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IN: Kevin Baxter (Waratah, NT), Danny Beriman (Robinvale), Nick Donnellon (Coleambally), Shayne Driscoll, Paul Eyles (Eaglehawk), Cory Frater (Rivcoll), Mark Hildebrandt (St Marys, NT), Matt Pollock (Eaglehawk), Shane Treacy (Lake Cargelligo).

OUT: Gary Argus (Coleambally), Danny Baxter (Leeton-Whitton), Matt Cox (Cairns Saints), Damien Crotty (Ardlethan), David Gee, Michael Elliott, Dean Hilton (Coolamon), Tony Mahar (Belconnen), Frank Matthews (Waratah-NT), Mark O'Connor, Aaron O'Keefe, Adrian Stibbard, Silvanis Tipiloura (Waratah, NT); Kevin Baxter (Waratah, NT). 



GRIFFITH Swans travel to Gumly Oval, Wagga, on Sunday for their first round Riverina Football League clash against East Wagga-Kooringal. The Swans have a rather different looking team from last season, when they reached the elimination final against Narrandera. A strong policy of blooding the youth has been instilled by new coach Paul Eyles, who is looking to Griffith's up and coming players to fill the void.
While it may take time for these players to find their way in senior football, the club still has a very strong nucleus of senior players including new recruits Mark Hildebrandt, Danny Beriman and Matthew Pollock. 

Pollock and Eyles both come from Eaglehawk in the Bendigo League, while Beriman will be a key forward for the side and hales from Robinvale. Hildebrandt is an exciting prospect and trained with the club for the first time on Wednesday after finishing second in the best and fairest count in the Northern Territory League this season.
One of the clubs' strengths appears to be their running men and on ballers. 1998 coach Phillip Rowston and Dean Jameison are still at the club and are consistent performers in the league. While around half a dozen under 18 players will be in the senior line-up for the opening round, Eyles earlier in the week said the aim is to try and give them experience for next season. Eyles has been signed for three years and appears to have put in place a strong youth policy which will help the club in regard to depth in the future. 
The Swans have had two trials games during the season, defeating Rivcoll, before going down to RFL club Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong and Sunday will give the Swans a clearer picture of their fitness and standing in the competition.  (The Area News - Friday, April 9, 1999).

Round 1 - Sunday April 11, 1999 at Gumly Oval 2.10pm

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 7.1 .. 11.6 .. 16.10 .. 18.14 (122)

Griffith ............................... 2.3 .. 3.4 .. 3.6 .. 5.7 (37)

Goals: EWK: Brent Loughton 8, Kent Butcher 2, Jamie Charlton 2, Mark Gorham 2, Michael Kemp 2, Geoff Hopkins, Craig McGough

Griffith: Kevin Baxter 2, Danny Beriman, Michael Duncan, Shane Ruyg

Best: EWK: Tom Gorham, Brent Loughton, Mick McPherton, Andrew Patmore, Nathan McDonald, Bruce Willett

Griffith: Dean Jamieson, Phillip Rowston, Jake Maguire, Peter Hunt, Matt Waide

Other matches - SAT: Temora 30.12 (172) def MCUE 12.7 (79), Wagga 24.15 (151) def Narrandera 10.18 (78); SUN: Coolamon 18.9 (117) def GGGM 13.13 (91), Leeton-Whitton 17.7 (109) def Turvey Park 10.13 (73)

Reserves: East Wagga-Kooringal 17.15 (117) d Griffith 1.4 (10)

Goals: D Sheather

Best: D Bannam, C Blanchard, M Kenny, M Bunn, D Dunn

Under 18: Griffith 21.14 (140) d East Wagga-Kooringal 1.0 (6)

Goals: R Simpkin 5, G Minchin 5, D Giorgi 2, M Edwards 2, C Blanchard 2, S Rawle 2, S Mitchell 2, S Gash, K Bannam, M Butcher, T Gallagher

Best: D Giorgi, K Bannam, R Simpkin, M Edwards, L Jasprizza

Match report: The Griffith Swans season got off to a tragic start as they were convincingly defeated in the opening round of the Riverina Football League against East Wagga-Kooringal at Gumly Oval.

The Swans, forced to blood around six under 18s were well below their best as the Hawks cruised to victory, 122 to 37. It was a dreadful start to the season for the Swans, who were without captain-coach Paul Eyles.

The Hawks turned in a polished display of football and opened up a strong advantage at the end of the first quarter having booted seven goals to one. The lead only got bigger as the day progressed and the Swans only managed just one goal three in the next two quarters as the game slipped away.

 The Hawks led by 50 points at half time, and just two points in the third term by Griffith saw the Hawks continue to dominate as they booted five more goals. While the final term was a lot closer the match was all but over as both teams scored two goals apiece in the final term.

East Wagga-Kooringal new recruits played a big part in the game including Brent Loughton. The highly regarded forward joined the club from Eastern Suburbs, Geelong and didn't let the side down in the opening round, booting eight goals to be the focal point in attack. East Perth recruit Kent Butcher was amongst a number of players who chipped in with two goals including Jamie Charlton and Mark Gorham. Tom Gorham stood out for the Hawks as did Loughton and Mick McPherson and the Hawks appear to have a very potent forward set up which is sure to cause opponents some trouble this season.

The Swans have the work in front of them this season and face Temora at home in round two under lights at Exies next Saturday.   (By Brett Smith - The Area News, Monday April 12, 1999). 


Round 2 - Saturday April 17, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 4.30pm

Griffith ...... 3.6 .. 8.11 .. 6.15 .. 12.19 (91)

Temora ..... 2.2 .. 4.4 .. 10.9 .. 15.12 (102)

Goals: Griffith: Shane Ruyg 6, Paul Eyles 3, Aaron Taylor, Matt Kenny, Myles Bunn

Temora: Chris Daniher 5, Robbie Harper 5, Lachlan Rowling 2, Scott Sinclair, Shannon Noll, Ken Fairman

Best: Griffith: Myles Bunn, Matt Waide, Dean Jamieson, Jake Maguire, Danny Beriman

Temora: Robbie Harper, Matt Derrick, Leigh Mills, David Drum, Lachlan Rowling, Ken Fairman

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 6.9 (45) def by Leeton-Whitton 22.27 (159), Narrandera 15.12 (102) def by EWK 20.18 (138); SUN: GGGM 12.10 (82) def by Wagga 14.15 (99), Turvey Park 17.17 (119) def by Coolamon 19.9 (123)

Reserves: Temora 16.15 (111) d Griffith 7.8 (50)

Goals: C Cassidy 3, P Aliendi, G Payne, D Sheather, J Maskell

Best: C Cassidy, J Maskell, P Brasier, M Clayden, C Frater, P Aliendi

Under 18: Griffith 30.22 (202)  d Temora 0.1 (1)

Goals: R Simpkin 7, G Minchin 6, S Rawle 5, S McClure 3, M Butcher 3, M Edwards 3, D Best 2, T Gallager 2, S Mitchell.  Best: M Edwards, L Jasprizza, J Harris, R Simpkin, M Flagg.

Match Report: The Riverina Football League round two clash between Griffith and Temora saw two contrasting halves at Exies Oval on Saturday night, with the Swans dominating the opening half, but failing to go on with it.

To Temora's credit they played determined football, despite being outplayed in the first two quarters, and the Roo's will to succeed saw them finish strongly to take the match 102 to 91.

"It was two games, the first half was all Griffith and if you looked at the scoreboard 12 goals 19 behinds they kicked themselves out of it, but they put the pressure on us in the first half and we were able to reverse that in the second half," said Temora coach Chris Daniher. Robbie Harper was arguably best on the ground for Temora and bagged five goals along with Daniher. Matt Derrick and Lachlan Rowling and Ken Fairman were others strong contributors.

Shane Ruyg finished with six for Griffith and Paul Eyles three, but the home team needed more contributors for goal. Griffith's best included Damien Scott, Dean Jamieson, Daniel Tuohey and Myles Bunn.

"The first half was great ....we were up by more than four goals at half time, and in the third quarter we got a bit slowed down, and tried to switch the play too much and got bottled up and every time Temora went forward they kicked a goal and got back into the game, said Swans coach Eyles. "In the last quarter they kicked away again and we only kicked a couple towards the end and basically we only played two quarters.

"There on-ballers got on top in the second half and the accuracy to the forwards wasn't there (for Griffith) and there were long bombs, where as in the first half there were good kicks.  "It's going to take time, we've got so many young blokes and new ones it is going to take time to gel together. "We're not going to accept losing, but it's what happens with new sides, Eyles said.  (By Brett Smith - The Area News, Monday April 19, 1999).


Round 3 - Saturday April 24, 1999 at Narrandera Sportsground 2.10pm

Narrandera ... 4.1 .. 7.5 .. 13.8 .. 18.13 (121)

Griffith ........... 3.2 .. 7.7 .. 11.8 .. 14.12 (96)

Goals: Narrandera: Antony Ljubic 8, Bill Hutchins 2, Tim Zak 2, Danny Litchfield, Chris Terlich, Dean Hopwood, Chris Smith, Grant Regan, Chris Walsh

Griffith: Paul Eyles 4, Scott Rawle 4, Shane Russell 2, Myles Bunn, Matt Edwards, Matt Pollock, Kevin Baxter

Best: Narrandera: Tim Zak, Pat Gribble, Stuart Hutchins, Chris Walsh, Antony Ljubic, Steven Murphy

Griffith: Jake Maguire, Scott Rawle, Matt Edwards, Shane Russell, Danny Beriman

Other matches - SAT: Coolamon 20.22 (142) def MCUE 16.7 (103), EWK 23.12 (150) def GGGM 7.5 (47), Leeton-Whitton 21.11 (137) def Temora 10.11 (71), Wagga 14.14 (98) def Turvey Park 6.10 (46)

Reserves: Narrandera 13.7 (85) d Griffith 9.6.60

Goals: G G Gullazzo 2, C Cassidy 2, K Duncan 2, M Duncan, G Collis, D Skehan

Best: T Butcher, G Kelson, S Spiers, J Maskell, N Flint

Under 18: Griffith 8.9 (57) d Narrandera 4.7 (31)

Goals: D Giorgi 2, M Duncan 2, G Minchin, K Webb, A Gardner, J Kite

Best: M Duncan, D Giorgi, L Jasprizza, S Mitchell, S McClure


Round 4 - Sunday May 2, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ................. 0.4 .. 3.7 .. 6.10 .. 10.13 (73)

Leeton-Whitton ... 6.0 .. 8.6 .. 12.12 .. 17.17 (119)

Goals: Griffith: Shane Ruyg 4, Paul Eyles 2, Kevin Baxter, Danny Beriman, Aaron Taylor, Shayne Driscoll

Leeton-Whitton: Matt Sharman 5, Matt Robertson 2, Jason Gordon 2, Craig Howe 2, Lee Whelan, Travis Doyle, Darren Atkinson, Greg Bradshaw, Todd Henman, Peter Bloomfield

Best: Griffith: Shane Russell, Daniel Tuohey, Danny Beriman, Shayne Driscoll, Damien Scott

Leeton-Whitton: Lee Whelan, Darren Atkinson, Danny Baxter, Matt Sharman, Travis Irvin

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 7.4 (46) def by Wagga 15.15 (105), Turvey Park 13.9 (87) def by EWK 20.17 (137), Temora 10.15 (75) def Coolamon 14.7 (91); SUN: GGGM 9.9 (63) def by Narrandera 18.9 (117)

Reserves: Leeton-Whitton 11.15 (81) d Griffith 3.7 (25)

Goals: D Sheather, C Cassidy, C Blanchard

Best: M Cameron, G Kelson, M Clayden, N Flint, S Spiers

Under 18: Leeton-Whitton 10.13 (73) d Griffith 8.10 (58)

Goals: M Duncan 3, A Poscoliero, J Nolan, P McCormack, B Leech, S Mitchell

Best: M Duncan, L Jasprizza, J Nolan, B Leach, R Frkovic



TWO of the Griffith Swans leading players in captain coach Paul Eyles and assistant coach Mark Hildebrandt have made the Riverina Football League representative squad for the upcoming matches against the Farrer League and the Sydney representative side.
It's a great honour for the pair who only joined the competition at the start of this season.
It was a late move for Hildebrandt to join the RFL and just two weeks before  he was to head back to Perth from playing in the Northern Territory, he was invited to play in Griffith.
"I was going back to play for Perth in the Western Australian Football League and then Roy Agresta rang me up and asked me to come down here and a lot of blokes in Darwin have actually played in this league and I've never even heard of it until this year," said Hildebrandt.
"Then I heard some of the players who have been down here and played, but I didn't know what to expect, but after the first game I was very surprised." "For New South Wales which is really a very rugby league orientated state, I was really surprised and I think it will only get better."
Hildebrandt noted that teams seem to reply a lot on their imports, but said he though the better teams have talented locals as well. "That's why in the next few years we're going to be really good, because we've got some good kids and even a couple of older locals are only 23-24." "Next year they'll have a bit more experience and if we can pick up another two players we'll be very competitive," he said.
Current Swans coach Paul Eyles has a solid representative history including making the Victorian side for the Australian Country Championships and playing numerous inter-league matches and representative games for Bendigo. The pair were among 40 players selected in the squad which includes 10 players who are having their first season in the RFL. 

While Hildebrandt recognised his selection as a great honour, he was a bit wary of playing, knowing he has commitments with Griffith. "For a lot of teams their captains and coaches and assistant coaches are probably some of the better players and they'll all getting paid not bad money, and they risk being injured," said Hildebrandt. "To lose both Eyles and Hildebrandt to injury in a rep game would have a devastating effect on the Swans. "It could make a big dent in the side, especially Griffith because we've probably got 20 good players and then it really a drops off, while other teams are looking about 24-25 players, so if people get injured or people can't play for some reason we're in a lot of trouble."
There's a risk to anything and Hildebrandt said if he makes the cut he would look forward to the opportunity.
"If I do get picked to play against Sydney I would be really keen to play, especially in a really good side with good players....and when you've got smart footballers around you, you play better yourself," he said. When you play against better opposition you always play better. "So if it happens I'm looking forward to it, and if it doesn't its not going to worry me too much." (The Area News - Friday, May 7, 1999). 


Round 5 - Saturday May 8, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 4.30pm

Griffith ................. 5.2 .. 12.9 .. 16.8 .. 17.10 (112)

Ganmain-GGM ... 6.4 .. 7.4 .. 9.6 .. 12.8 (80)

Goals: Griffith: Shane Ruyg 10, Mark Hildebrandt 2, Paul Eyles, Kevin Baxter, Tony Butcher, Matt Kenny, Matt Pollock

GGGM: Scott Crozier 3, Scott Lawton 2, Scott Hamblin, John Anderson, Brett Sanson, Troy Lenon, Doug Bruckner, Aaron Talbot, Brendan Kearney

Best: Griffith: Daniel Tuohey, Shane Ruyg, Rodney Duncan, Matt Kenny, Damien Scott, Kevin Baxter

GGGM: Scott Hamblin, Doug Bruckner, Scott Lawton, David Logan, Brandon Ryan

Other matches - SAT: EWK 25.9 (159) def MCUE 9.5 (59), Wagga 19.9 (123) def Temora 14.10 (94); SUN: Coolamon 13.9 (87) def Leeton-Whitton 12.15 (87), Narrandera 14.7 (91) def Turvey Park 12.7 (79)

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 12.8 (80) d Griffith 7.10 (52)

Goals: D Sheather 3, N Donnellan, D Galluzzo, C Cassidy, B Casenella

Best: S Spiers, T Spry, J Maskell, D Bannam, M Cameron

Under 18: Griffith 19.21 (135) d Ganmain-GGM 1.2 (8)

Goals: M Duncan 6, G Minchin 2, P Reed 2, S Mitchell 2, J Nolan, A Poscoliero, S Gash, K Webb, L Owen, P Kite, M Flagg

Best: M Duncan, P McCormack, G Minchin, P Kite, L Jasprizza, L Owen

Match report: The spectators and players knew a win wasn't far for Griffith and it finally came to fruition on Saturday night as the Swans notched up their first win of the season against Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong. The Swans had gone four rounds of the Riverina Football League without securing the four points but opened their account on Saturday night giving the club a great confidence boost.
Playing at home under lights, Griffith set up the win in the second term as they piled on seven goals, while restricting the Lions to just one solitary goal. Despite a late charge by the Lions, Griffith had the game well in hand by the final term running out comfortable winners 112 to 80.
Shane Ruyg was instrumental in the Swans first half blitz and at the main break had eight goals under his belt on his way to ten for the match.
The Swans structure worked extremely well with classy possession winners Matthew Pollock and Mark Hildebrandt lining up in the forward pockets along with Ruyg at full forward, while on-ball rolls were well filled by the Swans quick duo of Myles Bunn and Tony Butcher. Swans recruit Kevin Baxter was a leading contributor in the opening half and was always evasive when in possession.
The Swans were down in height for the game, but outplayed Ganmain with quick movement of the ball. "How many bigger players did they have on us, and we just moved the ball quickly, which was good," Swans mentor Paul Eyles said. "The second half was goal for goal which was good because we maintained our lead, but the last quarter the delivery to the forward line wasn't very good and we sort of lapsed in that department, so I wasn't very happy with the way we finished off," Eyles said.
Griffith had plenty of contributors in the win and improved again from recent rounds. Daniel Tuohey celebrated his 50th senior game for Griffith in brilliant fashion in defence and was arguably the Swans best player, while other defenders including Rodney Duncan and Damien Scott were dominant in the backline. Baxter, Ruyg and Matt Kenny were others standout in Griffith's victory. "The young players are getting better and better and players like Shane Russell are coming along really well and Kevin Baxter had a great game," Eyles said.
The low of the match was the loss of talented Griffith junior Jake Maguire in the second term as he received a blow behind play and may have suffered a broken jaw. Maguire was on John Anderson at the time and both players played no further part in the game in the second half. 
The Lions are still to win a game after five rounds but had a number of contributors including the Crozier brothers of Scott and Jamie, and ruckman Scott Hamblin who dominated many of the rucking contests and took numerous marks. (By Brett Smith - The Area News, Monday May 10, 1999).


Inter League (Nesbitt Trophy) - Saturday May 15, 1999 at Maher Oval

Riverina FL ... 12.13 (85)

Farrer FL .... 10.8 (68)

Round 6 - Sunday May 16, 1999 at Kindra Park 2.10pm

Coolamon ..... 5.8 .. 8.10 .. 12.11 .. 16.14 (110)

Griffith .......... 0.3 .. 0.9 .. 2.10 .. 5.13 (43)

Goals: Coolamon: Tim Morris 3, Jarrod Skidmore 3, Brett Nolte 3, Matt Hard 2, Brett Garrett 2, Greg Rudd, Wayne Weidemann, Sam Roberts

Griffith: Paul Eyles 2, Danny Beriman, Mark Hildebrandt, Kevin Baxter

Best: Coolamon: Wayne Weidemann, Rod O'Brien, Brett Nolte, Matt Hard, Andrew McCaig, Brett Garrett

Griffith: Rodney Duncan, Matt Kenny, Matt Pollock, Damien Scott, Tony Butcher

Other matches - SAT: Temora 9.9 (63) def by EWK 14.8 (92); SUN: Leeton-Whitton 12.12 (84) def by Wagga 12.13 (85), MCUE 9.6 (60) def by  Narrandera 22.9 (141), Turvey Park 17.14 (116) def GGGM 12.9 (81)

Reserves: Coolamon 15.12 (102) d Griffith 6.5 (41)

Goals: L Jasprizza 3, C Bretherton, D Skehan, A Taylor

Best: T Spry, D Skehan, D Dunn, S Spiers, L Jasprizza

Under 18: Griffith 16.16 (112) d Coolamon 1.7 (13)

Goals: G Minchin 6, D Best 4, S Rawle 2, S McClure 2, L Owen, B Ford

Best: M Edwards, T Gallagher, R Frkovic, L Owen, P McCormack


Round 7 - Sunday May 23, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ............. 1.2 .. 2.4 .. 5.10 .. 9.14 (68)

Turvey Park .... 3.1 .. 7.3 .. 12.7 .. 13.11 (89)

Goals: Griffith: Shane Ruyg 3, Mark Hildebrandt 2, Kevin Baxter, Rodney Duncan, Danny Beriman, Shayne Driscoll

Turvey Park: Warren Sykes 6, Darren Wallett 2, Troy Maiden, Andrew Donaldson, Dale Isaac, Darren Bowden, Leigh Cameron

Best: Griffith: Damien Scott, Matt Kenny, Paul Eyles, Shane Russell, Jake Maguire

Turvey Park: Andrew Donaldson, Grant Bourne, Guy Weidemann, Warren Sykes, Andrew White, Cameron Barker

Other matches - SAT: EWK 12.9 (81) def by Leeton-Whitton 11.16 (82), Narrandera 30.11 (191) def Temora 17.21 (123), Wagga 17.18 (120) def Coolamon 12.4 (76); SUN: GGGM 20.14 (134) def MCUE 8.7 (55)

Reserves: Turvey Park 19.13 (127) d Griffith 8.8 (56)

Goals: C Cassidy 3, C Frater 2, M Johns 2, D Sheather

Best: C Cassidy, C Frater, S Collis, M Duncan, N Donnellan

Under 18: Griffith 11.10 (76) d Turvey Park 3.9 (27)

Goals: M Duncan 3, P Reed 2, G Minchin 2, B Leach, M Johns, P McCormack, R Simpkin

Best: M Duncan, S Mitchell, P McCormack, P Reed, M Flagg


Round 8 - Sunday May 30, 1999 at Robertson Oval 2.10pm

Wagga Tigers .... 3.4 .. 9.8 .. 11.13 .. 16.15 (111)

Griffith ................ 1.3 .. 1.4 .. 1.6 .. 2.7 (19)

Goals: Wagga: Corey Pavitt 7, Paul Noack 3, Steven Priest 2, Chris Jackson 2, Andrew Powell, Gavin Spinks

Griffith: Tom Spry, Aaron Taylor

Best: Wagga: Corey Pavitt, Steven Priest, Paul Noack, Nigel Brown, Aaron DeJong, Damon Hubbard

Griffith: Paul Eyles, Rodney Duncan, Matt Kenny, Greg Dreyer, Paul Brasier

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 6.12 (48) def Turvey Park 29.19 (193), Temora 14.15 (99) def GGGM 9.13 (67); SUN: Coolamon 9.13 (67) def EWK 3.11 (29, Leeton-Whitton 8.7 (55) def Narrandera 5.10 (40)

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 25.7 (157) d Griffith 2.1 (13)

Goals: D Sheather, A Gifford

Best: N Donnellan, C Frater, L Irons, D Giorgi

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 6.10 (46) d Griffith 5.5 (35)

Goals: S Rawle 2, J Kite, L Owen, G Minchin

Best: L Condon, D Giorgi, M Duncan, P Reed, S Rawle

Match report: The Griffith Swans' season reached a new low yesterday when the reigning premiers the Wagga Tigers handed the Swans a 92-point thrashing at Robertson Oval, Wagga. Corey Pavitt led the charge up forward for the Tigers and finished with seven goals as the Tigers' winning streak was never in doubt taking the game 111 to 19. Without full forward Shane Ruyg, ruckman Danny Beriman and on-baller Tony Butcher, Griffith were down considerably on depth, and it showed as they failed to kick a goal in the middle two quarters of the match. Leading three goals four to one goal three at quarter time, the Tigers dominated the second term adding a further six goals four to the tally to take a strangle hold on the game at the main break as the Swans struggled, kicking just a solitary behind.

 Trailing by 54 points at the main break, Griffith continued to find it difficult to get the ball forward against a class opponent in the third term and spent a lot of time trying to get the ball out of defence. The Tigers extended their lead in the third quarter, and it wasn't until the final term that Griffith kicked their second goal.

The Tigers finished well and booted five goals in the last quarter to take a comfortable win.

Griffith's two goals came from Tom Spry and Aaron Taylor, but it was a day the Swans would rather forget as Pavitt was a focal point up forward and the Tigers dominated around the ground.  Pavitt got good support up forward from Paul Noack with three goals and Steven Priest and Chris Jackson, both with two goals.

Griffith was led by captain coach Paul Eyles, while Rodney Duncan and Matthew Kenny had serviceable games.  (The Area News, Monday May 31, 1999).


Round 9 - Sunday June 6, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith .................... 3.5 .. 6.8 .. 8.9 .. 12.13 (85)

Mangoplah-CUE ... 3.2 .. 3.3 .. 3.8 .. 4.12 (36)

Goals: Griffith: Paul Eyles 4, Cory Frater 2, Dominic Giorgi, Michael Johns, Phillip Rowston, Rodney Duncan, Matt Edwards, Mark Hildebrandt

MCUE: Ben Perkins, Brendan Roberson, Neil Lawson, Colin Sanbrook

Best: Griffith: Paul Eyles, Rodney Duncan, Michael Duncan, Paul Brasier, Dominic Giorgi, Cory Frater

MCUE: Chris Higgins, Brendan Roberson, Xavier Higgins, Colin Sanbrook, Mark Sanbrook

Other matches - SAT: EWK 8.10 (64) def by Wagga 14.17 (101), Narrandera 6.10 (46) def by Coolamon 27.16 (178); SUN: GGGM 9.5 (59) def by Leeton-Whitton 11.16 (82), Turvey Park 9.13 (67) def by Temora 16.10 (106)

Reserves: Griffith 12.13 (85) d Mangoplah-CUE 3.4 (22)

Goals: S Ruyg 6, C Cassidy 3, M Duncan 2, P Reed, C Bretherton

Best: T Butcher, M Duncan, D Sheather, S Ruyg, N Donnellan

Under 18: Griffith 10.11 (71) d Mangoplah-CUE 0.1 (1)

Goals: G Minchin 4, M Duncan 4, L Owen, A Gardner

Best: M Duncan, S Mitchell, B Ford, R Simpkin, B Leach

Match report: In conditions more conductive to mud wrestling the Griffith Swans notched up their second win of the season, accounting for Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes by 49 points at Exies Oval.

 Swans coach Paul Eyles was just happy to come away from the game with the four points as Griffith led 85 to 36 at full time. The round nine Riverina League match wasn't the prettiest match to watch, as the muddy conditions meant the game was a scrappy affair for much of the day, and it was the Swans who handled the conditions the better in the end. Goals were a rare commodity for the Goannas, who after a good start with three goals, failed to kick a goal for the next two quarters. 
It was a different looking Griffith Swans senior team with more players being given the opportunity in first grade including 15-year-old Dom Giorgi who kicked a goal and did well in his first senior game. Other changes saw Jeff Harris, Corey Frater, and Shane Treacy, from Lake Cargelligo, come into the side. Other inclusions were that of Phillip Rowston, Danny Beriman and Matthew Edwards.
Coach Eyles said their persistence paid off today. "It wasn't pretty, but I'm happy with the commitment at the ball and it's good to get the four points," he said. Eyles was arguably Griffith's best player along with Rodney Duncan, Michael Johns and Corey Frater, while Dom Giorgi and Paul Brasier were others to play well.
Chris Higgins and Brendan Roberson were the pick of the Goannas, while Xavier Higgins and Colin Sanbrook were others to contribute. (By Brett Smith - The Area News, Monday June 7, 1999).


N.S.W. State Championship - Saturday June 12, 1999 at Monarch Oval, Macquarie Fields, Campbelltown

Sydney FL ... 0.1 .. 4.1 .. 6.3 .. 8.5 (53)

Riverina FL .. 5.1 .. 6.4 .. 9.10 .. 12.13 (85)

Goals: Sydney: Shane Frederiksen 3, Chris Mahar 2, Ashley Thompson 2, Scott Tomlinson

RFL: Antony Ljubic 3, Matt Sharman 2, Brent Loughton 2, Robbie Harper, Steven Prest, Guy Weidemann, Pat Gribble, Andrew Priest

Best: Sydney: Chris Mahar, David Bull, Brendan McIntyre, Shane Bramley, Scott Tomlinson

RFL: Mark Stone, Ken Fairman, Pat Groibble, Robbie Harper, Steven Priest, Matt Sharman, Darren Cook.

Riverina FL: Pat Gribble (capt), Steven Priest (v-c), Darren Cook, Ken Fairman, Brent Loughton, Tom Gorham, Darren Atkinson, Guy Weidemann, Steven Schultz, Matt Sharman, Antony Ljubic, Andrew Priest, Jarrod Skidmore, Mark Mooney, Mark Hildebrandt, Mark Stone, Wayne Weidemann, Grant Regan, Jeremy Quade, Robbie Harper. Wayne Carroll (Coach).

Under 18: Riverina FL 7.17 (59) d Sydney FL 5.7 (37)

Goals: Sydney: Scott Richmond 2, Andrew Davis, Ben Hughes, Daniel Delooze

RFL: Matt McClure 3, Brett Garrett 2, Matt Carroll, Leigh Cameron

Best: Sydney: Scott Richmond, Ben Hodges, Lucas Teasdale, Ryan Talbot, Daniel Delooze

RFL: David Rava, Matt Carroll, Brett Garrett, Michael Duncan, Leigh Cameron, Brent Pocock

Riverina FL: David Rava (capt), Brett Powell (v-c), Dean Hopwood, Dean Neil, Grant Bourne, Leigh Cameron, Chris Kelly, Shane Russell, Colin Sanbrook, Steve Thompson, Michael Duncan, Matthew McDonald, Matt Carroll, Matt McClure, Andrew Friendlieb, Nathan McPherson, Brent Pocock, Brett Garrett, Matthew Lang, Trent Lang. Russell Durnan (coach), Greg Carroll (Assist Coach - Selector); Adrian Pavese (Selector).

Round 10 - Sunday June 20, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ............................... 2.3 .. 7.5 .. 13.9 .. 16.11 (107)

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 4.1 .. 9.7 .. 12.8 .. 20.13 (133)

Goals: Griffith: Paul Eyles 8, Michael Duncan 3, Tom Spry 2, Michael Johns, Scott Rawle, Rodney Duncan

EWK: Jamie Charlton 7, Brent Loughton 6, Clint Campbell 3, Kent Butcher 2, Ryan Miller, Matt Morris

Best: Griffith: Paul Eyles, Shane Russell, Mark Hildebrandt, Damien Scott, Tom Spry, Michael Duncan

EWK: Jamie Charlton, Brent Loughton, Bruce Willett, Ryan Miller, Clint Campbell

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 7.9 (51) def by Temora 24.9 (153), Narrandera 5.7 (37) def by Wagga 19.10 (124); SUN: GGGM 12.11 (83) def by Coolamon 16.8 (104), Turvey Park 10.10 (70) def by Leeton-Whitton 15.13 (103)

Reserves: Griffith 11.10 (76) d East Wagga-Kooringal 10.8 (68)

Goals: S Ruyg 4, S Spiers 3, D Giorgi 2, N Donnellan, M Clayden

Best: S Spiers, T Butcher, D Dunn, N Donnellan, M Kenny, L Irons

Under 18: Griffith 16.8 (104) d East Wagga-Kooringal 4.2 (26)

Goals: G Minchin 3, S Mitchell 2, B Ford 2, M Edwards 2, P Reed, L Condon, K Webb, J Kite, P McCormack, L Jasprizza, D Giorgi

Best: L Jasprizza, R Frkovic, J Kite, P Reed, M Flagg


Round 11 - Saturday June 26, 1999 at Nixon Park 2.10pm

Temora ..... 3.0 .. 5.0 .. 9.4 .. 11.7 (73)

Griffith ..... 1.8 .. 8.11 .. 11.12 .. 14.16 (100

Goals: Temora: Chris Daniher 3, Scott Sinclair 2, Shannon Noll 2, Matt Derrick, Jim Davis, Robbie Harper, Ben Kotzur

Griffith: Paul Eyles 6, Shane Ruyg 3, Scott Rawle 2, Shayne Driscoll 2, short 2

Best: Temora: Chris Daniher, Lachlan Rowling, Rohan Rowling, Scott Sinclair, Leigh Mills

Griffith: Paul Eyles, Phillip Rowston, Tony Butcher, Scott Rawle, Cory Frater, Damien Scott

Other matches - SAT: EWK 11.11 (77) def by Narrandera 16.17 (113), Wagga 10.11 (71) def by GGGM 12.6 (78); SUN: Coolamon 12.5 (77) def by Turvey Park 17.13 (115), Leeton-Whitton 17.21 (123) def MCUE 7.8 (50)

Reserves: Temora 16.17 (113) d Griffith 7.6 (48)

Goals: D Skehan 2, L Jasprizza 2, D Sheather, M Duncan, A Pavese

Best: M Bunn, G Kelson, L Jasprizza, D Dunn, D Sheather

Under 18: Griffith 25.25 (175) d Temora 0.1 (1)

Goals: S Mitchell 6, G Minchin 5, M Duncan 3, L Owen 3, J Nolan 2, P Reed 2, T Gallagher, D Giorgi, M Waide, B Ford

Best: K Webb, G Minchin, S Mitchell, L Owen, M Duncan

Match Report: For the first time in the Riverina Football League, Griffith has defeated Temora at Temora.
"It was bloody good for four quarters and it's the first time we've beaten Temora over there, ever," a thrilled Swans coach Paul Eyles said. A win may have slipped through the Griffith Swans' hands last weekend against East Wagga-Kooringal; however they didn't let it happen a second time on Saturday against Temora.
Griffith dominated the first half and played out the four quarters at Nixon Park to win the match 100 to 73. Griffith had all the play in the opening half, but wayward kicking saw the halftime lead at 29 points despite having 9 scoring shots to five. "In the first quarter there was a strong wind and I think I missed about four shots and Shane Ruyg missed about three, and we could have been about five or six goals up as we had heaps of the play.

Settling in the second term, the Swans turned it on with some good play out of the centre from the likes of Tony Butcher and Phil Rowston, and it helped set up Griffith's forward structure, which began to flourish. Eyles, Ruyg and Scott Rawle came into the game and between them they kicked seven goals for the term to set up a five-goal halftime lead. Temora was always going to come back, and they did that in the third term, however Griffith's defenders, led by Damien Scott, helped to hold the home side at bay in the final stages.

The last quarter was a dour struggle as Temora, trailing by 20 points, threw everything into the final quarter an attempt to snatch the four points. "It was a really desperate game towards the end, and everyone was throwing their bodies in," Eyles said. "It was pleasing, and I was really happy with everyone. "They all put in and got the reward, and you can actually see now that we can play god footy."
Eyles had another best on ground performance for the Swans and the captain-coach led by example with six goals as he dominated centre half-forward. The experience of Phil Rowston shone through as he found touch and he will only improve as the season continues after returning recently from injury. Tony Butcher was another strong possession winner for the Swans, while Scott Rawle, with two goals, and Corey Frater were others to stand out in the win.
The Swans' play continues to improve, but Eyles knows there is plenty of work ahead. "We sort of know what's wrong with us with our voice and our shepherds and things, and the blokes seem to be adapting," he said. "It's taking time and we still don't use our voice enough, but they're starting to get there and when we do, we will play well." Temora was well served by Chris Daniher with three goals and was arguably their best player despite having a relatively quiet game by his standards. Lachlan Rowling was another to gather plenty of the ball roving the packs, while brother Rohan Rowling and Scott Sinclair were others with serviceable performances. (By Brett Smith - The Area News, Monday, June 28, 1999). 

Round 12 - Sunday July 4, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ............ 1.7 .. 4.10 .. 11.15 .. 13.21 (99)

Narrandera ... 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 6.11 .. 11.14 (80)

Goals: Griffith: Paul Eyles 4, Shane Ruyg 4, Michael Johns, Scott Rawle, Matt Kenny, Mark Hildebrandt, Shayne Driscoll

Narrandera: Antony Ljubic 6, Stuart Hutchins, Chris Terlich, Steven Rose, Tim Durnan, Tim Zak

Best: Griffith: Tony Butcher, Damienn Scott, Matt Kenny, Paul Eyles, Daniel Tuohey, Mark Hildebrandt

Narrandera: Pat Gribble, Grant Regan, Matthew Harrison, Danny Litchfield, Chris Walsh

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 9.10 (64) def by Coolamon 16.10 (106), Temora 19.13 (127) def by Leeton-Whitton 19.20 (134); SUN: GGGM 12.9 (81) def by EWK 15.11 (101), Turvey Park 11.10 (71) def Wagga 10.14 (74)

Reserves: Griffith 10.6 (66) d Narrandera 6.8 (44)

Goals: Matt Bunn 2, M Edwards 2, L Jasprizza 2, M Clayden, M Duncan, N Flint, A McCashney

Best: Matt Bunn, L Irons, N Flint, L Jasprizza, D Sheather, J Barry

Under 18: Griffith 15.13 (103) d Narrandera 1.2 (8)

Goals: M Waide 4, D Best 3, M Duncan, D Giorgi, M Flagg, P Reed, M Butcher, J Harris, S Gash, P McCormack

Best: P McCormack, M Waide, M Flagg, M Duncan, J Harris

Match report: Griffith continued to gain momentum in the Riverina Football League with another win over top five opponent, in Narrandera, at Exies Oval. The Swans' 19-point victory gives the team four wins from the past five games and plenty of confidence going into the next round. The match was set up in the third quarter with Griffith retaking the lead and keeping the Eagles goal less, before holding on in the final term to win, 99 to 80. 

Swans coach Paul Eyles finished with four goals as did Shane Ruyg, but it was a team victory with running players such as Tony Butcher and others tackling hard all day to create plenty of pressure.

Griffith's backline stood out with Damien Scott leading the charge along with Daniel Tuohey and Paul Brasier.

Mark Hildebrandt created plenty through the midfield along with Matthew Kenny and others, but it was Eyles who steadied the ship in the last quarter with a calm head. 

Narrandera's only multiple goal scorer was Antony Ljubic with six goals, while Grant Regan, Matthew Harrison, Chris Walsh and Pat Gribble all had serviceable games.
Eyles said he was a little worried at half-time, but to the credit of the Swans they kept going and he praised the efforts of the Swans backline. "The pressure and tackles from our players were excellent," said Eyles. "We need to keep going at training, we've got to keep training together to get better." "We're two games out of the five and who's knows what can happen from now on."  (By Brett Smith - The Area News, Monday, July 5, 1999). 


Round 13 - Sunday July 11, 1999 at Leeton Showground 2.10pm

Leeton-Whitton ... 7.2 .. 18.10 .. 23.12 .. 30.16 (196)

Griffith .................. 2.1 .. 4.2 .. 5.5 .. 8.6 (54)

Goals: Leeton-Whitton: Don Moran 7, Peter Bloomfield 6, Mick Fraser 5, Daryl Clayton 3, Danny Baxter 3, Travis Doyle, Matt Sharman, Shane Whelan, Brett Henderson, Darren Atkinson, Ty McGregor

Griffith: Mark Hildebrandt 2, Paul Eyles 2, Shayne Driscoll, Paul Brasier, David Dunn, Matt Pollock

Best: Leeton-Whitton: Danny Baxter, Danny Moran, Darren Atkinson, Peter Bloomfield, Travis Doyle

Griffith: Phillip Rowston, Daniel Tuohey, Shane Ruyg, Michael Johns, Scott Rawle

Other matches - SAT: EWK 16.16 (112) def Turvey Park 10.13 (73), Narrandera 15.12 (102) def GGGM 11.14 (80), Wagga 30.20 (200) def MCUE 3.3 (21); SUN: Coolamon 13.15 (93) def by Temora 16.7 (103)

Reserves: Leeton-Whitton 11.9 (75) d Griffith 8.6 (54)

Goals: D Giorgi 3, C Cassidy 2, J Maguire, D Sheather, A Taylor

Best: M Clayden, O Brown, L Irons, D Giorgi, M Edwards

Under 18: Griffith 9.10 (64) d Leeton-Whitton 4.6 (30)

Goals: D Best 4, M Waide 2, L Owen 2, M Duncan

Best: J Maguire, M Edwards, L Owen, D Best, J Nolan

Match report: After showing signs of real improvement over the last four weeks, the Griffith Swans were brought back to earth with a thud, courtesy of a 142 point hiding at the hands of Leeton-Whitton, final scores being 196 to 54. 

Playing on their home turf, the Crows opened the game with seven first quarter goals, with ex-Swans player Don Moran and Peter Bloomfield helping themselves to early goals to set up a 31 point quarter time lead. 
To compound matters for the Swans, ruckman Danny Beriman tore tendons in his ankle and was carried from the field, reliable half back Damien Scott twisted a knee, Paul Brasier strained a calf muscle, rover Corey Frater had stitches to his cheek bone and Shane Russell was dealt a heavy blow which resulted in a suspected broken nose. With an injury list which read like hospital waiting list, Swans coach Paul Eyles would have urged his players to hang in there, despite having only 16 fit men. The task proved beyond the young Swans.
The Crows were hell bent on destruction, and they set about destroying the Swans with a team brand of football. Eleven goals to two in the second quarter signaled the avalanche had begun, with Leeton-Whitton dominant in all aspects of the game, particularly around the packs where Danny Baxter and Travis Doyle were taking advantage of the dominance of ruckman Darren Atkinson.
With Leeton-Whitton leading by 92 points at half-time, the game was over, but the Crows had not finished with the Swans just yet. A further twelve goals to four in the second half rounded off the win, and would had had Crows' captain-coach Brett Henderson smiling from ear to ear.

An amazing 46 scoring shots to 14 told the story of the match, which is one the Swans will want to forget.  
According to Swans club secretary Craig Bretherton, the Swans were hamstrung with injuries and the Crows had a day out. "They had a day out and we had a shocker.

"It makes it hard when you only have 16 fit players for most of the match, but everything we tried just didn't work," he said.  (The Area News - Monday, July 12, 1999). 



A DECISION at the start of the 1999 Riverina Football League season has paid dividends for young Griffith Swans backman Shane Russell.

Russell got together with Under 18's coach, Adrian Pavese, at the start of the season and identified that a number of the younger players would be required to fill a void in the senior line-up.

"Adrian told me he didn't mind if I had to go at playing seniors this year rather than playing with the Under-18 side," he said. "He helped me with some extra training runs with a few of the other players pre-season, and I just decided that for my football to improve it was probably better for me to try and make it in the senior team."
Having played every senior game this season in a variety of rolls, Russell's decision has been a wise one.
Born in West Wyalong, Russell did not play Australian Rules until aged 13, preferring stick to the rugby code he was brought up with as a child. 

Barellan Under-15's was Russell's first taste of Australian Football, and quickly followed a move to Ardlethan for a year, on route to Griffith and lining up with the Griffith Swans Under-18 side in 1996.
A full year for the young Swans in 1997 saw Russell's football improve markedly, and only five years after taking up the game, he was starting to become one of the key players in the side.
His improvement was rewarded the following year, when the Swans under the leadership of Phil Rowston promoted Russell to the senior line-up six times throughout the year, before he returned to help the Under 18's in their bid to win the 1998 premiership.
Unfortunately, Russell was injured in the first round of the final series and was forced to sit and watch as the side was beaten by the Wagga Tigers in the preliminary final.
Playing mostly as a defender in the junior competition, Russell has had little trouble filling a defensive roll this year and has been asked to mind some of the biggest names in the competition, including East Wagga Hawks full forward Brent Loughton.
Russell says his football has improved this year more than any other.  "Just playing with some of the more experienced players has been really good for me, you can learn heaps by just watching them and how they go about their footy," he said.
Russell highlighted skill, fitness and football experienced as the major differences between junior and senior football, adding he was pleased he decided to have a go at the top level this year.
"Even though the Under-18's are doing well and will definitely play in the finals, I've really enjoyed this year so far, especially the wins," he said.
Last week Russell was asked to match it in the ruck with Leeton giant Darren Atkinson, and with the injury to regular ruckman, Danny Beriman, he can expect many such call-ups for the remainder of the year.
If Russell's form this year was any indication, he will not be phases with a switch into the ruck, a role in which he learns even more about the game in preparation for future years.
Russell says last week loss was disappointing, particularly following three good performances in a row.
"Last week was a shocker, we played badly and had plenty of injuries, but our form before that wasn't too bad. "We've got a good chance to come back next round when we play Ganmain," he said.
With the Swans going through a rebuilding year in 1999, the form of Russell and the other younger players like Michael Johns, Scott Rawle, Matt Edwards, Mick Duncan and Corey Frater must be heartening for coach Paul Eyles. With the young nucleus beginning to form and the addition of some key position recruits next year, the side is sure to find its way up the Riverina Football League table.
Russell no doubt will play a big part in that rise, and with still a year left on his butchers' apprenticeship, he is set to become a key player for the Swans for many years.  (The Area News - Friday, June 16, 1999).

Round 14 - Sunday July 25, 1999 at Ganmain Sportsground 2.10pm

Ganmain-GGM ... 5.1 .. 13.4 .. 16.5 .. 23.6 (144)

Griffith ................. 2.2 .. 5.6 .. 8.10 .. 10.12 (72)

Goals: GGGM: Doug Bruckner 4, Scott Hamblin 3, Jamie Crozier 3, Shane Bloomfield 3, Rick Pritchett 3, John Lawton 2, Brad Smith 2, Greg Menzies 2, Brett Sanson

Griffith: Paul Eyles 5, David Dunn 2, Matt Kenny, Mark Hildebrandt, Matt Pollock

Best: GGGM: Shane Bloomfield, Scott Crozier, Rick Pritchett, Doug Bruckner, Troy Lenon

Griffith: Phillip Rowston, Tony Butcher, Damien Scott, Matt Kenny, David Dunn

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 5.6 (36) def by EWK 21.18 (144), Temora 15.11 (101) def by Wagga 25.17 (167), Turvey Park 17.12 (114) def Narrandera 14.7 (91); SUN: Leeton-Whitton 80 def Coolamon 78

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 15.13 (103) d Griffith 4.8 (32)

Goals: D Jamieson 2, R Frkovic 2

Best: G Welsch, D Skehan, M Edwards, D Giorgi, P Kite

Under 18: Griffith 17.13 (115) d Ganmain-GGM 3.3 (21)

Goals: M Duncan 8, S Rawle 4, P Reed, T Gallagher, J Nolan, L Condon, B Ford

Best: G Minchin, L Condon, M Duncan, R Frkovic, S McClure


Round 15 - Sunday August 1, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith .......... 2.3 .. 6.3 .. 9.6 .. 11.10 (76)

Coolamon .... 3.5 .. 14.8 .. 19.11 .. 25.12 (162)

Goals: Grifith: Paul Eyles 3, Mark Hildebrandt 3, Michael Clayden 2, Rodney Duncan, Shane Russell, Paul Brasier

Coolamon: Greg Rudd 10, Sam Roberts 5, Tim Morris 2, Craig Drum 2, Brad Mattingly 2, Michael Suidgeest 2, Paul McKelvie, Jarrod Skidmore

Best: Griffith: Shane Ruyg, Phillip Rowston, Mark Hildebrandt, Luke Jasprizza, Matt Kenny

Coolamon: Wayne Weidemann, Jarrod Skidmore, Craig Drum, Greg Rudd, Michael Suidgeest, Sam Roberts

Other matches - SUN: EWK 22.12 (144) def Temora 9.11 (65), Narrandera 13.17 (95) def MCUE 12.6 (78), Wagga 13.14 (92) def Leeton-Whitton 8.14 (62); Sun: GGGM 11.17 (83) def Turvey Park 9.8 (62)

Reserves: Coolamon 14.12 (96) d Griffith 7.8 (50)

Goals: C Cassidy 2, D Jamieson, A Pavese, D Giorgi, K Duncan, S Rawle

Best: C Frater, N Donnellan, P Hunt, L Irons, D Skehan

Under 18: Griffith 13.20 (98) d Coolamon 2.4 (16)

Goals: S Rawle 7, G Minchin, S McClure, T Gallagher, A Gardner, S Mitchell, R Simpkin

Best: S Rawle, L Owen, G Minchin, M Edwards, T Gallagher


Round 16 - Sunday August 8, 1999 at Maher Oval 2.10pm

Turvey Park ... 3.3 .. 5.11 .. 8.13 .. 11.18 (84)

Griffith ............ 2.2 .. 3.2 .. 5.6 .. 6.8 (44)

Goals: Turvey Park: Guy Weidemann 5, Andrew White 2, Jarrod Hillier, Warren Sykes, Matt McClure, Shane Weidemann

Griffith: Shayne Driscoll 2, Phillip Rowston, Matt Edwards, Matt Pollock, Mark Hildebrandt

Best: Turvey Park: Blair Campbell, Andrew White, Guy Weidemann, Scott Rainbird, Russell Thomas, Warren Sykes

Griffith: Daniel Tuohey, Tony Butcher, Myles Bunn, Rodney Duncan

Other matches - SAT: MCUE 3.9 (27) def by GGGM 20.13 (133), Temora 23.13 (151) def Narrandera 15.17 (107); SUN: Coolamon 9.8 (62) def Wagga 3.10 (28), Leeton-Whitton 14.7 (91) def EWK 8.10 (58)  

Reserves: Turvey Park 10.9 (69) d Griffith 1.1 (7)

Goals: A McCashney

Best: D Jamieson, S Collis, J Barry, P Hunt, G Welsch

Under 18: Griffith 4.1 (25) d Turvey Park 2.12 (24)

Goals: B Ford, K Bannam, S Rawle, A Poscoliero

Best: D Giorgi, L Condon, S Rawle, G Minchin, S Gash

Round 17 - Saurday August 14, 1999 at Griffith Exies Oval 4.30pm

Griffith ................ 3.2 .. 5.6 .. 5.11 .. 6.13 (49)

Wagga Tigers .... 4.2 .. 9.5 .. 11.5 .. 19.13 (127)

Goals: Griffith: Paul Eyles 2, Rodney Duncan 2, Phillip Rowston, Shane Russell

Wagga: Chris Jackson 6, Ray Willis 3, Dean Stone, Andrew Priest, Anthony Roy, Robbie Jackson, Paul Irvine, Nigel Brown, Mark Stone, Steven Schultz, Gavin Spinks, David Rava

Best: Griffith: Shane Ruyg, Damien Scott, Phillip Rowston, David Dunn, Rodney Duncan

Wagga: Chris Jackson, Dean Stone, Mark Stone, Mark Parmenter, Ray Willis, Ray Colvin

Other matches - SAT: EWK 19.16 (130) def Coolamon 11.9 (75), Narrandera 9.11 (65) def by Leeton-Whitton 17.13 (115); SUN: GGGM 23.9 (147) def Temora 10.11 (71), Turvey Park 19.20 (134) def MCUE 3.8 (26)

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 9.12 (66) d Griffith 6.8 (44)

Goals: D Sheather 2, D Jamieson, C Files, K Webb, P Hunt

Best: C Cassidy, D Jamieson, G Welsch, K Webb, D Skehan, N Simmonds

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 9.5 (59) d Griffith 6.9 (45)

Goals: K Bannam 3, L Owen, P Reed, S McClure

Best: L Owen, S Mitchell, K Bannam, D Giorgi, J Maguire


Round 18 - Sunday August 22, 1999 at Mangoplah Sportsground 2.10pm

Mangoplah-CUE ... 5.2 .. 6.3 .. 12.5 .. 13.8 (86)

Griffith ................... 7.3 .. 12.7 .. 13.7 .. 14.10 (94)

Goals: MCUE: Mick Byrne 3, Brad Roberson 3, Peter Byrne 3, Neil Lawson, Wayne Smith, David Pocock

Griffith: Shane Ruyg 7, Paul Eyles 3, Mark Hildebrandt, Shayne Driscoll, Simon McClure, Shane Russell

Best: MCUE: Chris Higgins, Brad Roberson, Orren Stephenson, Neil Lawson, Jamie Keenan

Griffith: Phillip Rowston, Shane Ruyg, Tony Butcher, Damien Scott, Rodney Duncan, David Dunn

Other matches - SAT: Temora 10.13 (73) def by Turvey Park 32.17 (149), Wagga 18.9 (117) def EWK 10.10 (70); SUN: Coolamon 16.20 (116) def Narrandera 12.7 (79), Leeton-Whitton 17.22 (124) def GGGM 8.11 (59)

Reserves: Mangoplah-CUE 14.10 (94) d Griffith 4. - (?)

Goals: D Jamieson, L Irons, L Jasprizza, D Beriman

Best: P Kite, L Irons, D Jamieson, G Welsch, D Skehan

Under 18: Griffith 11.12 (78) d Mangoplah-CUE 1.2 (8)

Goals: R Simpkin 4, M Waide 2, M Johns, J Harris, B Ford, P Reed, S Gash

Best: B Ford, S Mitchell, M Edwards, M Waide, M Johns


1999 RFL NETBALL Ladders

A grade: Turvey Park 50, Coolamon 40, Temora 38, Mangoplah-CUE 32, Leeton-Whitton 24; Wagga Tigers 20, Narrandera 16, Ganmain-GGM 0.

B grade: Coolamon 48, Turvey Park 46, Ganmain-GGM 42, Narrandera 32, Temora 30; Wagga Tigers 14, Leeton-Whitton 12, Mangoplah-CUE 0.

C grade: Turvey Park 44, Ganmain-GGM 38, Leeton-Whitton 32, Coolamon 24, Wagga Tigers 22; Narrandera 4, Temora 0.

Juniors U15's: Coolamon 44, Temora 44, Wagga Tigers 36, Turvey Park 36, Narrandera 26; Leeton-Whitton 26, Ganmain-GGM 4, Mangoplah-CUE 0.

Qualifying Final - Saturday August 28, 1999 at Narrandera Sportsground

Leeton-Whitton ... 4.4 .. 6.8 .. 10.12 .. 13.12 (90)

Coolamon ............. 6.1 .. 9.2 .. 11.5 .. 14.10 (94)

Goals: Leeton-Whitton: Mick Fraser 4, Daryl Clayton 3, Tim Doyle, Don Moran, Peter Bloomfield, Jamie Broadbent, Lee Whelan, Matt Sharman

Coolamon: Greg Rudd 3, Matt Hard 2, Lew Roberts 2, Keith Hanna 2, Luke Maloney 2, Wayne Weidemann, Bryan Buchanan, Sam Roberts

Best: Leeton-Whitton: Matt Robertson, Jamie Broadbent, Andrew Hill, Danny Baxter, David Kidman

Coolamon: Jarrod Skidmore, Tim Morris, Brett Nolte, Rod O'Brien, Luke Maloney, Lew Roberts, Wayne Weidemann

Umpires: -------. Gate: $6659

Reserves: Turvey Park 10.10 (70) d Coolamon 6.5 (41)

Under 18: Griffith 8.7 (55) d Turvey Park 5.8 (38)

Goals - Griffith: Dom Giorgi 3, Kane Bannam 2, Matt Flagg, Michael Duncan, Simon McClure,

Best - Griffith: Dom Giorgi, Luke Condon, Michael Duncan, Rick Frkovic

Elimination Final - Sunday August 29, 1999 at Robertson Oval

East Wagga-K. ... 2.4 .. 4.7 .. 11.9 .. 11.11 (77)

Turvey Park ........ 5.3 .. 9.8 .. 12.9 .. 19.15 (129)

Goals: EWK: Barry McLachlan 4, Brent Loughton 2, Mick Fabre 2, Mick McPherson, Terry Radford, Nathan McDonald

Turvey Park: Guy Weidemann 3, Matt McClure 3, Jarrod Hillier 3, Warren Sykes 3, Ben Harper 2, Andrew White, Shayne Weidemann, Daniel Toose, Russell Thomas, Matt Paul

Best: EWK: Tom Gorham, Kent Butcher, Mick Fabre, Brent Loughton, Joel Grieve

Turvey Park: Daniel Toose, Matt McClure, Scott Bourne, Matt Paul, Blair Campbell, Warren Sykes

Umpires: ------. Gate: $6668

Reserves: Temora 10.8 (68) d Leeton-Whitton 3.4 (22)

Under 18: Leeton-Whitton 7.10 (52) d Narrandera 7.5 (47)

First Semi Final - Saturday September 4, 1999 at Ganmain Sportsground

Leeton-Whitton ... 1.4 .. 3.7 .. 7.11 .. 10.17 (77)

Turvey Park.......... 1.3 .. 5.4 .. 7.6 .. 10.7 (67)

Goals: Leet-Whit: Tim Doyle 3, Brett Henderson 2, Matt Robertson, Glen Haase, Daryl Clayton, Michael Fraser, Danny Baxter

Turvey Park: Ben Harper 3, Guy Weidemann 2, Jarrod Hillier 2, Warren Sykes, Ray Adams, Matt McClure

Best: Leet-Whit: Darren Atkinson, Brett Henderson, Daryl Clayton, Matt Robertson, Tim Doyle, Ty McGregor

Turvey Park: Cameron Barker, Matt McClure, Dale Isaac, Daniel Toose, Ben Harper

Umpires: -------. Gate: $6489

Reserves: Temora 12.19 (91) d Coolamon 7.5 (47)

Under 18: Turvey Park 12.6 (78) d Leeton-Whitton 11.11 (77) A.E.T

Second Semi Final - Sunday September 5, 1999 at Robertson Oval

Wagga Tigers ... 2.3 .. 7.7 .. 9.9 .. 10.13 (73)

Coolamon ......... 1.2 .. 1.4 .. 1.5 .. 3.7 (25)

Goals: Wagga: Corey Pavitt 3, Chris Jackson 2, Steven Priest, Peter Morath, Nigel Brown, Anthony Roy, Paul Noack

Coolamon: Brett Garrett, Greg Rudd, Lew Roberts

Best: Wagga: Mark Stone, Dean Stone, Darren Cook, Steven Priest, Chris Jackson, Stephen Schultz, Ray Colvin

Coolamon: Joel Collins, Jarrod Skidmore, Matt Hard, Keith Hanna

Umpires: -------- . Gate: $7375

Reserves: Turvey Park 13.14 (92) d Wagga 6.8 (44)

Under 18: Griffith 10.9 (69) d Wagga Tigers 5.7 (37)

Goals - Griffith: Michael Duncan 3, Matt Waide 2, Scott Rawle 2, Rod Simpkin, Daniel Best, Kane Bannam

Best -  Griffith: Simon McClure, Jeff Harris, Michael Duncan, Dom Giorgi, Scott Rawle

Griffith:- Luke Condon, Rick Frkovic, Simon McClure, Tom Gallagher, Garry Minchin, Paul Kite, Leigh Owen, Michael Duncan (capt), Luke Jasprizza, Kane Bannam, Matt Waide, Jeff Harris, Scott Rawle, Matt Flagg; Jake Maguire, Dom Giorgi, Matt Edwards; Jonathan Nolan, Ben Ford, Rodney Simpkin, Daniel Best, Ben Leech

Preliminary Final - Sunday September 12, 1999 at Narrandera Sportsground

Coolamon ........... 4.3 .. 9.9 .. 13.12 .. 15.14 (104)

Leeton-Whitton ... 0.7 .. 5.8 .. 9.8 .. 11.11 (77)

Goals: Coolamon: Matt Hard 4, Lew Roberts 3, Sam Roberts 3, Michael Suidgeest 2, Paul McKelvie 2, Luke Maloney

Leet-Whit: Matthew Robertson 3, Tim Doyle 2, Danny Baxter 2, Daryl Clayton, Brett Henderson, Ben Lee, Matt Sharman

Best: Coolamon: Wayne Weidemann, Tim Morris, Jarrod Skidmore, Lew Roberts, Luke Maloney, Matt Hard

Leet-Whit: Danny Baxter, Brett Henderson, Daryl Clayton, Andrew Hill, Matt Sharman

Umpires: ------- . Gate: $11069

Reserves: Temora 13.8 (86) d Wagga Tigers 9.11 (65)

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 10.4 (64) d Turvey Park 6.11 (47)

Grand Final - Sunday September 19, 1999 at Narrandera Sportsground

Wagga Tigers ... 6.6 .. 7.11 .. 10.13 .. 11.14 (80)

Coolamon .......... 0.0 .. 4.3 .. 5.5 .. 9.8 (62)

Goals: Wagga: Peter Morath 3, Chris Jackson 2, Paul J Irvine 2, Andrew Priest, Mark Parmenter, Darren Cook, Dean Stone

Coolamon: Matt Hard 2, Brett Garrett 2, Lew Roberts 2, Alex Manley, Luke Maloney, Wayne Weidemann

Best: Wagga: Mark Parmenter, Steven Priest, Paul Noack, Darren Cook, Mark Stone, Chris Jackson, Dean Stone

Coolamon: Luke Maloney, Brett Nolte, Tim Morris, Sam Roberts, Jarrod Skidmore, Wayne Weidemann, Rod O'Brien

Wagga Tigers: Ray Colvin, Stephen Schultz, Warick Brown; Mark Parmenter, Darren Cook, Robbie Jackson; Nigel Brown, Paul Noack, David Rava; Chris Jackson, Gavin Spinks, Paul J. Irvine; Peter Morath, Corey Pavitt, Dean Stone; Andrew Priest, Steven Priest, Mark Stone; Tim Newton, Anthony Roy, Ray Willis

Coolamon: Leigh Drum, Rod O'Brien, Keith Hanna; Brett Nolte, Jarrod Skidmore, Tony Morris; Brett Garrett, Alex Manley, Luke Maloney; Sam Roberts, Lew Roberts, Craig Drum; Matt Hard, Greg Rudd, Michael Suidgeest; Andrew McCaig, Wayne Weidemann (c-c), Paul McKelvie; Joel Collins, Jacob O'Neill, Shaun Bradley

Umpires: Tim Beard, Pat O'Donoghue, Andrew Crook (RUA).   Gate: $21,274

Turvey Park ...... 3.4 .. 10.7 .. 12.16 .. 16.21 (117)
Temora .............. 1.0 .. 1.1 .. 1.3 .. 4.5 (29)

Goals - Turvey Park: R Meyers 6, J Poulos 3, B Byrnes 3, D Iverach, B Love, C Mills, P Turnbull
Temora: S Drum 2, M Schmidt, M Gilchrist
Best - Turvey Park: B Byrnes, C Grentell, N Francis, S Heine, J Dixon, R Meyers
Temora: M Kotzur, M Heath, M Schmidt, C Goesch, D Coleman
Turvey Park:- Paul Cunningham, Stuart Heine, Cameron Grentell; Julian Nimmo, Ben Flanigan, James Bowyer; Peter Turnbull, Neale Francis, Cade Mills; Ben Rodham, Robbie Meyers, Jason Poulos; Luke Francis, Drew Iverach, Brent Byrnes; David Muscat, Darren Bowden, Ben Nimmo; Scott Seddon, Brendan Love, James Dixon; Steven Moreels
Temora:- Scott Lowes, Scott McCormack, Stephen Pellow; Mick Heath, Andrew Derrick, Dean Coleman; David Goesch, Brian Mitchell, Colin Goesch; Mick Gilchrist, Aaron Huxtable, Glen Hartwig; Stephen Drum, Scott Sinclair, Craig Kahlefeldt; Paul Breust, Michael Kotzur, Mark Schmidt; Gavin Macauley, David Moses, Ross Jefferies
Umpires: Dave Farrelly, Mark Gaskill (RUA)
Under 18
Wagga Tigers ..... 3.1 .. 4.1 .. 5.2 .. 6.2 (38) 
Griffith .................. 0.1 .. 2.1 .. 4.3 .. 6.8 (44)

Goals - Wagga: B Maloney 4, J Brown, M Noonan
Griffith: M Waide 2, R Simpkin 2, K Bannam 2 
Best - Wagga: A Friedlieb, J Kaye, B Maloney, L Smith, M Noonan
Griffith: J Harris, M Edwards, M Duncan, M Flagg, S Rawle
Wagga Tigers:- Lachlan Smith, Craig Snowden, Matthew Noonan; Jarrod Price, Dean Neil, John Kaye; Brad Lanarus, Jarrod Brown, Grant Arnold; Mitchell Fury, Brad Maloney, Andrew Friedlieb; Steven Connors, Scott Taylor, Nathan Comerford; Leigh Jackson, David Pieper (capt), Scott Pearce; Brett Dwyer, Brendan Gaynor, Josh Parmenter, Stewart Cook, Andrew Brown, Brad Roy, Warwick Brown
Griffith:- Luke Condon, Rick Frkovic, Simon McClure; Tom Gallagher, Stephen Mitchell, Paul Kite; Leigh Owen, Michael Duncan (capt), Luke Jasprizza; Kane Bannam, Matt Waide, Paul McCormack; Jeff Harris, Scott Rawle, Matt Flagg; Jake Maguire, Dom Giorgi, Matt Edwards; Jonathan Nolan, Paul Reed, Rodney Simpkin, Daniel Best
Umpires: Craig Rogers, Robert Anderson (RUA

Netball - A grade: Temora v Mangoplah-CUE; B grade: Turvey Park d Ganmain-GGM; C grade: Turvey Park d Coolamon; Juniors U15's: Coolamon v Temora



GRIFFITH broke a 8-year premiership drought when it came from behind to end Wagga Tigers' reign in the under 18 grand final. The Swans came from 18 points behind to defeat their arch rival, 6.8 (44) to 6.2 (38).
The narrow victory was the Swans first premiership since 1991 and capped a terrific year for the club who was the form team in the finals. Griffith turned the 18-point deficit into a 12-point advantage with five minutes remaining, only to see Tigers hit back. A late goal to Matt Noonan brought Tigers to within six points of the Swans who were able to hold on grimly to break their premiership drought.
Despite not being able to defeat Tigers in the two home and away games, the Swans had the better of Tigers throughout the finals. With Jeff Harris, Michael Edwards and captain Michael Duncan leading the way, Griffith began to take control midway through the third quarter. Kicking two goals into the wind, the Swans drew to within five points at the final change and finished full of running to record a popular win.
In a low scoring game, the Swans made the most of their opportunities with Matthew Waide, Rodney Simpkin and Kane Bannam all finishing with two goals.
In contrast, Tigers had only one reliable scoring option in the shape of Brad Maloney. The strong marking centre half forward kicked four of the team's six goals but gained little support. Maloney was among Tigers' best along with Anfrew Friedlieb, John Kaye and Lachlan Smith.

(The Daily Advertiser - Monday, September 20, 1999). 

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