces will be seen on the executive positions this year. The meeting was well attended and the executives was elected as follows: President, Mrs Betty Griggs; Secretary, Mrs Iris Savage and Treasurer, Mrs Jean Fielder. Whilst it is pleasing to see new faces coming along it will be hard to visualise the Auxiliary without Mrs Mary Collins at the helm. Mary has been President of the Auxiliary for quite a few years and done a power of work for the Cub.
Club officials revealed appreciation of her services two years ago when she was honoured with Life Membership. 

Two Champions (23/4/59) 
Followers of the Griffith team have been privileged to see two really top class footballers in dominant action in two successive Sunday's.
At Grong Grong, Peter Box turned on a sparkling exhibition to lift his team to victory over Griffith whose Don Keyter had rather a quite day.
Don, however, left no doubt as to his outstanding ability last Sunday, as by example he inspired the Griffith 18 to give one of the best exhibitions seen. Players of the ability of Keyter and Box can do nothing but improve the standard of the game in the SWDFL. 

Record Score (23/4/59)
Griffith's big score against Ariah Park-Mirrool recently led to some research for the highest SWDFL total recorded.
Coolamon easily holds that honour by scoring 44.28 (292) points against Grong Grong in 1939 in a game played at Coolamon.
Another record from this game that has stood the test of time and seems likely for quite a long time is the 28 goals kicked by Coolamon's full forward, ex-Ganmain, Carlton and Hawthorn player, Jack Green.

A Boost (23/4/59)
On the Australian Rules radio broadcast sessions last Friday night - the talented Grong Grong-Matong coach, Peter Box said that in his opinion the standard of SWDFL was better than the Melbourne League seconds or Victorian Association.
That is a very high rating for a country competition but Peter has experienced both League and Association football and should have some idea of the form.

Two Needed (14/5/59)
A very keen follower of the National code and the Griffith team, after the game at Narrandera on Sunday was so enthusiastic about the performance of coach Don Keyter that he remarked, "Let us get another one like him, we won't have to worry about the other 16 then." 
Don certainly turned in a magnificent exhibition against Narrandera but he would be first to admit that it takes 18 players to make a team.

Mascots (14/5/59)
Those two youngsters noticed at recent games arrayed in full glory of a complete Griffith outfits are sons of former Griffith player, and now well-known commentator Jack Luhrs.
Grant and Glenn (pictured) have apparently gained their parent's enthusiasm for the code and could in a few years show Dad how to play the game. If they come up to Jack's rating, Griffith or some other team will get two really good players.

A Local Hero (14/5/59)
For his weekly interview, commentator Jack Luhrs, got among the schoolboys at the Showground last Saturday afternoon and one young 'Coleman' interviewed had a Griffith player as his idol - Billy Tyndall being his favourite player.
Bill's team mates on Sunday reckoned he must have spent a lot on ice creams to get this lad's interest but it is certain that if his admirer develops into a player of Bill's calibre some team will gar a grand player in the future.

Big Hearted (25/5/59)
A leg injury causing the unavailability of Don Best gave Johnny Forbes his first game of the year in the Senior 18, last Sunday.
'Forbsie', whose small frame encases a big sized heart, proved equal to the occasion and his safe and clever defence on the half back flank turned many Ardlethan sorties and he contributed his share towards the Griffith victory. 

Herculean Effort (11/6/59)
Coach, Don Keyter turned in a brilliant exhibition of almost non-stop rucking against Turvey Park last Sunday to take the unanimous vote as the best player afield.
Don played tirelessly and provided many chances for his rovers who, however, did not take advantage of the plentiful opportunities.
Two SWDFL selectors saw Don in action on Sunday and nothing could be more certain that he will be the first one picked for the game against the neighbouring Farrer League on June 21.

On Top (18/6/59)
Griffith might not be top of the ladder for football but the Club certainly has the best boundary umpires set-up in the League.
Unlike other clubs Griffith does not forget the Seconds game and it's central umpire always has two responsible boundary umpires correctly and neatly attired for each game.
George Coggan, Noel Tyndall, Rod Burgoyne and Vic Ledwidge are the men concerned and they are doing a really good job for the Club.

Good Effort (25/6/59)
Griffith representative in the SWDFL seconds team last Sunday, Len Maples played a good game - with little help from his fellow forwards, bagged two goals. The South West attack was generally clueless against the strong, virile Farrer defenders and it was this unchanged weakness that was the main contributing factor in their defeat.
Great Tussle (2/7/59)
Spectators at the Griffith - Coolamon game last Sunday witnessed one of the best ruck duels anyone could - as former South Melbourne teammates, Don Keyter and Ian Gillett battled for supremacy. Both were a inspiration to their fellow players and on the day there was little between them. Gillett, bigger and stronger might have just taken the edge at the centre bounce but Keyter's greater pace and mobility saw him cover much more territory and 'honours even' would be a decision that should make the most partisan follower of either team happy.

Best of Day (2/7/59)
Bill Biron played his best game for a long time against Coolamon and was the popular choice of best player afield. Playing in the back pocket he was the key man in a very solid Griffith defence and did a terrific job. 

Bill was keen for a run on the ball in the last quarter but was told by the coach Don Keyter. "No dice, you are doing too well back there".
And sure enough it was his grand play that did much to control Coolamon's desperate last quarter rally and one glorious mark he pulled down won for him another 'best mark of the day' award.

Happy Switch 9/7/59)
The switch of Kevin Rowston to full forward after veteran Tiger's full back Ted Thompson had blanketed Don Bitcon paid good dividends for Griffith at Whitton last Sunday. 
 Kevin took some glorious high marks and finished with five goals but if he had been able to kick straighter could have reached double figures. However, he was not the only one of the Griffith players off target.
One day Kevin will have his right boots on and the Griffith total will then get a decent boost.  


Protection (9/7/59)
Umpire F. Warwick (pictured) officiating at the Coolamon - Grong Grong-Matong game last Sunday apparently didn't please the fans for when the crowd invaded the ground at three quarter time their remarks were so derogatory and frank that the local officer of the law, Sergeant Tom Crossley also went to stand by. Nothing untoward happened, however, and umpire Warwick got safely away.
Reports from the ten games (Farrer and SWDFL) at which five umpires officiated were all bad but as (The Daily Advertiser) scribe Ted Ryder wrote on Tuesday there can't be many bad ones left to come so perhaps from now on the standard will improve. All fans hope so anyway.

Happy Function (23/7/59)
The ladies night and social on Monday, July 13 was a very enjoyable and happy function. There was a good roll up of players and committee - the music was lively, supper was plentiful and tasty and a number of very good items really topped off a great evening's entertainment.
Tim Clarke led the washing up squad with the same verve he displays on the field whilst Jack Mitchell did a great job in the kitchen.

Looking Ahead (30/7/59)
Don Keyter, who incidentally informed the executive of the Club that he would be staying on as coach for 1960 already, has the Griffith team in the finals next season. He reckons they have been unlucky this season in several games and he says it is 'London to a brick,' Griffith will make the finals next year. All supporters of the team hope Don's forecast is right and if enthusiasm of the coach and the players count for anything it has a lot in it's favour.

Barrackers (6/8/59)
The Griffith team has some very vociferous and voluble supporters and competition between the two cheer squads  - male and female, has been keenly contested. After last week at Leeton, however, the barracking title has been awarded to the fairer sex and they take out the award of a packet of throat drops each. It was a blow that several men edged away and left the good ladies to barrack alone but the elimination of No. 1 man, Joe Tyndall by Dot Carroll was a big upset of the day and definitely turned the tide in the ladies favour.


Building Up (6/8/59)
Promising young Griffith player Odey 'Oscar' Biron has returned from Sydney on the milk, etc., diet on account of his stomach trouble but he reckons he will be O.K. to don the red and white guernsey once again next season.

 All followers of the team wish him a speedy recovery from his complaint and hope to see him at his vigorous best next season. 

If he can emulate his brother Bill he certainly will be an asset to the team.

In Form (13/8/59)
Griffith full back Bob Tyndall has been at the peak of form in recent games and in the past two weeks when opposed to the two leading goalkickers of the competition has finished on top. At Leeton, big Bill Heath could only tally three goals and last Sunday brilliant Turvey Park full forward, Geoff Kingston, also had a lean time with Kingston scoring four majors but presented with two of them by the umpire whom he thought was Santa Claude dispensing gifts. 

Disappointed (20/8/59)
The Griffith Second 18 were very disappointed at missing out on the finals. Thinking they only had to defeat Ariah Park-Mirrool to qualify they battled very hard all the game to just outlast the Combines but they had not reckoned on the Coolamon 'Joker in the woodpile' and their surprise defeat of Leeton saw them replacing Griffith in the four. The local team, however, has enjoyed a good season and many promising young players in the line-up should again be a force to be reckoned next season. 

Schoolboys (20/8/59)
The playing season ended for Griffith Schoolboys teams last Saturday when in the morning High School defeated St. Brendan's by two points after a very exciting game for the Advocate Shield trophy of the local under 13 competition.
In the afternoon Narrandera easily defeated Griffith in the final of the Leeton Zone under 12 competition.

Farewell (27/8/59)
The Griffith Club will take the opportunity to bid farewell to a good clubman and vice-president, Roy Taysom at Saturday's night's function. 
Roy has been a staunch supporter of the Club and his transfer to Townsville will be a big loss.
All club members congratulate him on his promotion and wish Roy, his wife Flora and family every happiness in their new home.

A Star (10/9/59)
A potential star for next season was unearthed last Saturday afternoon between Beelbangera and Griffith in a charity game with the Griffith District Ambulance been the beneficiary.
'Young' Toddy Smith playing at full forward for Beelbangera was in deadly form to score seven of his team's eight goals.
After the game there was keen competition between Griffith stalwart, Ern Myott and Beelbangera Secretary, Norm Coleman to sign Toddy up for next season but as yet he hasn't committed himself and says he will wait and see what shape he will be in next year.
Incidentally for anyone interested despite a "Phar Lap" finish by Beelbangera, Griffith won the game 10.13 (73) to 8.6 (54).