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 1996 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 8, 1996 - No. 9 

Yet again our Senior side performed "well enough" to silence the knockers and defeat EW-K by a tidy 11 goals. I wonder if this was the worst the Hawks have played in the last ten years. 

Anyway, it was good to see the Seniors hod a nine-goal lead at half time. It was also good to see so many Griffith supporters make the journey to Wagga - the Senior must be doing something right.
The awards were $100 to Trevor "I don't care what you say about me holding hands" Clarke, $50 to Mick "the debarked terrier" Smith, $30 to Jamie "the Shark" Bennett and $20 to Matthew "Watch out Trucker" Bunn. The players' player award was also won by Trevor Clarke. Other good players included Brian "The Freak" Stanislaus and Don "I really am a good CHB" Moran.
The 2nds worded hard to hold off a fast-finishing Hawk team. A good effort and keep working hard at training guys and the positive results will continue! The awards were $30 to Andrew "Do you really want me to play this week" McCashney, $20 to David "I'm sorry you can't come in" Gee, and $10 to Greg "Welcome back" Dreyer. The players' player award went to Mark ""Have a drink with the boys" McCormack and the Mugs' Mug to Glen "The Growler" Vaccari.
Gorgeous George's boys battled hard all day to go down by 2 points in an enthralling contest. Best players were Rod Duncan, Paul Kite, Peter Hunt, Marc Forster and Michael Tull. 
The Netball girls played a double-header. In the A Grade we beat Turvey Park 46-44 in a R7 game, but EWK beat us 26-38 in Rd 8. A good team effort against Turvey, whilst Katrina Mardell, Kirsty Collis and Rachael Dreyer were the best against EWK. The players' player award was won by Karen Evans.
In B Grade we beat EWK 31-27. Tanya Olney, Stacy Harrison and Tracy Burke were the best players. Turvey defeated us in the other game.
In Social news, don't forget the Mock Wedding being held tomorrow at 7 pm. Cost is $15 including a meal and the opportunity to see the senior coach (and many others) in drag. What a pity Danny Files isn't here - the big fella would have loved it.
I'm sure everyone at the club would also like to congratulate Phil Rowston, Don Moran, Brian Stanislaus and Trevor Clarke in making the RFL rep squad. Well done and best of luck guys.
This week's Player Profile is Michael "Dipper" Reid.
Age: Just turned 23. Favourite Drink: Beer. Favourite Food: Kicking goals this year and eating spaghetti cooked by Jamo, washing up after Jamo, lending my socks and underwear to Jamo. Most Memorable Moment: Inviting Danny Files and Scotty Collis back to my place for a party last year.
On a final note, the boys would also like to thank Derek Forner for purchasing a new "Gatehouse" for the players late night festivities to take place. This should take some of the pressure off Glen Smith on Sunday nights. Now Derek, all we need is the address.

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