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 1988 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 5, 1988 - No. 8 

Like Roy Agresta at the races, we were down early, then up, broke even but failed in the last. Our first stanza saw us down 6 goals in a big loser. The second was ‘Gobble Gobble’ money as we piled on eight to lead by 10 points at half time. The third was unproductive as we lost ground which we couldn’t bridge in the last. Darrell Collins had 32 kicks in the middle to win the pewter (we filled it lots for him, but he still wouldn’t sing). Mal (Williams) played well as did Hicksy, Harro, Pancho and Ducky.

The 2nds couldn’t maintain the pressure after half time and missed Roy (Agresta), Tiny (Sheppard) and Co. Justin (Barry) won thew pewter although Frankie (Morgan) tried hard it was just as well he didn’t win because he had to go to work – next home game Franky! Bat (Best) was again solid in defence and Gurd (Gabriel) and Sid (Yerbury) steadied the ship.

The Under18's ran out convincing winners with Coxy winning the main award. Horny and Youngy did well in a team effort – keep up the good form fellas.

Well, the Netballers finally came back to the winners' circle in a physical game which they won by two goals. Simo, Paula, Young Fifty and Louise ‘I’ve done nothing’ did well. Mrs Dreyer thanks Roy Agresta for the warmup tops he supplied to the girls. Ducky commented: ‘At least they look the part’. That worth another shout.

The social after the game was most enjoyable. Hawkeye supplied the music and got proceedings underway and soon the ‘Choirboys’ (and girls) found voice. Ducky was caught sneaking out, so he had to sing a solo to Suzie. They’ll be more of the same next home game. Today let’s show the Swans soar higher than Eagles!

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