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 1988 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 24, 1988 - No. 15 

What a miserable day it was last Sunday, but I suppose we shouldn't complain it's about the first bad one we've had all season. After the overnight rain the ground was rather wet although we were fortunate that the Ex-Services Oval is one ground in the RFL which does drain well. Needless to say, however, conditions were not all that pleasant for the young Cygnets. Again, the Under 18's consisted mainly of Under 16's and we are truly grateful for their support.

At the end of day, we were the winners although there is a possibility that we could lose the game on protest when we put Moose (Irvin) back on for the last couple of minutes after he had been sent from the ground - we were of the opinion that the umpire had signalled 10 minutes, but apparently this was for the whole game. His Leeton counterpart who was also sent from the ground at the same time is also believed to have gone back on. Anyway, tribunal decisions will be made on Thursday night and even if we lose the points the boys will have the satisfaction of knowing that they won the game on the day. The best players were again Tony 'Butch' Butcher, Jamie Horne, Ron 'Moose' Irvin, Matt Cox, Scotty McCann and they were all given a great deal of help from the rugby league patron Greg Keenan, perhaps a chance we can convert him!

The Seconds again were battling to field a side and were again helped out by some of the Under 18's who backed up for a second game. They were never in the hunt but tried hard. The pewter went to Roy 'my name's not Frankie' Agresta and he was assisted by Mike 'Thommo' Thompson, the new bearded one Frankie (Morgan) and several others who were new faces.

It was one of those days when everything went wrong in the Senior side. With Peter 'Hoot' McGrath sidelined through injury and Brendan Guthrie and Darren Prest still shaking off the effects of the flu and a couple still not available through holidays and work commitments, the selectors themselves were having a headache or two when faced with the task of fielding an effective 20. And the Swans were taking on the Redlegs, no less and the Glen Kinchie trophy was at stake.

Once again 'Ducky' O'Donnell called on the younger players to fill the gaps of those injured, sick or still on holidays. Jamie Horne, who backed up from the U18's did a sterling job on the half forward flank. Jamie Bennett, another called on to help out in a crisis, performed well while on the ball. The late changes no doubt rattled the team, and the morale of the squad was certainly not at peak when we left the change rooms but to the credit of the whole team, they fought it out to the final bell against the more fancied Redlegs. Dave Johnson was again among our best, while Ian Geddes, when moved to fullback, was rock solid in defence, but it was that little terrier Greg Dreyer who won the pewter. He didn't, however, make the most of it after the game - most unusual. 

Let's get behind Ducky this week and repeat the first-round dose in today's game against East Wagga Hawks.

The netballers seem to blow hot and cold and went down to Leeton. However, all girls played hard and fairly and quietly! A farewell was held for Rosemary who leaves Griffith for Geelong - has been transferred. Her goal shooting will be sorely missed but it is hoped that she will be able to return for the finals. Good luck Rosemary. In the meantime, the girls have to get back on the winning streak - today should be the day. There will certainly be feathers flying when the Swans play the Hawks. More spectators are wanted - it's a good game to watch and the girls appreciate the support.

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