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 1984 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 10, 1984 - No. 10

The trip to Ardlethan on Sunday proved worthwhile for two of the three sides that went across. Bob Greenwood's First grade side won a close finishing game aided by the return of Darrell Collins who finished the match with a sore face and 5 goals. But it was Paul 'Space Nuts' Sparkes who won the Pewter for the week and apparently went nuts over it till the early hours of Monday morning. Robert Prest, Gary Waters, Damien Ryan and Darrell Collins also put in efforts worth mentioning. It was good to see Mark Bowen return to the side.

The Second-grade encounter left a lot to be desired and many players seemed to play by Jack Dyer's theory of 'being where the ball isn't'. Indirect play and lack of commitment seemed to be the order of the day and no doubt the boys will be out to reverse the result this week. Ronnie Murray won the award for the second week in a row, followed by Greg 'Splash' Collins and Brett 'General' McAlister.

The Under 19's win puts them in the four although it was a costly win with some Ardlethan 'clown' cowardly hitting several of our players and getting reported himself. While it might seem the big thing? to do, he must realise that he represents Ardlethan on the ground and is doing the clubs name dishonour more than his own. Best players were James Price (shoulder injury), Mike 'tape it up' Agnew (broken nose) and Dennis Collis more commonly known as just Collis.

This week we welcome Coolamon Hoppers to Griffith and let's have three wins.

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