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 1991 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 18, 1991 - No. 18

You've seen Jakovich, you have seen Lockett and you might have seen Daicos kick a goal from the forward pocket. But when you see Perry in action it'll knock your eyes out of their sockets. Yes, it was young Alan Parr who led by example and steered the Seconds to a gutsy win and speaking of guts and determination you couldn't go further than young Tony Butcher and Scotty Collis who after playing their hearts out in the Under 18's game made their Second-grade debuts.

The lads from Terry's stable of footballers acquitted themselves admirably and along with Mark 'Tyndo' Tyndall, Mal 'Malvern Star' Irvin and Ian 'BJ and DJ' Cohen transmitting live from fullback played a winning tune. It's nine o'clock on Thursday as the selectors shuffle in.

There's a silver haired Collingwood supporter next to me saying I'm short of players on the back flank and wing. That was the gloomy scenario as the 'Young Ones' depleted by injuries, to the likes of superstar 'Dippa' Reid and work commitments had the numbers down to the wire but again to their credit the lads rose like a 'Phoenix' on the occasion. Butch, Murph 'the Smurf', 'Wheels' Poolie were the best players.

The 'Golden Girls' of netball kept the flag flying high with a spectacular win continuing a winning streak.

The Firsts escaped with a draw and some not-so-great shots for goal cost us dearly. Matty 'Ziggy' Signor, young Peter King, young Mick Murphy all played well as did young Les Parish and young Gerry Toscan.

Don't forget tonight's 'No Talent Night' with a special guest appearance by Elvis Presley. Yes, it's that time of year again. So be there at the ground after tonight's social.  

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