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 1994 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 26, 1994 - No. 11 

Apologies all round for non-appearance of notes last week - they went into our fax machine but apparently didn't make it to the printer's fax.
On a day that it was fit only for a real estate agent in Sarajevo, the Under 18's started like a house on fire, but couldn't finish off a determined Hawk outfit. The Lyn Knox Incentive Award winners being Nathan Clausen, Adam Sara and Glen Collis.
The Seconds fought out a keenly contested game which unfortunately deteriorated in the second half and came to resemble an elimination round of the Soccer World Cup with numerous yellow cards flashed. Mark 'Pup' O'Bryan put in another big one, even imitating a step ladder at one stage. He was assisted by 'Dupper' Reid and Andy McCashney, Ron 'Moose' Irvin and Richard Telfer, the Bertoldo's Bakery Award winners.
In and up and down game, the Firsts came away with a good win, particularly with many players absent, and the unlucky knee injury to Eldon Barker. Brett 'Swampy' Davis put in a BOG performance, ably assisted by assistant coach Gary 'Gus' Argus with 9 big ones at full forward, 'Jim Bob' Bennett, Chris Parr, and the Brian Hammond & Brian Files Incentive Award winners were David Eichler, Tim Fraser and the two youngsters - Brent Harrison and Mark Henderson, sharing $50.
Really excellent that Fitzy and Rowsty made the NSW State side though the final result wasn't that good 
It was a good day despite the cold for the B Grade Netballers. The best result this season a-29 all draw came from a great team effort. The A Graders had a great result, a 27-11 win, with Karen Evans, Carmen Olney and Louise Hill having good games.
Thanks to the Kalinda students for being our guests, and thanks to the crowd support of the ground raffle which went to Kalinda School. A reminder about the Cocktail Party on June 2nd at the Pink Hall - A great evening is assured. Carn The Swans! 

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