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 1988 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 28, 1988 - No. 20 

It's been a long year and today sees us host top team Wagga Tigers. Last week the Bulldogs had too much class. However, we never gave in which was good. Darrell Collins had over 40 possessions while Mal, Johnno, Rookie, Justin, Bellie, Horny and Pancho done well.

The 2nds also did well with what they had. Rooster, Frankie, Blob, Gurd and Rickey were better players in a good team effort. Again, we are deeply indebted to the younger brigade as several of them backed up and played again in the 2nds and the 1sts. The Blues (oops sorry - the Wade) brothers made a great team running the boundary line for the 2nds - it was obvious that Sheeds hadn't seen the sun for a while!

The netballers were soundly beaten, and it was a game they needed to win. Thanks to Rosemary for making the trip back from Geelong for the game - shame it was all in vain. The netballers, after looking like premiership material early, faded and like the Melbourne Demons, lost those games which they should have won and then the last 3 games became grand finals. Next year girls!

Sundays after game function had its moments. Good to see Thommo in form. Dorinda was really happy! Mal applied the tackle on the night and nearly got reported! Thommo's wasn't bad but they didn't think he'd get up. Spanner thought he was in Wakaden Street, while Roy 'the special' Agresta put all his money on one filly. The President's report was interesting and Romo still had visible traces of his effort in the last quarter of the seniors - he was near the back of the bus too! Splash's start to Sunday game was where he left the night before. Just because today is our last game for the season doesn't mean the functions stop.

The players have their trip away next weekend, and we trust they will all come back in one piece. Vote Count on Sat, Sept 10. There will be a Pig on the Spit on Sat, Sept 17 at the Club rooms - you can watch the VFL Prelim - $6 a head and buy your drinks. Presentation Night is on Friday, Sept 23 at the Ex-Servicemen's Club, 6.30 pm, $15 head. The Auction is on Saturday, October 8. Please support all these functions we need as many of you there as possible.

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