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 1999 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: Riverina Football Record May 8, 1999 - No 5. 

WITH near perfect conditions for football a huge crowd saw the opposition (Leeton-Whitton) get away to a flyer in the first term after several wasted opportunities for us. To the guy's credit they persisted in the next few quarters and the final margin was similar to that at quarter time. As said many times previously, when we have our chances, we must take them and make the most of them.

The awards were donated by Shane Best Painting, and they were as follows: The Exies Dinner was won by Damien 'Super Boot' Scott, The Snuggles-In towel was won by Danny 'The dentists' best friend' Beriman, the McDonalds voucher was won by Myles 'It must be love' Bunn and the McNabb Fuel voucher was won by Matt 'The car only takes LPG' Pollock.

The 2nds again had plenty of the football but were not able to turn the efforts into scores on the board. A better effort towards training by these guys and I am sure the wins will come. The awards: The Players Player Mug was won by Mark 'Welcome back Armenian rubber man' Cameron, the Billabong Shop award was won by Grant 'Mr. Consistency' Kelson, the McDonalds award was won by Mick 'What a leap' Clayden, and the Griffith Laundry Service voucher was won by Nathan 'The fisherman' Flint.

The Under 18's battled courageously against the odds with many players unavailable and were defeated in a close contest. It was a top effort from the players with some of the lesser light in the team contributing well. The awards were the C & P Express JDs Pizza award was won by Adrian Poscoliero, the McDonalds voucher was won by Rick Frkovic and the C & P Express socks were won by Ben Leach.

This week's player profile is on Paul Brasier.

Position: Ruck rover, centre half forward. Favourite pastime: Making my hair stand up like Marg Simpson's after a few beers, working overtime and travelling on training nights. Likes: Beer, no training under Terry Daniher, stationary forwards, Donna's cooking, pool sessions, being late for training. Dislikes: Mobile forwards, drinking with Ray Willis, stress. Favourite music: Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Janis Joplin. Most memorable moment: Meeting Hat (Bruce Whitehead).

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