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 1984 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 6, 1984 - No. 5 

It was the day that the 'Lion Roars' and went home with three wins, but the Swans were not left without their moments of glory. Our Under 19's started well and at half time were only down 4 points, but were unable to hang on, and lost on the day. Best players were Roger Biron, Anthony Blackshaw and Paul Josling.

The Second XVIII struggling for players and even with the return of veteran Terry Bennett and (coming and going) Chris Scobie, who played a great game after so long away were no match for the more organised Lions. Best players were Roy Agresta, Chris Scobie, Mike Thompson and Greg Collins.

The First XVIII started the day without utility player Darrell Collins and Tony Dillon, both out with leg injuries. At half time the Lions look set for a runaway win, but the Swans had other ideas and with a really great fight back hit the front which stirred the supporters along but G.G.G.M. were not finished and ran out to win the day. Swans' best players were Gary "Muddy" Waters, Scott Barber, Scott Morphett and Stephen "Tich" Buchanan.

Congratulations to Helen & Damien Ryan on the birth of a daughter (another member for the ladies auxiliary).

Saturday, May 25 is the night of the 50/50 dance, something for everyone to support our hard-working social committee and book now ring 623350.

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