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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 1, 1997 - No. 9 

A hard-fought win in wet conditions under lights against Collingullie-Ashmont was a good way to bounce back. Te win was the result of a good team effort. The non-contract players awards were $130 to Tony "BP" Mahar, $70 to Danny "Pants" Baxter, $50 to Jamie "Punter" Bennett, $30 to Trevor "Pyro" Clarke and $20 to Dean "Ginger" Jamieson.
The players' player award was eon by Danny Baxter. Other good players were Graeme "Tiger" Woods, Don "Ducky" Moran and Anthony "Ants" Pavey. 
A good win by the 2nds in difficult conditions. The awards were $30 to Glen "Lizard" Smith, $20 to Brent "Cat" Hathaway, and $10 to Jason Joocy" Catanzariti. The players' player award went to David "Slug" Gee and the Mus' Mug went to Mark "Rowdy" McCormack.
The Under 18's battled very hard after some poor kicking for goal early to go on and defeat the previously undefeated ladder leaders. A top win by the guys. Let's see if we can keep it up. The best players included Stuart Davies, Justin Barry, Michael Elliott, Rodney Duncan and Ben Kotzur. 
Thanks to the ladies that provided the food for the casserole day. It was much appreciated by those who attended. Also, thanks to those who made the effort to go on the Mystery Bus trip.
This weekend we are spending sixty seconds with our favourite boy Dean Jamieson.
Nicknames: Ginger, TB, Denzi, Fat Boy. Recruited from: Where else. Career highlight: Palming of Don Moran at training. Career ambition: To palm off Anthony Pavey. Fav pastimes: Stealing coaches' meals, balancing girlfriends, lying, going to the Commercial Hotel, lighting fires. Fav clothing: Hers. Fav TV show: Humphrey B Bear. Claim to fame: The palm off. Likes: Free food after training, sturgeons, Mondays at tech. Fav food: Anthony Pavey's lasagna. Most admired person: Phil Pavey. Most embarrassing moment: Being caught at Digger Doggies House. sleeping with his favourite sheep (Mimi).

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