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 1980 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" April 13, 1980 - No. 1 

By Swan: One can hardly believe that six months have passed since the '79 finals series - what of our chances this year? - we'll wait and see.  It would be true to state that our pre-season form has not set the football world alight, however, there is confidence in the Swans' nest that our youth, under the guidance of Kevin Kirkpatrick, will develop into a formidable force as the season progresses.

A very hearty welcome to our new players - Peter Cox, Stephen Mulqueen, Steve Thompson, Randall Strongman, Jim Tolsher, Paul Greenwood and P Stevens. Jeff Mitchell is returning and we trust you all have a rewarding and successful season.

Our immediate past president, Jack Luhrs, has just returned from a trip to Canada. Whilst there, his endeavours to promote the Australian game were cut short through his inability to demonstrate the drop kick with a baseball.

Former top player Garry Owen has returned to the field after a stint away.

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