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 1978 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Sou'wester" May 7, 1978 - No. 4 

By Swan: It's disappointing to lose, but it's obvious they (Leeton) will play a big part in the season's honours, but surely we are not that bad to deserve a 10 goals thrashing.

It's years since Griffith and Ganmain have both looked at the competition from the wrong end and it's clear we, in Griffith, have more problems than we care to own at this stage. Only the players can rectify our position - it's as simple as that.

Our Under 19's and our Reserves are both doing well. Great games from both sides, especially the Reserves with five players out of the team to record a workmanlike, skillful win.

Jeff Mitchell won the Shell petrol award made available by Fred McNabb for his spirited display in the Seniors. Displays like this and Roy Agresta for another as two of the smallest frames afield, could well set the examples for the kind of thing we need to remain as a striking force within the league.  

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