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 1976 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" May 30, 1976 - No. 8 

By Swan: Congratulations to Ganmain for their win in the last quarter of the game on Sunday.

Although their has been much written and said about all the incidents in this match I guess I can still add my piece.

There seems little need for these things to occur and if that sort of behaviour continues, especially when spectators are involved, I for one would seriously consider taking my family to watch some other type of sport.

Best players for Griffith on Sunday included Sid Robins, Glenn Harrison, Bob Greenwood and John O'Donnell.

Once again, our Second 18 had a great win and congratulations to everyone involved.

Today we are looking forward to playing Turvey Park and this should be a great game.

Tickets in the Club Car Raffle are available at the ground today for only $10.

Don't forget 2RG will be broadcasting the entire game this afternoon between Griffith and Turvey Park.  

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