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 1987 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 26, 1987 - No. 3 

Two losses, two K.O.'s, too hot and too many dogs at the footy, that's how it was last Sunday at the Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Oval. Ted's Under 19's had a forfeit and this leaves the boys without a game of footy until the fifth round!!!

Besties' boys lacked a little fitness and the heat also accounted for a few players and allowed E.W.K. 2nds to win easily. With the best players being Rowan Johnstone, Frankie 'Avalon' Morgan, Bob Berton, Peter 'Wedding Cake Island' Royal, and many thanks must go to the Under 19's who made up the numbers for the day.

In the First Grade encounter the boys didn't fair too bad except for one Greg 'Splash' Collins who for some unknown reason headbutted an opposing player's fist and made a quick exit from the game just when we needed him most, leaving the side slightly under-manned and allowing E.W.K. to take the points in a torrid hard-fought game. Best players were Wayne Bottcher, Robbie Owen, Neil Bruce and Greg 'Splash' Collins until injured.

Another player who didn't make it to the social was Mark Sutton, ex-Wombat and The Area News reporter who collapsed after the game and spent Monday in Hospital. A sore point, not on any footballer's body either, seems to be the number of people bringing their canine companions to the footy and parking them near the crowd. Commonsense must prevail as sooner or later with a little child running around the good ol' doggie is going to do a N.T. Croc act on someone.  

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