GRIFFITH NOTES: "The So'wester" August 1, 1976 - No. 16 

By Swan: Congratulations to Ariah Park-Mirrool on their good win last Sunday, the story could have been different if our side had played football for four quarters and not only two.

Our best players were Bob Greenwood, Ian Wade, Bob McKenzie, Garry Parslow and John O'Donnell.

Our Seconds had a good win with the Manning brothers, Allan Hicken and Trevor Reed, the best of a good team effort. Malcolm Clarke was our best player in our win over Ariah Park-Mirrool in the Under  19's.

Today it is Ganmain with a win a must for us and it should be a clean hard game of football.

Don't forget our Social after the match today where a good night can be assured.  

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