GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" July 18, 1976 - No. 14 

By Swan: Well a great win to both our teams on Sunday, congratulations fellas.

The awards for last Sunday went to Darryl Collis in the Firsts which was the Caltex petrol award and Bob Greenwood received 5 votes in the Websters award while Steven Murray won the Dalton's Bakery award in the Seconds with Graham Manning receiving 5 votes in the Dowell Clearbright award.

Bad luck to Garry Owen who received an injured cheekbone in the last Sundays game against Whitton.

Our win last Sunday put's us in 5th position, only one and a half games out of the four.

Although I was not at the match last week apparently the ladies committee kept everyone warm with there beautiful soup. Former Swans player Grant Luhrs was one of the best players in Sydney last week against Tasmania but unfortunately was injured in the last quarter.

2RG listeners will hear a new voice broadcasting the Griffith-Leeton game today when well-known racing commentator Allan Wallett joins regular commentators Jack Luhrs and Rohan Cherrin in the match of the day.  

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