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 1989 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 30, 1989 - No. 4 

Another good day for the Swans last week. The windy condition didn't suit either team, but the Swans were far too good on the day. One local sportswriter wrote - "They (Swans) had honest toilers all day in Parish, Bottcher, O'Donnell, Geddes, Biron, Agresta and Darrell Collins, but honest toilers never seem to get too far away in any competition - what a whole lot of cow manure!" Les Parish had about 100 possessions, Darrell marked everything in sight, Paul Biron and Roy Agresta were in great form across the centre, and Marty O'Donnell, Ian Geddes and Wayne Bottcher were outstanding all day. I think the sportswriter was seen at the Leeton-Turvey Park game not at A.P.M. What are football toilers anyway!

The Seconds had another big win in what was a lack lustre game. Terry Bennett pulled a hamstring chasing a 12-year-old footballer, Gary Waters had a top game along with Simon Henderson, Rick Burdett and first gamer Michael Catanzariti (4 goals). Well done, Michael, and David Taylor was in good form.

More on the sportswriter: The only reason Bennett and Agresta played was that two second eighteen players got lost on their way to the ground. Is the club supposed to drop Second Eighteen players who have trained all year, to play Under 18's, the ones who were sitting in front of T.V. - Up the Swans.

Today East Wagga and we are hoping to continue our good form and have another four big wins. Is that $10 Lotto ticket still on Ted? Good luck to both teams today. This column was written today by Roy Agresta.  

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