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 1986 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 29, 1986 - No. 11 

Our two good wins on Sunday allowed the 2nd Grade side to move within a game of the four and the 1st Grade to consolidate their position in the four. Not all players came out of the game unscathed. Ian Geddes, part-time schoolboy umpire / recruiting officer on Saturday morning, was forced from the ground with a leg injury and Pete 'Meteor' Telford didn't see eye to eye with an APM player and came off second best.

In the Seconds game Robert 'Claude the ... Crowe' complained of foot soreness and this was promptly diagnosed by Lennie Brown as an injury he suffers from, commonly brought about by getting too many kicks - as did young Robert who registered over his nominated target of twenty. But this didn't win him the 'Man of the Match' as this went to Roy 'Melbourne will win one day' Agresta and must have been a small consolation after Melbourne loss to St. Kilda. Tony Dillon must be knocking on the 1st Grade door with his dynamic display and Mick 'Steve' Agnew would have been unlucky to have been overlooked for a senior spot after his game. Young 'Jim Bob' Bennett also made his presence felt bobbing up all over the place and obviously enjoying playing alongside his older brother, Terry.

The First-grade encounter saw Gary Waters play an unbelievable game to win an of the 'Match of the Match' award. With Ian Geddes on the sidelines for more than half the game it was encouraging to see the boys go on to win so well and it was clear that Gary's experience helped steer the side to victory. Others who had games worth noting were Gerard 'GoGo' Toscan, Marty O'Donnell, Neil Bruce (again), Andy Romagnolo, David Alpen and Darrell Collins.

This week a tough encounter for all three grades and a must to win. Up The Swans!

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