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IN: Matt Cassells, Andy Dobson and Gino Favero (West Aust.), Gerd Gabriel, Craig Maher (North Albury), Chris Robinson (Waratah, NT), Paul Young (Coolamon).

OUT: Roger Biron (Barellan), Neil Bruce (Deniliquin); Chris Robinson, Richard Turner (Barellan), Matt Cassells, Andy Dobson, Gino Favero.

Round 1 - Sunday April 10, 1988 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ......... 2.3 .. 4.7 .. 6.10 .. 7.13 (55)

Coolamon .... 1.3 .. 6.8 .. 11.9 .. 13.11 (89)

Goals: Griffith: D Hicks 2, D Johnson, R Harrington, M Williams, D Files, B Guthrie

Coolamon: B Buchanan 6, Shane Buchanan 2, Michael Buchanan, Steve Buchanan, A Pleming, S Chandler, S Till

Best players: Griffith: D Johnson, D Collins, P McGrath, M Tyndall, B Guthrie

Coolamon: Steve Buchanan, C Parr, Michael Buchanan, W McLoughlin, B Buchanan

Griffith: Robert Harrington, Drew Hicks, Brendan Guthrie, Darrell Collins, Mark Tyndall, Peter McGrath, Martin O'Donnell (c-c), Ian Geddes, David Johnson, Greg Dreyer, Wayne Spencer, Peter Casey, Paul Young*, Danny Files, Malcolm Williams, Darren Prest, Glenn Ceccato, Phillip Kenny*, Rick Burdett*, Mark Sutton

Umpires: Peter Smith and John Ivers (AUL)

Other matches - SAT: EWK 4.5 (29) def by Wagga 22.25 (157); SUN: APM 6.9 (45) def Turvey Park 18.22 (130), Narrandera 9.12 (66) def by Leeton 16.18 (114); GGGM, bye

Reserves: Coolamon 13.13 (91) d Griffith 7.8 (50)

Goals: Stephen Best 4, R Dolan, M Fanani, I Sheppard

Under 18: Griffith 7.10 (52) d Coolamon 5.7 (37)

Goals: J Walker 3, M Cox, J Horne, R Knox, M Signor,



GRIFFITH Australian Football Club will have to drag themselves off the carpet with big strides if they are going to beat Wagga Tigers at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval on Sunday.
The Tigers are coming off a win against East Wagga-Kooringal and have their tails up for the encounter on Sunday. They cleaned up East Wagga by 126 points, but this is not a good indication of the strength of the Tigers.
East Wagga had some losses in playing staff from last years, including captain-coach, Colin Hounsell, but hung onto prolific goalkicker Trevor Sutton, after he left the club to try out with Marrar in the Farrer League.
The Swans policy of going into the season with the younger players did not let them down last week and some of the senior players at the club were found wanting when the pressure was on. 

The loss of Ian Geddes during the second quarter with a hamstring didn't help the balance of the side and the Swans were floundering up to half-time.
Dick Carey and Mark Hofert of Wagga will have to be contained if the Griffith side are going to get away with the match. Both of these players kicked five goals each out of a total of 22 last week.
New South Wales representative, Gerald Peiper, is able to win a game on his own and along with Greg Nichols of Turvey Park, are the only players in the Riverina Football League who are capable of this feat.
Griffith ruckman, Dave Johnson, continued on his good form from last season, being voted best man on ground to win the Top Town Shoes award, has the task on Sunday of keeping Peiper quiet.
Fullback is a problem area for the Swans as Geddes will probably not take the field. Captain-coach Marty O'Donnell went back there last week after Geddes' departure and was beaten by Coolamon full-forward, Brian Buchanan.
New recruit from Darwin, Chris Robinson, returns this week and should make a difference to the centre position to give Griffith more ball from centre bounces. Darren Prest played there last Sunday and had a good game, but is more suited to a ruck-roving commission. 
He could be the player to keep Grahame Doswell who reads the game well and plays the kick behind to perfection.
Robert Harrington at centre-half forward for the Swans had a bad day of dropsy on Sunday and will have to hold his marks and send long kicks into the forward line if the Swans are to have a chance. There is improvement in the Swans, but some of the players took too long to find their feet last week and as was the problem last season were catch up football.   (The Area News - Friday, April 15, 1988).


Round 2 - Sunday April 17, 1988 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith .................. 0.2 .. 2.5 .. 2.7 .. 4.9 (33)

Wagga Tigers ..... 4.3 .. 14.6 .. 18.14 .. 26.17 (173)

Goals: Griffith: D Hicks 2, R Harrington, M Sutton

Wagga: M Hofert 7, B Sheridan 5, R Carey 3, D Brown 2, S Lovell 2, P Williams 2, G Pieper 2, S Robinson, P Cox, R Colvin

Best players: Griffith: D Johnson, J Horne, C Robinson, G Dreyer

Wagga: D Brown, M Hofert, J Morton, G Pieper, G Doswell, W Brown, R Carey, G Hofert

Griffith: Robert Harrington, Drew Hicks, Brendan Guthrie, Darrell Collins, Mark Tyndall, Martin O'Donnell (c-c), Chris Robinson*, David Johnson, Greg Dreyer, Wayne Spencer, Jamie Horne, Peter Casey, Danny Files, Malcolm Williams, Shane Best, Darren Prest, Glenn Ceccato, Phillip Kenny, Rick Burdett, Mark Sutton

Umpires: Brian Smedley and Col Priest (AUL)

Other matches - SUN: APM 13.13 (91) def by Coolamon 24.13 (157), GGGM 25.10 (160) def Narrandera 8.18 (66), Turvey Park 20.16 (136) def Leeton 13.11 (89); EWK, bye

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 12.13 (85) d Griffith 5.7 (37)

Goals: P Lonergan 3, Stephen Best, T Pianca

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 12.17 (89) d Griffith 5.5 (35)

Goals: M Robins 2, J Horne, M Signor, A Turner


N.S.W. State Championships Final - Sunday April 24, 1988 at Narrandera Sportsground

Riverina FL ... 4.4 .. 9.4 .. 15.11 .. 20.12 (132)

Farrer FL ...... 2.1 .. 3.3 .. 4.6 .. 7.9 (51)