GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" June 1, 1980 - No. 8 

By Swan:  The long trip to Wagga was not too profitable for the Swans though the Second 18 kept the flag flying.

Our thanks to Treasureway for the weekly award for the First XVIII in place of the Griffith Co-op award.

Congratulations to the players in the Rep. sides at Narrandera two weeks ago.  Jeff Mitchell in the 1st XVIII, Darrell Collins, Gerry Toscan, Peter McGrath, Martin O'Donnell in the Under 21 side, also to Jeff Mitchell, and Darrell Collins and Glen Hall in the squad to play Murray League at Deniliquin next Sunday.

Bad luck to see Sid Robins on crutches after an injury at Turvey Park. Also Garry Owen with a knee injury. Hope you'll soon be back on the track fellas.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the Cave Family and Bob Little and family in the loss of loved ones in the past two weeks. Tonight after the game a special Social will be held and all supporters are invited. A special invitation to all Narrandera players and supporters is extended. Hot meals and drinks available.  

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Something To Celebrate


The knockers would have said, what's the use of going to football when you see scores similar to these.

Narrandera 15.15 (105) to Griffith 7.12 (54).

But has not the side you followed been to exactly the same position in the past?

The Swans playing effort on Sunday left a lot to be desired believe you me, and the pen was poised to tell the truth about some of the campaigners, in fact most of the boys playing for both sides on Sunday.

But football goes further than that on the playing surface.

And the staunch supporters would have seen this at the social on Sunday night.

An incredible secret unfolded where Jack Luhrs, Arch Borland, Bob Carroll and Keith Thompson received their life memberships. This took the sadness of Griffith's loss on the football field completely away.

After listening to these gentlemen and summing up their attitudes, it's no wonder the bondage is so solid in the club.

Jack Luhrs has done an incredible job for both the club and also the media since 1956.

And wasn't it great to see him receive his award?

Hopefully it doesn't cease there because one does believe the league owns him too.

Thomo and Jack played in the first ever premiership (South West) for Griffith and both have been club presidents.

Bob Carroll has always looked at football and running an administration at top level and it's believed no one was more surprised than he, when asked to come forward.

Arch Borland said he would like to thank friend Bill Tyndall for getting him interested in the football club, as his playing career lasted a whole ten minutes one day in the second 18's.

Another interesting topic from Narrandera's camp was that they have placed a protest with the district councillor Mr. Chris Blackshaw, over recent decision made by the South West League judiciary.

Mr. Don Durnan has verified this to me also. It to do with a clause laid down by the V.F.L.

So once again Steve Margosis' name will hit the headlines.

Getting back to the football game. Wasn't it nice to see the younger brigade doing so well against one another?

For Griffith, Drew Luhrs caught the eye all day at centre halfback and was their best player.

He had a compliment paid to him when Narrandera's selectors moved Murray Nielsen away to a half forward flank.

Robbie Owen also played very well though he did over use the ball on occasions.

And Glen Hall is another who is improving with each game.

Narrandera host a number of fine young players, especially Tim Pledger on a half back flank, Mark Lee on the centre wing and Greg Martin, who starred at full forward.

Unfortunately the standard of the game was poor and the two umpires from the Albury League were not required, one would have been sufficient.

Robert Donaldson won the man of the match award for Narrandera.

David Scott played a superb game for them at fullback and Mark Thornton also from a back pocket.

Goalkickers: Narrandera: Robert Donaldson 4, Garry Hoskin 4, Rodney McCallum 3, Garry Powell 2, Greg Martin 2.

Griffith: Peter McGrath 2, Gerard Toscan 2, Robbie Owen 2, Darrell Collins.

The Area News - Monday, June 2, 1980