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 1989 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 18, 1989 - No. 10 

If we thought the ground at Wagga was bad, imagine being at the MCG - lucky people washing the jumpers. Not the best day the Swans have had - all three grades down for the first time this season.

Under 18's let down by some players and had to play the game with 17 only, so slipped out of the four, but with some real dedication today, can get back! Good luck fellas. Best player last week: Mathew Cox, Chris Haggarty and Tony Butcher.

The 2nd 18 didn't improve the trend of the day with few players really showing their best form and Gary Waters was really missed. Well, we're without him again today, so everyone else needs to give that little extra. Better players last week were Steve Best, Rickie Burdett, Michael Vaughan and Justin Sanson.

For those who know Ian Geddes they would not be surprised to know he was in hospital in Canberra on Thursday and then in Wagga playing a great game of footy as usual. The boys did well in the main game. Down early but only lost by two straight kicks in the end. We had our chances though. Best players: Darrell Collins, Ian Geddes, Peter McGrath, Martin O'Donnell and Darren Prest.

No games for the Netballers, Wagga has no team. Good luck today girls. Up The Swans!  

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